While it’s comforting to see the EU approve another electromedical technology, tDCS isn’t going to provide many miraculous effects. As a matter of fact, almost anything tDCS can do, PEMF can do a lot better. tDCS or transcranial direct current stimulation relies on current passing through the target tissue. That target tissue had better be the right one or the time and effort goes to waste.

tdcs for fibromyalgia and migraine

Fibro and Migraine are no laughing matter.

Another drawback of tDCS is that electrical current passes through the path of least resistance. This makes current flow through target tissue somewhat unreliable. It isn’t necessarily going to follow a straight line. If both electrodes are applied to the forehead, you can be sure that most of the current is following a straight line along the skin and skull directly to the other electrode; i.e. very little brain penetration at all.

Because the DC in tDCS is DIRECT CURRENT, it isn’t pulsed so any frequency specific effects are absent. CES like the Bob Beck Brain-Tuner (BT-8) does use frequency, but only one since it has only one goal in mind. That goal is entraining the user into a high-Theta-rhythm at 8 Hz.

While it may be true that all causes of migraine are from the neck up, the cause(s) of fibromyalgia are not. tDCS and rTMS lend themselves relatively well to migraine because they are applied to the head. Based on all the studies I’ve read rTMS works better than tDCS, though it is probably a lot more difficult to find available within easy driving distance. rTMS also does not have the limitations outlined above due to control of current flow.

PEMF a better than tCDS for Fibromyalgia and Migraine?

While electric fields cause electroporation (increases permeability of the cell membrane), PEMF  is known to relax blood vessel walls causing dilation of capillaries and micro-capillaries to ease blood flow, thereby relieving pressure caused by uneven or restricted blood flow.

Due to home use, PEMF avoids the need to find an rTMS system within easy travel distance and spares much of the expense. It is there when you need it, at the first sign of migraine.  Further, PEMF isn’t limited to above the neck use. Because of this, it is more prone to provide relief in cases of fibromyalgia than either rTMS or tDCS.

A prominent Life Extension Foundation Board member Dr. Norman Gay (former Minister of Health for the Bahamas) told me years ago, fibromyalgia is at least partially the result of low tissue oxygen. Our clients recover so well from such a wide range of problems partly due to improved mitochondrial oxygen metabolism, and that subsequently results in elevated blood and tissue oxygen.

rTMS and tDCS for fibromyalgia are much too “head-centric” to work as well as they could work if exposure was given over the full body. Far better than nothing, and certainly on the right track but these doesn’t address the entire body system.

We can’t sell you a device as a therapy for fibromyalgia or even migraine headaches, but you can purchase EarthPulse™ and try it on anything you want to. If it fails to exceed your expectations in 90 days simply return it for full refund (less your shipping charges).

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