Sleep Machine 'Tunes' Brain Toward Deeper Sleep:

Sleep machines employing light and sound have no cellular energy effects. These sleep-machines may, perhaps (dubiously) help you sleep but you derive no other benefit beside slightly (if that) better sleep.  On the other hand our pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine tunes brain and body toward deeper sleep, while tuning body's cells for vastly improved systemic energy production.

The synergistic effects of better sleep and improved energy production from use of our sleep-machine will have you feeling a decade or two younger in 90-days or your money-back. EarthPulse™ is far more than a sleep-machine; it's the world's only pulsed electromagnetic sleep, recovery, performance enhancement & anti-aging machine!.

EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ Sleep-Machine:

Sleep machine technology using pulsed electromagnetic fields is the most efficient and cost effective way to enhance deep sleep (while improving nighttime recovery and daytime performance) guaranteed or your money back. Tired of being tired? Our sleep machines have helped thousands of clients sleep better since 2002. Feel and perform a decade or two younger in 90-days or your money-back.

Sleep-Machines Improve Athletic Performance:

Our unique in the industry use of infrasonic frequencies (14.1 Hz and lower) result in effects that are (still) unprecedented in the scientific literature. Sports performance and recovery enhanced as much or more than by use of banned or illegal substances, with no negative side effects. Read about our incredible athletic performance enhancement results.

Sleep-Machines Improve Performance In Elderly:

The patented Sleep on Command™  sleep machines systems are effective on sleep and physical & mental performance enhancement no matter if elderly or athletic; whether you're a Joe-six-pack couch potatoe or a world-class professional athlete; sleep better, perform a decade or two younger and be setting personal performance records in under 90-days or return it. We don't care if your 19 y.o. or 90; training for an ultra-marathon or would be happy just to be able to walk around this block...this will work for you. You could you possibly pass up a money back guarantee on a better than 90% statistical probability that our sleep-machine produces routine results on your.  Our sleep-machine technology is priceless when it works, and it works better than 90% of the time.

White Noise and Light Type Sleep Machines:

Don't waste your money on light or white-noise sleep machines when neither type of sleep machine has any cellular effect other than what slightly better sleep provides. Sure, EarthPulse™ is a lot more expensive than either white-noise or light-type sleep machines, but the effects our clients routinely report are priceless. There's life without our Sleep on Command™ sleep-machines, and then there is life with them, actually feeling yourself growing younger for several years!

Wireless Sleep Monitoring Equipment:

Strapping a radio frequency transmitting device to your head or wrist all night makes absolutely no sense at all and is downright unhealthy! RF exposure contributes to unhealthy sleep regardless if it is blue tooth.

Don't waste money wearing uncomfortable head-gear required by sleep-monitoring equipment; you already know you sleep terrible. Invest that same money into technology that will actually help improve your sleep!

Why the Sleep on Command™ Sleep-Machine is Priceless:

Get all the benefit of pulsed electromagnetic therapy systems and so much MORE,...while you sleep, without the inconvenience of stopping your day for "therapy". Our sleep-machines improve sleep, while enhancing cell metabolism to help promote huge gains in cellular energy and subsequently gains in cell repair, immune function, memory consolidation, hormone production, daytime vitality and overall longevity.

Sleep Machine for Anti-Aging:

The EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ system is perhaps the world's first age-reversal system. By tuning cells to help promote metabolizing oxygen more efficiently, one creates a robust environment where physical body and the mind may thrive. Based upon key frequency-specific 10 Hz pulsed electromagnetic / electric stimulation research we have developed our theorem on anti-aging called More-Atp; the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging in Reverse.

Sleep Machines for Your Pet:

EarthPulse™ works AWESOME on pets too! You'll notice a difference in their energy, mobility and mood during the first week of use. No placebo effect there! We don't care if your animal has one foot in the grave. Just set timer for 12 hours at a time in RECOVER-mode and wait for the magic to start to happen. Add 5 years or more to the maximum age of any 10 year (or older) pet due to the unique anti-aging and recovery effects of our sleep-machine.