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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy database and device / systems comparison contains more than a thousand PEMF and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) studies organized alphabetically by disorder (see sidebar for alphabetized PEMF bibliographies). Taken together, these peer reviewed PEMF studies provide compelling evidence that frequency-specific pulsed electromagnetic fields are the most effective and cost efficient option to accelerate and enhance natural healing in a wide variety of human and veterinary disorders, including combating body's natural aging process. EarthPulse™ is the worlds only pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine, performance enhancement and longevity system.

Why EarthPulse™ and not expensive Mat-type PEMF systems:

The key-operative phrase is "frequency-specific" pulsed electromagnetic fields, and this is where all pulsed magnetic therapy manufacturers have it wrong. All other systems use too high frequencies in their systems. The other issue is nearly all "PEMF" systems are not pulsed magnetic fields at all. They are sine-wave, triangular or some other time-varying wave-form that expands and contracts.

A pulsed waveform has a millisecond rise time and that "pulse" travels to infinity, albeit losing roughly 1/2 its strength per inch as it travels away from it's source. With a true pulsed wave-form tissue penetration is never an issue. Expanding and contracting fields (sine-wave, triangular-wave, trapezoid-wave) do not travel at all extending only as far as the increasing magnetic field expands, and then contracting back again. Far better than nothing, but not as good. PERIOD.

Generally, when applied from under the mattress at night, the EarthPulse™ North-polarity nano-second rise-time square-wave field, extends through entire body and out the other side (head to toe). Due to precise frequency-specificity, these pulsing fields electronically "tune" cells' tiny power production plants called mitochondria, resulting in vastly improves oxygen metabolism and body's ability to generate cellular energy (ATP). We prove this very simply through the resting (or static) breath hold test where clients see their time rise usually the very first week from 10-20% and over subsequent weeks of their 90-day trial up to 100% longer hold time. The body is metabolising oxygen better.

Our unique application system works in any bed and allows you to center the strongest part of the field directly at problem areas all night. One example is under mattress under hips reduces or stops nighttime urination (from 4 to 1 - or 3 to zero) in 90 days or less.

Due to night-long application of these mid to low infrasonic frequencies, the EarthPulse™ outperforms even the most expensive PEMF systems at a fraction of the cost (the Infrasonic frequency range are those below 20 Hz - we never use over 14.1 Hz). Due to it's relatively strong - dense field EarthPulse™ provides fast symptomatic relief when applied directly. EarthPulse™ is the most powerful PEMF system under $10,000 yet small enough to fit in a handbag or briefcase. EarthPulse™ is in a class by itself. From this point further, text that refer to links in sidebar are bold italic..

The most liberal return policy of any pulsed electromagnetic field therapy system with a full 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee & no restocking fees. Even with such liberal guarantees, returns during last full-year of v.4 production was under 3%. Since release of v.5 August 2014, returns under 2% through expiration of 90-day trial period. There's nothing on Earth like EarthPulse™! Check the unsolicited PEMF customer reviews in the sidebar to find out why.

The EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ sleep-machine system utilizes electromagnetic field parameters that mimic mother-Nature's frequencies (at 14.1 Hz and lower) in an economical, portable 100 - 240 volt to 12 volt DC system (so it travels anywhere in the world). With the addition of our travel pack system and this Voltaic battery with optional transportable solar panel recharging, one could cycle across the country, climb Mount Everest or hike the most remote places on Earth and still be sleeping and recovering all night with EarthPulse™.

The EarthPulse™ magnetic sleep-machine does NOT treat individual medical conditions! Production of ATP rises immediately (see Tong study in 10 Hz Bibliography at sidebar) and better oxygen metabolism subsequently raises blood and tissue oxygen the first night or two as oxygen is not drawn from blood as quickly. See Hood study tripling of two enzymes responsible for oxygen transport inside mitochondria. Oxidative stress and inflammation fall proportionately. The body is healing itself!

You've found the Holy-Grail. A very simple way to systemically and non-invasively electronically "tune" body's thousands of trillions of mitochondria for improved oxygen metabolism, reduced oxidative stress and subsequently reduced inflammation.

This results in remarkably enhanced recovery, quality of life and improved physical & executive performance. See our remarkable pulsed electromagnetic field customer reviews to see what is described. See also Cancer and PEMF and EarthPulse™ Tech-Specs Compared to Mat-Type PEMF Therapy systems. There's absolutely nothing on Earth like EarthPulse™!

PEMF Studies Show A 10 Hz Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Possesses Special Qualities:

This Key 10 Hz PEMF mitochondrial bibliography supports our position that 10 Hz is the key therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic frequency to be used for short and long term recovery, hangover aversion, jet lag and anti-aging. See Why 9.6Hz? or watch the 9.6 Hz video to find out why.

MoreATP: The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging in Reverse explains why the EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine at these low Infrasonic frequencies is clearly the most convenient & efficient way to apply PEMF for recovery, performance enhancement or for anti-aging. Now some 10,000 clients later More-ATP is still the only cohesive theory ever offered for these well documented effects.

MoreATP explains precisely how a pulsed electromagnetic field at low-infrasonic frequencies (<15 Hz) provides such a wide range of beneficial effects, Including reversing cellular aging as proven by genetic research by NASA in 2003 (nearly 2 years AFTER EarthPulse™ began commercial sales utilizing DC pulsed electromagnetic fields @ 9.6 Hz). Epigenetics at it's finest!

  • At 10 Hz NASA showed enhanced neural tissue regeneration at 4x baseline (pg 17)
  • by 21 days causing DNA to revert from maturation to developmental state (more than 175 maturation genes switched -OFF- and 150 developmental genes switched -ON- pgs. 15-26).

The effect on longevity are staggering! The best way to fight aging, is to not age to begin with. See the full 10 Hz bibliography at sidebar including the article on 432 Hz and 528 Hz and their relation to 9.6 Hz.

Prior to NASA sanitizing this study, it contained data on 5 and 15 Hz stimulation; both 5 Hz and 15 Hz provided 2x neural tissue regeneration but NO genetic effects at 21 days. A perfect bell-shaped curve around 10 Hz.

The pulsed electromagnetic therapy databases in side bar are for informational purposes only. No therapeutic products can be sold in relation to the pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy research bibliographies. We have the only pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine on Earth; the most efficient use of PEMF ever discovered that improves sleep, short / long term recovery, provides extraordinary athletic and executive performance enhancement while reversing cellular aging. We guarantee your satisfaction only, return in like new condition w/in 90-days if you don't LOVE it.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Sleep:

We have devised the world's only pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine providing a full range of benefit of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices, but used during nighttime to enhance sleep for extraordinary results at a fraction of the cost of mat-type PEMF systems. See our release Futuristic Sleep Machine Now Reality about two university sleep-studies utilizing 1 Hz to successfully enhance sleep and memory that occurs during deep sleep. Our our Sleep-Machines' sleep programming is for use by clients with serious and long-standing sleep issues; where 10 Hz is just too high, at least to begin with.

EarthPulse™ is designed for all night use and promotes FAR better sleep through the well established process of Brainwave Entrainment. Applied all night through existing mattress with no inconvenience whatsoever beside turning it on before bed. Our unique application methods provide all the benefit of daytime-use systems, and so much more with no inconvenience whatsoever.

Don't be fooled by PEMF systems costing a LOT more money. Our results are extraordinary due to prolonged PEMF exposure throughout the night while body is in it's natural healing state, during prolonged states of deep sleep.

Sleep on Command™ uses sequentially slowing pulsed electromagnetic fields in the infrasonic (<15 Hz) Schumann wave range to promote deeper sleep, enhanced cellular regeneration and repair, provide incredible daytime and sports performance enhancement while slowing or halting the normal aging process. Killing all the birds with one stone!

No other systems or devices in this "field" specialize on sleep nor the endocrine processes, memory consolidation, cellular repair, immune system enhancement that occur during sleep. Most cost 2-3x more money and are not even remotely as powerful, nor portable.

Mat PEMF systems can't be used all night, nor certainly not long enough to re-tune body's 1000's of trillions of mitochondria. We know this occurs with EarthPulse™ as our clients take what we call the resting-breath-hold test. The RBH-test proves oxygen metabolism efficiency improves. Our clients get more energy out of each breath by their breath-hold times increasing from 20% (in finely tuned athletes) up to 100% (in elderly or debilitated persons) in just 90-days. No placebo effect possible. These effects are amplified under load. Our former U.S. Swim Team members increased static breath hold by 20% but their distance underwater on one breath by 50%!

The infrasonic frequency range is where Soviet PEMF research showed the most benefit (they were early adopters and developers of pulsed magnetic fields in the 1970's); at frequency range correlating with healthy human brain-wave signatures and Schumann wave frequencies. This is the frequency range were nearly all repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS / TMS) is performed. Every system in our field but EarthPulse™ utilizes frequency settings above 20 Hz that tune brain to high-Theta or Gamma. Users confuse being "amped-out" with being truly energetic.

Eastern European and Asian studies historically showed the greatest statistical probability of success using these low infrasonic frequencies with particularly good results at 10 Hz. In 2002 we released our EarthPulse v 1 at 9.6 Hz and noticed it caused many people to fall asleep. We added lower frequencies for those who didn't and Sleep on Command™ was born.

Sleeping in the Sleep on Command™ very-weak pulsed electromagnetic field (just 1/10th - 10 Gauss at your mattress surface - depending on thickness up to 16 inches -) results in deeper more recuperative sleep; as well as a number of remarkable effects including improved flexibility, improved energy, enhanced mental focus, improved hand-eye-motor synchronization and substantially improved strength and stamina. The most powerful ergogenic effects ever reported, with no negative side-effects. Our patented SLEEP-MODE programs even help you wake in the morning by stepping-up to ALERT-MODE prior to shut down.

Sleep on Command™ is the world's most powerful pulsed electromagnetic field device (but for suitcase sized $10,000+ PEMF systems) to create the perfect environment - your bed through up to a 16 inch mattress - where body can heal itself naturally throughout the night without having to interrupt your already busy day-time schedule. v.5Pro doubles this field.

EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ is your only rational choice if you'd like significantly deeper - more recuperative sleep. Don't waste money on sleep monitoring equipment or white noise sleep machines - invest your money in something that is going to actually make you sleep better and feel a decade or two younger in 90-days. Guaranteed or your money back.

Ergogenic Effects of a Nighttime Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) for Athletic Performance Enhancement:

Frequency specific pulsed electromagnetic therapy is the most powerful ergogenic technology in the world surpassing even steroids, EPO blood doping and hypoxic / altitude training. See our athletic performance page to see what we mean. The key to ergogenic effects is the frequency specificity and duration of exposure. Our system was designed with both in mind.

The most potent ergogenic effect for athletic performance enhancement you can get, works covertly while you sleep better than you have in years. Strength to weight ratio soars. Click the athletic performance enhancement link to hear and read email from customers reporting results that surpass those attributed to banned and illegal ergogenic drugs and or hypoxic / altitude training with no effort at all.

If you're athletic (or not) the EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic system raises saturated blood oxygen (SAO2) by 2-5% (where depressed) in just a few days; will enhance your strength by up to 20%; your endurance by up to 40% within a few short weeks. 10% strength and 20% stamina increases are routine within 2 weeks! Hand-eye- motor synchronization sharpens. Your "wind" under load will feel like you've grown a third lung. Breath hold tests are requested from our customers and we see routine increases of 20-60% (up to 100%) in 90-days in everyone from little old ladies to professional athletes. The low end of the scale (20%) are in finely tuned athletes. Longer breath hold represents more energy from every breath.

If your a a serious competitor, EarthPulse™ will help you set personal records in a few short weeks. Unlike hyperbaric O2, hypoxic and altitude training, EarthPulse™ takes no effort whatsoever and enhanced SAO2 effects last for weeks with no EP use. Our system typically pays for itself the first year as your nutritional supplementation requirements are cut in half or less.

If we can improve performance to this degree in already highly tuned athletes, imagine what it can do for you. If you are elderly or in poor health you can expect proportionate results at the high end of the scale. Sometimes results are astonishing. See our EarthPulse™ PEMF client reviews by people from all walks-of-life. Everyone in your family needs an EarthPulse™, they just don't know about it yet.

With continued use, our patented pulsed electromagnetic field provides routinely deeper - more restful sleep, faster - more complete recovery, more flexibility and improved strength/weight ratio, far less training-related soreness and slower aging. EarthPulse™ provides a substantial yet covert advantage with no legislative risks. Steroids, Blood Doping and other Banned or Illegal Athletic Performance Enhancing substances are no longer a necessary evil to remain competitive. They're now obsolete!

Whether your a world class athlete, weekend warrior or just having trouble getting in and out of your favorite chair, EarthPulse™ will have you setting your own personal performance records in 90-days or less, or return it.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Anti-Aging:

Magda Havas, PhD; Rapid Aging Syndrome (link in top right sidebar) differentiates harmful electromagnetic field pollution and therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic fields (EMF vs. PEMF); one of the best cautionary summaries on dangers of EMF and the benefits of PEMF. Other systems employing PEMF don't concentrate on sleep nor the endocrine processes that occur during sleep. Feel a decade or two younger in 90-days or return it!

The Sleep on Command™ pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine has relied upon 9.6 Hz as its cornerstone frequency since 2002. Though it happens to be near Alpha-Theta crossover, it has been particularly useful helping promote exceptionally reparative sleep through a process called entrainment; providing phenomenal performance enhancement and anti-aging effects regardless of whether athletic or elderly. Exposure to 10 Hz (or very close) has an immediate and direct effect on the mitochondria as demonstrated in the studies linked in the 10 Hz bibliography(see sidebar). Pure-organic ATP according to biological paradigm on planet Earth in both plants and animals.

We discovered in 2001 that regular nighttime use of the DC pulsed electromagnetic fields seemed to reverse the aging process by making us feel and perform at 1/2 our age. The best way to fight aging, is to not age to begin with, but this is more than just stopping aging.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) for Pets:

Early in our history we discovered the remarkable effect of PEMF on Pets where there is no possibility of placebo-effect. In 2004 we happened upon a 12 year old arthritic cat that was having a hard time walking. It would leave it's small shelter in the morning attempt to stretch and then almost fall over as it made itself into the kitchen for water. We placed our v.2 coil under the it's 18 in x 18 in (45 cm2) shelter and turned it on 24/7. Just 3 days later we were amazed to see the cat exit in morning, do a full stretch and strut into the kitchen. Within 7 days the cat was leaping onto the dining room table, it's former favorite daytime perch. It's owner was shocked.

See our PEMF Client Reviews for two more remarkable Pet rehabilitation reports in the very top two spots. Placebo? Impossible.

EarthPulse™ provides the easiest manner of applying pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for your pet. NO supervision is required. Use your's all night and then set it up all day in RECOVER-MODE or 9.6 Hz for your pet in it's favorite spot. Just place PEMF inductor under its bed or a scrunched up rug where it likes to spend most of the day, set timer for 12 hours. Simple! See our longevity experiment Gizmo the 16 year old Yorke-Maltese stalking her food and playing like an adolescent dog. Animals gravitate to pulsed electromagnetic fields when the field is beneficial. Cats especially.

We've released the the world's first wearable Equine PEMF system for Equine Performance Enhancement. Whether your animal's specialty is Jumping, Racing, Endurance or Steeplechase; we'll guarantee personal records in 90-days or less. Can be used all night long for local recovery issue too, and supervision is not required. Horses love it and will lower their head to accept the controller pack when they see it coming.

Sleep on Command™ PEMF customer reviews:

When we say there's nothing on Earth, like EarthPulse™, that's not just some cute marketing phrase, we really mean it. Be sure to read our pulsed electromagnetic field therapy customer reviews and athletic performance enhancement page for extensive list of reports to find out why we mean it.

EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ utilizes Earth amplitude electromagnetic fields through any existing mattress at frequencies conducive to sleep and cellular repair mechanisms. It turns any bed into the world's only electromagnetic sleep-machine, recovery, performance enhancement and anti-aging system. EarthPulse is a fraction of the cost of most mat systems while being 100's of times more powerful, for when you need it. More is better, sometimes.

EarthPulse™ magnetic field promotes depth and duration of sleep, literally tunes mitochondria to process oxygen more efficiently for maximum cellular energy, reduced oxidative stress, greatly enhanced long and short term recovery, memory consolidation and immune function; thereby impacting the widest range of human and veterinary issues, at night during sleep when body is known to naturally repair itself. Sleep your way to better health!

Our Sleep on Command™ SLEEP-MODE sleep programs even help you wake in the morning by stepping-up through Theta - Alpha - then Low-Beta-rhythm to ALERT-MODE prior to program end. ALERT-MODE allows use even at your desk, while lowering the need for stimulants like caffeine. Our RECOVER-MODE is the most powerful recovery and performance enhancing technique ever discovered (beside 9.6 Hz MANUAL-MODE).

Whether at work, sitting at a desk, watching TV or sleeping in your own bed, our patented pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine system will improve your physical and mental performance and have you feeling a decade (or two) younger in 90-days or your money back.

Our pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine system features our patented modular electromagnetic inductor providing more field density than all PEMF devices under $10,000 for extraordinary results, particularly when used throughout the night. The 5 SLEEP-MODE programs used with the modular electromagnet in SLEEP-CONFIGURATION ensures you are sleeping in a pure pulsed NORTH-POLE field during nighttime.

Better Sleep Means Better Health, and sleeping in our sequential (stepping down, then up) pulsed electromagnetic field will "tune" your system down into deep delta stage sleep where hormone cascading and cellular repair occurs most efficiently, improving your sleep while significantly improving your memory, vitality, daytime focus, strength and stamina. Better sleep and more vitality equals a healthier immune system and clients report significantly reduced frequency of colds and flu. The only way to know what you're missing is to try it. With our 90 day satisfaction guarantee you've got nothing to lose but your sleep deficit, stiffness, & soreness.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy - PEMF as Disruptive Field for EMF Protection:

Current electromagnetic field safety (EMF protection) research confirms that urban man needs protection from power frequency and particularly radio frequency EMF pollution due to its detrimental effect on the neurological and reproductive system. These detrimental effects are primarily due to EMF at high frequency (which is out of the normal range of our stress-free brain-wave rhythms) and because of the brain's frequency following response. These detrimental fields tend to raise the brain's frequency to unnaturally high rate thereby deleteriously affecting brain's ability to reach Delta-rhythm at night.

If you use cell phones regularly, 900 MHz - 2.4 GHz cordless phones, are exposed to WiFi all day at work or in school or live next door - or on adjacent floors to WiFi, work or go to school near cellular masts (especially members of police, military), or are IT professional; you owe it to self and family to read the precautionary studies in the EMF-protection bibliography (see sidebar) linked directly to NIH confirming detrimental psychological and neurological effects including sleep disturbance (or full-blown insomnia), migraine / headache syndromes, depression, disorientation, confusion, muscle twitch or full-blown neurological disease, reproductive issues. You should not live, work or go to school within 1000 feet of cellular base stations. Children should not attend school where WiFi has been adopted. Particularly young girls where their eggs will be irradiate for a decade before attempting to have children of their own. See Barry Trower interviews on our EMF-Protection page and he'll scare some sense into you.

You can protect from and reverse detrimental EMF effects with EarthPulse™. The infrasonic (under 14.1 Hz) EarthPulse™ field acts particularly well as a disruptive field to help mitigate the negative effect of both power and radio frequency magnetic fields. Our stepping up and down ALERT-MODE (during daytime) that keeps you entrained to Low-Beta Rhythm and any of our SLEEP-MODE programs at nighttime to entrain you to sleep at as a disruptive field. Regular nighttime use provides your cells better resiliency to EMF exposure all day.

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS / TMS) - VERY strong PEMF to the head:

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is nearly always classified as fast (usually 10 Hz but up to 20 Hz) or slow (around 1 Hz).

Field density or amplitudes of rTMS/TMS generally being near or above what is called motor evoked potential. In other words, most TMS/rTMS amplitude is high enough to cause muscle contractions; as seen as eyelid 'twitch'.

1 Hz pulsed magnetic field and rTMS/TMS studies are many times red-herrings (designed to fail). They'll use 1Hz on MS and fail to show any effect and say "rTMS" for multiple sclerosis doesn't have any effect"...when it is simply that 1 Hz failed to have any effect. The other noticeable parameter in these "red-herring" studies is for instance 1800 pulses at 1 Hz (that's 1800 seconds or 30 minutes exposure), or 1800 pulses at 10 Hz which is just 3 minutes of exposure, albeit at very high field density. Repeating that for up to 20 sessions over several weeks or months. It's just too short - too sporadic an application. Not long enough and probably too violent a flux density (amplitude) to retrain-entrain-tune the mitochondria. Far lower field amplitude over longer daily / nightly sessions can do anything rTMS can do better under most conditions by correcting the root cause, not by temporarily shutting down brain excitability where 1 Hz effect is most noted.

1 Hz rTMS / TMS has little practical significance other than in Epilepsy, Parkinson's or sleep. In Parkinson's we have found 10 Hz over hours superior at promoting better function of brain and endocrine system (hormone production).

Slow rTMS does routinely show ability to down-regulate "excitability" in various brain tissues. In other words it "quiets" the brain by exciting the inhibitory circuits in Epilepsy, Parkinson's and PTSD. 1 Hz provided relaxation and was used to induce sleep in the two landmark peer reviewed sleep studies found under EarthPulse™ research in the sidebar menu.

However, 10 Hz termed 'fast' repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (fast rTMS) there are usually significant physical performance changes as shown in dozens of Parkinson's disease rTMS studies. The mechanism is due to entrainment as well as to our proposed MoreATP theory. Though as stated we believe longer duration - daily exposure is superior long-term.

Research in rTMS for stroke (see sidebar) is exploding particular in Europe, Japan and Middle East. Pulsed electromagnetic research using rTMS/TMS on stroke has shown up to 90% reduction in ischemic cell death (caused by lack of oxygen) and spared much of the nerve damage. Though no data exists, ischemic cell death due to heart attack should respond in kind.

Studies of rTMS on stroke victims up to 5 years post-stroke shown effective at restoring significant levels of performance. See Stroke research bibliography in side bar for verification. Research in rTMS for Stroke increased exponentially in 2014. The research is clear, yet no movement whatsoever toward making rTMS emergency therapy after stroke events.

Over the years, rTMS has proven itself highly effective where conventional therapies failed. When frequency and exposure duration are adequate the results can be astounding. See alphabetically organized bibliographies in sidebar for specific discussion.

See our Customer Reviews & Feedback to recognize the power of well designed technology.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Summary:

In 2002 we discovered that regular nighttime pulsed magnetic exposure enhanced our process of sleep & recovery, and made us feel & perform a decade or two younger w/in 3 months. Completely resolving a 16 y.o. 22 times separated/dislocated shoulder (that was an arthroscopic candidate for several years), and other nagging sports injuries. By 2006 it became apparent that what had become the EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ system, provided the most powerful ergogenic (sports performance enhancement) and recovery effects ever reported in the scientific literature.

1 Hz pulsed electromagnetic field studies are many times red-herrings (designed to fail). Red-herring PEMF studies are usually done at 1 Hz stimulation where the effect to mitochondria is nearly non-existent and for too short exposure sessions so physiological changes fail to manifest. They'll use 1Hz on arthritis and fail to show any effect and say "PEMF doesn't have any effect"...when truthfully it is simply that 1 Hz failed to have any effect. The same can be true of studies using too high frequency. Once close to power frequency it debilitates mitochondrial integrity and counteracts any effect that the pulsed energy might add to bone or tissue regeneration.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy applied immediately after event in spinal cord injury (SCI); reduces inflammation thereby sparing tissue damage and subsequently scar tissue formation and at injury site. In spinal cord injury, pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMF) improved nerve tissue repair and nerve impulse conduction through formerly severed nerve tissue. In a line of studies sanitized from PubMed, a researcher transected (cut) the spinal cords of mice, then rats then cats, surgically fixed the spines and applied PEMF; the control group dragged their hind legs until sacrificed while 80% of the PEMF stimulated groups walked on all 4's!

The Sleep on Command™ pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine utilizes a very unique MODULAR electromagnet system and 9 preset-program modes. The 10th program - our new MANUAL-MODE - allows you to set whatever frequency you'd like from 1 Hz to 14.1 Hz for meditating or sleeping on a particular frequency like 9.6 Hz all night. EarthPulse™ is the simplest yet most adaptable PEMF system in the world. The entire system weighs just 2 lbs. and travels conveniently even in your purse or computer bag.

EarthPulse™ works by "tuning" mitochondria; your body heals itself,...naturally. There's nothing on Earth like EarthPulse™.

pulsed electromagnetic field device No products can be sold
relating to the bibliographies contained on this website


PEMF / rTMS research links are not offered to suggest or imply that you will achieve similar results with use of our BioMagnetic Field Supplementation device and methods. These studies are provided for reference purposes only, and are not intended to recommend our device as a drug or as a diagnosis for any illness or disease condition; nor as a product to eliminate disease or other medical condition.

The information herein has not been evaluated by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Worldwide, there are no governmental health agencies which recognize a need to supplement natural magnetic fields.

We makes no medical claims as to benefit of our device and methods. EarthPulse™ is strictly a performance enhancement tool utilizing BioMagnetic Field Supplementation principals to achieve better sleep and enhanced physical and mental performance. If you do not notice improvements in sleep and performance simply return it by the end of the 90 day satisfaction period.

Our product is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Information and opinions provided here are based upon reputably published journals and first hand experience. Information found and opinions expressed anywhere on our web site or in printed materials are never to be construed as medical advice. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

EarthPulse™ will substantially improve your sleep and performance or your money back.

The EarthPulse™ pulsed magnetic device is unconditionally warranted from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. We service your device for $50 plus return shipping in years 2-3 and $75 in years 4-5. Absent mis-use we will repair or replace with same or latest model device (at our option) depending on its age if device can not be repaired at up to 5 years from delivery for nominal $50 years 1-2 / $100 year 3 /$150 years 4 and 5.

Within 90 days you will realize substantially enhanced physical and mental performance and deeper, more restful sleep from our sleep system or your purchase price will be promptly refunded. You'll feel changes a lot quicker than that (usually within 24-48 hours), but we'll honor your return requests between 30 & 90 days. The system should be returned to us in 'like new' condition.