PEMF therapy for better sleep and Peak Athletic Performance

A recent study on sleep showed dramatic athletic performance enhancement in Ivy League Basketball players simply by extending sleep duration. EarthPulse™ sleep devices use pulsed electromagnetic fields to effortlessly extend sleep while simultaneously providing anabolic and metabolic changes that further enhance athletic performance.

Could the most critical component to enhancedathletic performance be something as simple as getting more sleep? A recent Stanford University sleep study focused on the benefits of extended sleep on peak athletic performance. A group of the university’s basketball players took part in the experiment in which their athletic performance was measured after they sleptfor the normal amount of hours they were typically used to.

Eleven members of the Stanford basketball team wore motion-sensing wristbands that recorded the amount of time they slept on average, which amounted to 6.5 hours average per night. This information was recorded for two weeks. Performance was measured on sprint drills, free throws, and three-point shooting during this period.

Afterward, an effort was made to increase the length of time each athlete slept for over a period of five to seven weeks. After spending an average of 10 hours in bed each night, the average time slept was measured again, and results showed an increase from 6.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep per night. The impact on the players’ performance by the conclusion of the study was shocking – by the end of the extended sleep period, the players’ free throw shooting improved by 11.4%, and their three point shooting improved by 13.7%. The 282-foot sprint drills saw an improvement in time by 0.7 seconds.

This type of improvement is the sort of progress that is usually expected from those who use performance enhancement drugs, or from athletes who might have trained intensely for years. The results of the Stanford study were crystal clear: most athletes would perform significantly better with more sleep. However, for those members of collegiate or professional sports teams, more sleep isn’t always possible.

Most professional and collegiate athletes have schedules that aren’t conducive to good quality sleep, not to mention more of it. Flying across time zones all over the country, or even internationally, and then playing the next day with jet-lag and circadian rhythm disruption leaves no question as to why most athletes have trouble obtaining a sufficient amount of good quality sleep to guarantee peak athletic performance.

The Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep Device to the Rescue

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or PEMF Therapy, has been used for decades in a broad range of medical settings as a valuable resource for assisting in the treatment of inflammation and pain, to improve circulation and heal bones.

EarthPulse™ is unlike any other system and the world’s first application of PEMF to improve quality and duration of sleep. Unlike other PEMF systems, it is small and portable and used throughout the night.

It may be small but it’s more powerful than any other system under $10,000 yet costs a fraction of that. It maximizes natural circadian rhythm through the well-established process called brainwave entrainment, and simultaneously optimizes all body processes during sleep; particularly mitochondrial oxygen metabolism for enhanced levels of cellular energy.

The result is vastly better sleep, plus:

  • Steroid-like strength gains
  • EPO-like wind under load and stamina gains
  • Accelerated short and long-term recovery
  • Accelerated detoxification
  • Improved immune response
  • Improved nutritional uptake
  • Jet-lag mitigation
  • Circadian rhythm reset

EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic sleep devices have provided outstanding performance enhancement to athletes of all types for over a decade, yet are most likely the best-kept secret in competitive sports. With clients across nearly every professional sport, most competitive athletes are competing against at least one of their customers without ever knowing it.

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