We’ve had a love affair with 10 Hz pulsed current since 1997, long before the release of EarthPulse™ PEMF in 2002. In a recent study University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, researchers improved creativity using 10 Hz  transcranial pulsed current stimulation or tPCS. TPCS is a variation on transcranial direct current stimulation or tDCS that uses no waveform, just milliampere direct current.

Your Electric Pharmacy is a nice treatise on the neurological effects of tDCS.

We’re convinced that just about anything direct current or pulsed current stimulation can do, PEMF can do better. No matter what the body part involved. But particularly the brain. Case in point Parkinson’s disease. If you’ve never seen our remarkable Parkinson’s video playlist, please check it out. We were doing that in 2002 and NOBODY noticed.

Pilot Study: Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Temporarily Improves Motor Symptoms in People with Parkinson’s Disease Released: 9-Sep-2015 4:10 PM EDT

We don’t see any reason to spend $300 on something that’s primarily going affect you from the neck-up like tDCS, when one can affect the entire system with a full spectrum of beneficial physiological and neurological effects; raise blood and tissue oxygen, lower oxidative stress, give you more strength and stamina.

To read more about tDCS read our Brain Hacking Neuromodulation page.