Discover the one of nature’s best-kept secrets that gives modern medicine a run for its money – the powerful healing that is encouraged by Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, delivered optimally and safely through the Earth Pulse Sleep -On-Command Electromagnetic Sleep Machine.

Recommended by Alternative Medicine Magazine since 2005, the effectiveness of the EarthPulse Sleep-On-Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep Machine cannot be denied! This electromagnetic technology is completely unique, offering the most advanced PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy). No other electromagnetic field therapy system out there is based on the naturally occurring earth frequency of 9.6Hz, nor is any other system designed for regular nighttime use while you sleep. EarthPulse’s distinct design works compatibly with the body’s organic healing process, as regeneration within the body takes place while your body is at rest. You can indeed Fine Tune Your Mind and Body, and get the Deep Sleep your body needs and never have trouble getting a good night’s sleep again!

The EarthPulse Sleep on Command machine works to provide your body with deep (Delta Rhythm) and uninterrupted sleep. Delta Rhythm sleep is the stage of rest in which the body is able to initiate physiological and neurological repair, hormone synthesis, immune function, and memory fortification. When sufficient Delta Rhythm sleep is not reached, the body does not have enough stored energy to facilitate these reparative processes. The result is less than optimal overall functioning, which will have an impact on memory recall and physical performance. Those who suffer from greater deep sleep deficiencies will be impacted by restorative body processes slowing down, or in extreme cases, shutting down all together, which can result in the acceleration of the aging process, and increased vulnerability to illness and disease.

For years, the benefits of Electromagnetic Field Therapy have been acknowledged and applied in various medical settings to promote healing.

Great success has been realized using this therapy in the treatment of fractures and failed bone fusions, when utilized to compliment other methods used to treat and promote the healing of sustained injuries. Directed pulsed magnetic fields are sent through the body’s damaged or injured tissue, activating repair on the cellular level. Several studies have found PEMF therapy to be effective treatment for injured tissue and inflammation.

It is also commonly used for depression as it promotes mental clarity, focus, and flexibility. Increased overall flexibility leads to feelings of overall good physical health, eliminating any sluggishness or fatigue – improving the mental state and mood remarkably

Sufferers of chronic inflammatory, neurological, circulatory, and other illnesses have achieved relief from symptoms that had plagued them regularly prior to being introduced to the EarthPulse Sleep on Command sleep machine, and praise the exceptional improvements they have experienced to their overall health and wellbeing.

Athletes have also been in on the secret for years – it is well known that PEMF therapy promotes enhanced performance, with exceptional results evident in areas of coordination, fine and gross motor skills, cellular respiration, and workout recovery. Athletes who travel regularly find themselves able to achieve high quality deep sleep with the very portable, yet solidly constructed EarthPulse Sleep Machine, and the quality of deep sleep they achieve is key in determining the level at which they will be able to perform when away from home.

The EarthPulse Technologies company is sure with up to 95% certainty that you will be pleased with the performance delivered by the EarthPulse Sleep On Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device, that we offer every customer a 90 Day Satisfaction guarantee – so there is no risk to you to try this effective, life changing therapy.

Sleep Like A Baby with the EarthPulse Sleep On Command Electromagnetic Sleep Machine!

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