Recently, a lawsuit (Dent v. NFL, 14-cv-02324, U.S. District Court Northern District of California) was instigated by ex-NFL players that are suing the league, alleging poor decision making and mishandling of prescription medications and painkillers given to players to relieve pain. According to USA Today on November 14th, there were raids on 3 NFL training rooms conducted by the DEA to investigate these allegations.

According to a May 20th Bloomberg article, “More than 500 players have signed on to the painkiller suit,” said former Pro-Bowler Mel Owens of Namanny Byrne & Owens PC in Lake Forest, California.

The Rapid Release Technology device applies targeted high speed mechanical vibration directly to muscles and tendons at a frequency that resonates with scar tissue adhesions. These adhesions typically free up within a 2 to 5 minute treatment, which can result in an immediate positive effect on pain and range of motion. This frequency range also triggers a response called the tonic vibration reflex (known as the TVR) which instantly relieves cramping, spasms and muscle guarding.

Additional benefits of RRT take place in the fascia. Vibration has been known to increase the pressure of hyaluronic acid in the fascia, creating space between the fibers allowing them to slide easier and further. High Speed Vibration Therapy can also reverse hypertonicity in tight muscles by increasing circulation in areas that the tight muscles have restricted blood flow. Muscle fibers require ATP to contract and Oxygen to release.

Many NFL teams are early adopters of this technology including the Rams, Giants, Cowboys, Patriots, Dolphins, Saints, Skins, and Lions. The best in the NHL (Kings, Duck and Blackhawks) and many NBA and MLB teams are also enjoying the benefits of Rapid Release Therapy. Eight of the nine Gold Medals won by the US in Sochi were by the combined Alpine Ski team and the speed skating team, both RRT users.

“One of our Gold Medalists, fell and sustained a deep contusion on his calf. He wasn’t able to put any weight onto that leg, and couldn’t go into dorsiflexion. After the first two treatments he was able to put his full body weight on his leg. It only took two more treatments with the RRT until he was able to regain full dorsiflexion. He even felt good enough to join the team for their first ski jumping session.” – Adam Perreault, Head athletic trainer for US Nordic Ski Team.

Rapid Release Technology claims that this new device allows players to relieve pain symptoms formerly being treated with various medications in a healthy, safe, and natural way. They also provide evidence that their device can enhance athletic performance through their pre- and post-workout applications.

“We used RRT as part of the daily treatment routine for Evan Longoria’s well-documented hamstring injury. I feel that the RRT definitely helped us keep him on the field over the past two months of the season.” – Paul Harker, Assistant Athletic Trainer – Tampa Bay Devil Rays – Major League Baseball

Rapid Release Technology provides an explanation of the studies undergone in order to perfect their equipment on their website, along with an informative section of information on how the equipment works, and why it is a successful alternative to more traditional forms of pain management on their website.

The RRT is a relatively low priced therapeutic device with a quick treatment time (typically 2 to 5 minutes). This makes RRT Therapy easily affordable to anyone in pain

Rapid Release will be demonstrating our new pain treatment device at the Pro Sports Chiropractors convention December 6th and 7th at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas.

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