EarthPulse PEMF manufactures the only system in the world that limits frequency spectrum to 14.4 Hz to avoid biological stress. This extremely narrow range of frequencies can wake you up, or alternatively put you to sleep while creating an environment where body tends to heals itself.

Our v1 analog system was released in August 2002 based upon decades of Eastern European electric and electromagnetic research showing that 10 Hz proved far better effects than any other. Being students of Royal Rife we also chose to use Square-wave ONLY. Since alternating current does not exist in nature, we chose DC fields ONLY. Results were fantastic and we’ve not changed the core design since.  In 2004 we went digital and introduced Sleep on Command, the world’s first and only real sleep-machine, recovery and performance enhancement system.

PEMF Gauss ratings from Indian Institute of Science:

Notice the vertical rise of our pulsed, 50% duty cycle, DC square waveform; from zero to 950 / 1100 gauss in nano-seconds.

EarthPulse v5 Gauss ratings from Indian Institute of Science

– EarthPulse™ pulsed DC square waveform –

Electromagnetic Inductor Configuration:

Our patented electromagnet provides both static and pulsing electromagnetic fields when applied locally. Normally from under your mattress at night you’ll be lying in a cocoon of pure North-pole pulsed field in a 1/2 – 10 Gauss range depending upon your mattress thickness. The beautiful thing about the EarthPulse™ PEMF is since you use it during sleep, it never interrupts your daytime schedule. It also achieves unparalleled biological response due to the long exposure times and sharp square wave rise-time.

Our patented MODULAR-ELECTROMAGNET INDUCTOR has been incrementally improved since it’s introduction in 2003 with our first digital models; it has several configurations; our v.5Pro has two inductors at full amplitude for more than 2000 Gauss.


  • AIR-CORE: i.e. hollow-core w/ amplitude 130 Gauss nano-second peak on leading edge of pulse w/ 100 Gauss pulsed North-pole across the square wave at surface of coil enclosure / South-polarity of equal intensity on underside;
  • SOLID-CORE: sleep configuration with core installed tightly into base-plate: 950 Gauss nano-second peak and 650 Gauss across the square wave, all North-polarity – base-plate becomes static South-pole magnet;
    • From under your mattress the Sleep-configured solid core (ring-off) provides between 14 Gauss to 1/20th Gauss depending upon thickness of mattress from 6 inch – 14 inch respectively (20 cm – 36 cm);
      • 1/20th Gauss is enough to provide remarkable effects.
        • The inventors destroyed left rotator cuff (22 dislocations over 16 years) healed itself using the v1 / v2 with a 200 gauss magnet under a 14 inch mattress in 3 months back in 2002 with NO local application whatsoever (while continuing same joint formula protocol since 1990);
          • Local use at higher amplitudes work much better;
        • We’ve found through the years that more is better when injured;
        • Our v.5’s are the most powerful PEMF systems under $10,000.
    • 1100 Gauss nano-second peak / 750 Gauss across the square wave North-pole at surface of core (w/static component due to magnetized high ferrous metal core design), 100 Gauss North-pole out the side;
      • simultaneous 200 Gauss pulsed (w/static component) South-pole field at edge of cross-polarity ring attachment (designed to surround the damaged tissue wish South-polarity that creates strong magnetic field gradient North/South at place of application
        • our patented CROSS-POLARITY ring attachment allows for DUAL-POLARITY magnetic field (North/South simultaneously) which works surprisingly well on stubborn issues
    • corrosion resistant high-ferrous steel parts finely tooled w/ round edges for comfort;
    • improved copper coil winding and metallurgy for low heat accumulation and highest amplitude in the business;
      • provides greater peak amplitudes with just the right amount of heat;
        • synergistic activity of heat (when trapped against the body) and pulsed magnetic field provides unparalleled relief.

Program Modes

EarthPulse™ inventor, Paul Becker, identified the frequencies which help achieve the desired effects for sleep, mental well being, improved repair & hormone synthesis, localized healing and general anti-ageing effects. He developed the programs and magnet configurations to make Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy really effective.

Please read our research on Brainwave Entrainment before reading program mode descriptions to understand what Alpha, Theta, Beta, Delta Brainwaves are.

10 patented program modes allowing up to 13 hours continuous application:

10 programs plus the MODULAR CROSS-POLARITY ELECTROMAGNET allow you an unusually wide variety of application techniques that lend themselves well to just about any application or experimental use.

  • SLEEP-MODE 1: starts at RECOVER-MODE (LOW-ALPHA), steps down through THETA to low-DELTA, cycling between low-DELTA & RECOVER mode during the night; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT-MODE  i.e. low-BETA rhythm) holding 14.4 Hz for one additional hour buffer to ensure you wake up and don’t sleep through program completion;
  • SLEEP-MODE 2: starts at RECOVER-MODE (LOW-ALPHA), steps down through THETA to low-DELTA, cycling within DELTA range all night; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT i.e. low-BETA) plus one hour 14.4 Hz buffer;
  • SLEEP-MODE 3: starts at high DELTA, cycles between High and Low-DELTA all night; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT / low-BETA) plus one hour 14.4 Hz buffer;
  • SLEEP-MODE 4: starts and stays at 1 Hz (DELTA), w/ one hour 14.4 Hz buffer as it’s wake up phase. We affectionately call this program “the Dead-Zone” (the program you begin with if SLEEP-MODE 3 isn’t providing relief).
  • SLEEP-EASY: our new hybrid DELTA program that starts at 9.6 Hz and quickly tumbles to 3 Hz running like SLEEP-3 for remainder of night, plus one hour 14.4 Hz buffer;
  • RECOVER-MODE: Alpha-rhythm centered and spending 1/2 its run time at 9.6 Hz stepping up to 10.1 Hz and down to 9.1 Hz the other 1/2 of the time; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT / low-BETA) prior to shut down plus the one hour 14.4 Hz buffer. Is an Excellent ‘power-nap’ and used by many as their primary sleep-mode for maximum recovery, repair, strength, stamina & anti-aging;
  • MANUAL-MODE: particularly useful to set at one particular frequency when meditating, for Schumann 7.8 Hz, or as this author does every night – setting 9.6 Hz (Boot frequency) for entire night, plus 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer as it’s wake up phase. See Why 9.6 Hz? for local application; then Pythagorean PEMF paper which is the follow-up;
  • ALERT-MODE: (LOW-BETA) reduces physical and mental fatigue; use for recovery issues w/out causing drowsiness; used at end of RECOVER and SLEEP modes to assist in wake-up; may be used at desk to reduce neck and shoulder fatigue without causing drowsiness;
  • ENTRAIN-UP: use for 1 hour to expose system to entire frequency range (Alpha to low-Delta, then back up to low-Beta);
  • ENTRAIN-DOWN: (Alpha to low-Delta) use for 1 hour only as a replacement for all night use; puts you to sleep then shuts down and lets you sleep on your own.

v5 and later controllers are 12 volt power supply, have MANUAL MODE and allows amplitude control down to just 10% amplitude for small pets, children or sensitive adults. v5 started shipping Summer 2015. We went low EMF in 2017 so go here if you don’t have your 12 volt low EMF power supply for your v5 controller. All systems ship as v5.3 low EMF since March 2017. PEMF Device - Controller - v5 - v5Pro - EarthPulse


Mat systems are EXPENSIVE and a combination of two or more of the following;

  • most do NOT emit pulsed electromagnetic fields;
    • they utilise triangular, trapezoid and sine waves that are time-varying expanding and contracting magnetic fields NOT pulsed; one system has a pulsed (sawtooth) waveform but EXTREMELY weak, the weakest of the mat-type systems;
      • time varying fields are not propelled from the inductor and therefore do NOT penetrate deeply;
        • they expand and contract but are not propelled outside the range of the magnetic field itself
  • generally most pad PEMF systems are very, very weak (our DC v5 pulsed square-wave peaks at 1100 Gauss per magnet);
    • The iMRS local probe produces a 3 Gauss 10 Hz square wave. Only their pen applicator and pillow (at additional cost) use a pulsed square wave. Pen has a very small surface area and holding in place long enough for it to do any good could be problematic;
  • are bulky and do not travel conveniently (our v5 at just 1 Kg / v5Pro at just 1.5 Kg);
  • utilize a multitude of magnetic field emanation points causing;
    • magnetic field intersections, vectors, hot-spots (the analogy -> toss one pebble  into pond you get homogeneous, radiating ripples; toss two and you get two nice symmetric intersecting – radiating ripples; drop 3 or 4 or more and you get increasing levels of chaos and wave canceling; the more pebbles, the more chaos;
  • use unnatural wave-forms (lightening strikes that create Schumann waves are HUGE DC square wave pulses);
  • use neurologically / psychologically incompatible frequency ranges that are simply too high;
    • animals studies show negative behavioral changes when exposed to frequencies greater than 15 Hz;
      • the goal is to become energized, not tuned to high beta range “wired” causing stress hormone production (or worse);
        • virtually all of these systems use frequencies 20 Hz and higher that are above this stress threshold
  • can’t be used throughout the night for sleep due to timer and programming limitations;
    • require you to set aside time for use during the day, perhaps multiple times, rather than simply fitting into your biological sleep sessions

Annular (Tubular) Coil PEMF Systems:

  • relatively expensive mat-type systems
  • are not practical nor portable due to their relatively large size
  • are hollow allowing body part inside of coil so they are extremely weak magnetic field as a proportion to their size
  • have little application where higher power is warranted (like arthritis or non healing ulcers)
  • generally require long courses of regular treatments

Table-Top and Rolling Suitcase Style PEMF Systems:

  • home / clinical PEMF systems start around $10,000 to $30,000
  • table top variety not very rugged and therefore not very portable
  • suitcase size are designed to be relatively portable but are relatively large and heavier than the table top variety
  • due to extremely high voltages can be subject to break-down
  • no digital scanning
  • no sleep programming
  • timer limitations
  • ability to use vastly too high frequency

Portable Battery Powered PEMF Systems:

All battery powered PEMF systems are tinker toys compared to EarthPulse™ PEMF

  • generally far more powerful than mat type PEMF systems
    • SomaPulse / MicroPulse @ 220 Gauss per coil
  • no digital programming
  • usually very narrow pulse width for battery saving
  • too wide a frequency range
    • SomaPulse / MicroPulse 10 Hz / 100 Hz

We designed the EP controllers to be compatible with this slim external 12v battery from Voltaic Power Systems. Air-core magnet (remove all metal components), controller and battery pack weighs just under 2 lbs. They even sell very thin, compact solar cells for recharging the battery. Bike and camp across the country, through death valley or climb Mount Everest and never have to give up your nighttime PEMF.

EarthPulse™ PEMF Systems are in a class by themselves:

  • 1/3 – 1/6th  the price; the lowest cost full function PEMF generator system in the world
  • over 1000 peak Gauss (per coil)
  • can be set to run for 12 hours at a time at full power (over and over again while in rehab)
  • applies a relatively powerful pulsed electromagnetic field through a relatively large volume of tissue
  • long enough sessions to provide extraordinary – superior experimental results.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy PEMF Device Comparisons Summarized:

No other device of this genre comes close to EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic sleep and recovery systems;… NO MATTER WHAT THE PRICE.

The effect of our frequency, wave-form, amplitude and cumulative duration of exposure during regular nighttime applications synchronised to natural circadian rhythms; simply cannot be matched or duplicated. PERIOD.

By entraining brain to deeper sleep, more energy is sequestered for normal nighttime repair mechanisms. Simultaneously conditioning / “tuning” the mitochondria promotes ATP production. These two processes work synergistically to result in astounding results. Unparalleled recovery, unsurpassed strength and stamina gains, heretofore unreported epigenetic anti-aging effects.

What’s in the Box

EarthPulse PEMF Therapy Devices package includes:

  • Improved 6 foot long cables on power supply and magnet(s)
    • v.5Pro has two electromagnets at full amplitude
  • Improved electronic components and membrane pad control mechanism;
  • Power-supply: 100-240 volt AC to 12 volt DC power supply with intl. pin adaptors
  • Pin adapter for local use or international travel
  • Soft-side zippered travel case
  • 5 year limited warranty (free service/repair up to 1 year)

You will be delighted and amazed at how well body utilizes the frequency-specific, very-weak pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) emitted by our sleep-machine when used on a regular, nightly basis. There isn’t a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy technology on Earth that can outperform our sleep-machines.

You'll have 90 days to try EarthPulse™ risk free.

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