Magnotherapy, the pHacts, ISBN 0 9535970 0 8

MV Dr Vladislav Vaclavek is a scientist and vet. He was granted political asylum in Britain after leaving his native Czechoslovakia in 1981. His qualification as a “Medicinac Veterinarie” doctor entails a longer and more specialized training than a vet in Britain and in most other countries. Much of his time in Czechoslovakia was spent in hospital laboratories carrying out various scientific research projects, but specializing in metabolism and risk diseases. His main interest at that time was horses and some of his basic research work was completed on them.

He left his homeland because he was concerned that it had become just a place to produce food and energy for Russia. Britain was his first choice because he admired the British thoroughbred so much, the ‘best horses in the world’ he calls them. Although he intended to work primarily with horses his research in recent years has allowed him to work on his ‘Unitary Theory’. It is the mathematical model of this theory combined with some practical experience and research of magnotherapy that has produced this book on static magnetics and pH of living cells.

Some 60 – 70% of our body is water and water ionizes to produce hydronium ions and hydroxyl ions. Under normal circumstances only about one molecule in every half a million is ionized in this way and the effect of our multiple pole magnets is to increase this proportion.

This increased ionization of the water improves the buffering capacity of the fluids in our body. Buffering capacity is the ability to reduce the effect of adding some acid or some alkali.

In other words it helps our bodies to keep the acid/alkali ratio where it needs to be for good physiological balance. If this balance tips one way or the other we start to get problems. Normal bodily functions slow down and we get a build up of the toxic by-products of our own metabolism, such as lactic acid. The acid/alkali ratio is measured as pH and when this pH strays from the norm we experience pain.

If the pH of our blood is correct the hemoglobin will transport the oxygen that our body needs. When the pH drifts outside very narrow limits, the ability of the blood to transport oxygen decreases. Magnotherapy modules on bracelets over pulse points are helping to keep the blood at the optimum pH for carrying oxygen and, thus playing their small part in maintaining a healthy body.

This gives us an explanation of what magnotherapy was doing to the blood. However, blood is merely a transport system and for certain severe problems we also need to get right to the cells in the area of the chronic pain and to affect them directly. The walls of cells and of capillary blood vessels are very sensitive to pH and the buffering  produced by our magnets helps to control pH here as well.