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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or PEMF Therapy, has been used for decades in a variety of medical settings as an integral part of treatment for many medical conditions. People who suffer with chronic illness and pain due to Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, and other illnesses can find decreased severity and relief of symptoms, in addition to increased energy levels that provide an enhanced sense of well being.

PEMF Therapy encourages the body to excrete toxins, and promotes optimal absorption of nutrients. It works to relieve depression, improves daytime performance and mental acuity, and it literally reverses the aging process. All of these amazing benefits from one very effective device – the EarthPulse Pulsed Magnetic Sleep Machine.

The EarthPulse Sleep Machine delivers electromagnetic therapy through the production of gentle, low induction impulses that stimulate and rejuvenate the cells in the body and optimizes how messages are sent and received through the nervous system. It encourages the balance of the electromagnetic frequencies and energy fields within the body, which helps improve immunity against illness and disease. When there are imbalances in these areas within the body, the body’s chemical biology is disrupted, and body processes become impacted, causing them to not function to full ability. We are only as healthy as the cells in our body. As cells age, there is an increased risk of cell dysfunction. When the dysfunction is not corrected early, it can lead to disease. PEMF therapy slows the aging process to keep cells healthy longer, and repairs the dysfunction that has already begun.

Athletes have been utilizing Electromagnetic Field Therapy for decades, and most prefer the EarthPulse Pulsed Magnetic Sleep Machine.
Athletes are committed to this therapy because it enhances performance, increases their endurance, strength and flexibility as well as encourages faster healing. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy works to reduce pain, inflammation, and improves circulation. Athletes find great success with this therapy, as they need to have their muscles working optimally and recurrently, without a lot of down time for repair. Consistently maximized performance is important for athletes, and this therapy helps them achieve that, while simultaneously reducing the risk for injury and promoting faster repair, and one way PEMF therapy facilitates body repair is by increasing the uptake of oxygen into the body’s muscles.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy also promotes tissue repair within the body, as well as aiding in the quicker recovery of bone fractures and other injuries – cutting the recovery time in half, even in instances of serious trauma. All injuries, as well as exercise, produce inflammation within the body. Inflammation inhibits the proper absorption of nutrients and oxygen. PEMF therapy penetrates deep into the body’s tissues to effectively reduce the inflammation that is discouraging the repair process.Experience the Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy with the EarthPulse Pulsed Magnetic Sleep Machine!

Everyone can benefit from the valuable Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF Therapy) delivered through the EarthPulse Pulsed Magnetic Sleep Machine.
The EarthPulse Sleep Machine will improve sleep, and provide a multitude of mental and physical benefits that will increase longevity and provide you with a superior quality of life than you could ever imagine. The EarthPulse Pulsed Magnetic Sleep Machine even comes with a 90-day guarantee. Visit the Sleep-Machine page today to learn more about the affordable EarthPulse Pulsed Magnetic Sleep Machine! Here’s to your health and well-being!