Banking Sleep Improves Physical Performance

Banking sleep for better physical performance is necessary not just for athletes and fitness professionals, but also for everyone else. Compelling evidence from sleep disorders research suggests that chronic sleep disorders may impair physiological and mental wellbeing including regulation of metabolic and endocrine functions. Now a days, cases of rapidly Continue Reading →

Nootropic Smart Drugs to Improve Cognitive Enhancement vs PEMF Brain Entrainment

Nootropic or smart drugs are cognitive enhancers. You will find various supplements and other herbal or synthetic substances that claim to improve cognitive function. Nootropics also promise improvement in mental performance such as memory, creativity, focus and state of well-being. Creativity and Depression are related. We think you would agree that even a Continue Reading →

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about EarthPulse™ electromagnetic healing devices

Like many readers, existing users, old users or someone new to the whole thing, you too will have many questions about EarthPulse™ electromagnetic healing devices. It’s also true that it is a instrument which requires some effort to tune well with your self. Most users of EarthPulse electromagnetic healing devices report better sleep, energy Continue Reading →

EU Approves tDCS Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for Fibromyalgia and Migraine Headaches

While it’s comforting to see the EU approve another electromedical technology, tDCS isn’t going to provide many miraculous effects. As a matter of fact, almost anything tDCS can do, PEMF can do a lot better. tDCS or transcranial direct current stimulation relies on current passing through the target tissue. That target Continue Reading →