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BuzzFeed – Forget Camping For A Week, Here’s A Way To Reset Your Sleep Metronome

Researchers suggest a week of camping to reset biological body clock & sync hormonal functions. PEMF Therapy resets your Sleep Metronome using Magnetic Fields that mimic Schumann Resonance. Bio-hack your Sleep & Ageing, Reset your Sleep Metronome with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.


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benefits of 432 hz pythagorean tuning using PEMF therapy

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In the 19th century people were rewarded for thinking outside the box. Not so today where one needs to be ready for anything.

EarthPulse™ wants people to hit 60 or 70 and keep going by effectively using PEMF therapy; and not be ready to shut down and turn off their brain; or, be unable to put one foot in front of the other; or God forbid to be able to stand up straight.

What if people could keep performing and creating at 60 or 70 or even older? What kind of world would we have if people were in their prime at 50 to 70 instead of twenty years earlier, instead of piling up injuries though life’s ups and downs and not be able to heal them properly, and to get through them only to get better as they get older?

Every day getting a little older, but getting a little better and a little smarter. That’s our vision of life. What are you waiting for? EarthPulse™ is guaranteed to work for you. If not just return it.

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