EarthPulse Video Testimonials Contest / Giveaway

Yes we really want to know how we did!
v5.2 systems for 5 lucky participants!
The rewards are huge, and you have a chance to win!

$99 free store credit!
All existing customers of our systems are eligible to share their story!
(Credit will be applied on 1st Jan, 2018)

How to participate:

  1. Record a video testimonial (1 min – 5 min)
  2. Upload the video to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc and make sure the file download links works
  3. Submit the form
  4. If you are a customer, you will receive $99 free store credit
  5. Winners will be contacted and their videos featured on EarthPulse™ Youtube Channel


Submit your video

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Criteria for Winning

Our hearts are frequently warmed when we hear how our technology uplifted a person’s well being. It motivates us to produce more and the feeling is addictive.

It’s a big world out there and it’s hard to get the word out, specially for small companies that don’t have millions of dollars of funding, word of mouth is our only bet, and it also keeps our service more personalized and improves the life of everyone involved in the process.

There are two main criteria for winning a free system.

Number one, we’re looking for honest stories of healing due to our product’s use.

Second, we want you to make an effort presenting your story. That means, a good camera, clear audio, a confident tone and a short & sweet video that shares how you truly feel about our products!