Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF Therapy is one of the most powerful bio-hacking tools and an alternative medicine with proven benefits. Since late 90s and early 2000s, EarthPulse has explored and applied PEMF therapy for achieving better sleep, less pain, performance enhancement and longevity effects.

This website contains PEMF therapy research and is the world’s  largest database of peer-reviewed PEMF therapy studies. Choose the “Peer Reviewed PEMF Research Index” in the PEMF Research menu above for the Alphabetized list compiling more than 4 decades of peer-reviewed PEMF Therapy Research.

Curating this PEMF Therapy bibliography since 2002 has contributed to our designing the most powerful, yet portable PEMF therapy devices for sale anywhere. Routine night-long EarthPulse™ PEMF therapy through your existing mattress enhances the sleep process, radically accelerates short & long term recovery, slows down the aging process and radically increases strength & stamina with no effort whatsoever.

EarthPulse™ PEMF devices start at just $499 and come with the most liberal 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee you’ll ever find. No PEMF therapy device system on Earth, at any price, can surpass the cumulative effects of our night-long EarthPulse™ PEMF therapy devices; no matter how complicated their waveforms or how powerful they may be. EarthPulse™ is the most powerful (@1100-2200 guass) PEMF device and small enough to fit in a woman’s purse.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is better than natural sleep for mental health, recovery and performance enhancement

Comfortable Nighttime PEMF Therapy

EarthPulse™ PEMF therapy devices provide better sleep & recovery than even Mother-Nature intended when used at night-time on a regular basis. Nothing comes close to EarthPulse™ PEMF for wellness, longevity, and performance enhancement benefits; because No PEMF therapy device on Earth works the same way as EarthPulse™ PEMF throughout the night.

Since 2002 our patented, nighttime, PEMF devices and methods, have enhanced the sleep, recovery and daytime performance of close to 15,000 people just like you. Feedback and reviews from these people (and their pets) have helped us design the most efficient PEMF devices for sale on the planet, at pricing, no one can beat.

Using an EarthPulse™ PEMF device takes no time whatsoever because it is used primarily from under your mattress at night, to lull you into the best sleep you’ve had in years. Nothing on Earth works like EarthPulse™ PEMF, and it works head-to-toe regardless of whether you choose a single or double electromagnet system.

Priceless sleep, radically accelerated short & long term recovery, enhanced daytime performance, and incredible anti-ageing effects guaranteed. Our comprehensive 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee(s) exceed that of every PEMF therapy system for sale in the world.

“I bought the EarthPulse 4 years ago and haven’t had a bad night’s sleep since. I have been doing Martial arts for over 30 years. And i have had some injuries over the years. Compared to how I felt 4 years ago and now, is like night and day. A work related accident occurred. After surgery doctors told me I’d be in therapy at 3 months, I was through P.T. and back to work at 5 weeks!”  Dan’s Recovery notes at Spontaneous Regeneration

Sleep and perform a decade or two younger in 90 days or return it. Set personal records in athletic performance in 30 days or return it! With guarantees like these, if EarthPulse™ PEMF therapy devices weren’t everything we said they were (and more), we’d have been out of business long ago.

Our Guarantee hasn’t changed since our first version “v1” released in 2002 and returns from non-responders is under 5% for the last 4 years running. We can’t think of a reason someone comparing high intensity PEMF therapy devices could consider investing in anything else, particularly since all of them interrupt your daytime schedule.

The ergogenic athletic performance enhancement effects of our systems exceed anything reported in the scientific literature for increasing strength, stamina, VO2 Max or averting training-induced soreness. Unlike hypoxic training, hyperbaric oxygen or PEMF therapy systems, EarthPulse™ PEMF takes absolutely no effort at all other than turning it on when going to bed. It works synergistically with all nutritional programs and appears to qualify as an adaptogen and anabolic when paired with rigorous physical training.

EarthPulse™ PEMF has zero impact on your awake-time. Better price, more power, super convenient, affects wellness and longevity while it enhances executive and athletic performance; that’s EarthPulse™ PEMF…and we’ve staked our reputation on it!

Goal for my entire year!
Written by: Russ
Date Published: 05/15/2016
After about 2 weeks on EarthPulse, I broke my plateau. I didn’t change my normal routine in any way. I set a new goal of 8 plates. At 4 weeks, I hit 8 plates (360lbs + sled weight of 50lbs = 410lbs). This was the goal for my entire year!
5 / 5 stars

EarthPulse™ PEMF isn’t just PEMF therapy

EarthPulse™ is a new way of living and sleeping that cumulatively surpasses the effects of any PEMF therapy device for sale on Earth, no matter how expensive or how powerful it may be.

Sleeping inside the infrasonic cocoon created by our patented, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field each night, precisely “tuned” to Mother Nature’s very special low-low (infrasonic) frequencies will leave you feeling clear headed, sharp, full of energy, and with a renewed zest for life. Our entire frequency range is under 15 Hz; and with these magnetic frequencies, we can give you the best sleep you’ve had in decades, or, alternatively help wake you up at a specific time in the morning; or keep you alert through most of the night with less caffeine.

Our frequency spectrum overlaps the stress-free human brainwave pattern perfectly, from Delta through low-Beta-rhythm. By no mistake, these frequencies are also particularly active at the sub-cellular – mitochondrial level.

Within 10-14 days our clients routinely find they have more strength and stamina than they’ve had in decades – or ever in their life. If at your genetic peak, you can stop age-related degradation while setting new personal performance records. If you’re over or feeling over-the-hill, we’ll have you feeling a decade (or two) younger in 90 days or return it.


“Paul – Well I have put the EarthPulse through enough testing that I can confidently say the device has real merit. There was for me a trial period so as to find out what settings worked best for my recovery. This has thus far been the results of my experimentation. Deeper sleep. 80% reduced hip pain. I can now sleep without throbbing pain. You have my full endorsement. God Bless.” ~ Gerry James, PGA Professional / 2X World Long Drive Champion www.gerryjames.com

See our PEMF Client Reviews, Ergogenic PEMF for Enhanced Athletic Performance and EarthPulse™ PEMF Tech-Specs to make a fully informed decision about the most revolutionary wellness, longevity and performance enhancement tool on Earth. Stop age-related performance loss in its tracks, reverse it and start setting personal performance records in just 30 days! Stop getting older and start getting better by selecting your EarthPulse™ PEMF system today.

Whether climbing Mount Everest without oxygen tanks or just having trouble climbing out of your favorite chair, EarthPulse™ PEMF is for you.

World’s Only PEMF Anti Ageing System

The EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ PEMF device is the world’s first age-reversal system. By tuning cells’ for improved oxygen metabolism, our PEMF creates an environment where body and mind thrive.  For more info see More-Atp; the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging in Reverse.

World's Only Magnetic Sleep-Machine

PEMF Therapy for Sleep Improvement

EarthPulse™ PEMF is the world’s first brain-entrainment system for insomnia. Sleep on Command™ PEMF entrains brain-wave toward deeper sleep FAR more efficiently than light and sound machines that have no cellular effects. See our Sleep Machine page for more info.

PEMF Therapy for Elderly or Injured Pets

PEMF Therapy for Pets

The EarthPulse PEMF system works just as well on pets as it does on humans,…maybe even better. Our unique combination of PEMF anti-aging and recovery benefits will be noticeable in just a few days. No placebo effect possible. Learn more about PEMF Therapy for Pets.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Athletic Training Enhancement with PEMF therapy

EarthPulse™ PEMF is the world’s strongest ergogenic aid. Remarkable athletic performance enhancement. More-ATP with lower oxidative load. Peak strength, stamina and “wind” under load soar. See Athletic Performance Enhancement – Biohacking Sleep & Sports Performance with PEMF for more info

Elevate Your Mood with PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy for Depression

The world’s first mood altering PEMF system. Tuning cells’ mitochondria for improved oxygen metabolism improves function of all body’s cells, including endocrine tissues. Your mood will soar. Learn more about PEMF Therapy for Depression

PEMF Therapy Helps Promote Tissue Regeneration

PEMF therapy for Pain management

Rather than providing symptomatic relief from pain, EarthPulse™ PEMF promotes ATP production and enhanced blood & tissue oxygen for accelerated healing of damaged and debilitated cells. See PEMF for Pain Bibliography to learn how PEMF therapy helps in chronic pain conditions.

EarthPulse™ nighttime PEMF devices produce routine effects that other PEMF therapy systems can’t ever hope to achieve

EarthPulse™ isn’t just PEMF therapy,  it’s a new way of living; and sleeping. The only device and methods on Earth guaranteeing…

Vastly Improved Sleep

  • Healthier Endocrine System
Enhanced Mood
Enhanced Mobility

Virtual Elimination of Workout Induced Muscle Soreness – you won’t get sore to begin with no matter how hard you train, or how much you change your training regimen

  • May avoid anaerobic metabolism altogether and/or avoid production of lactic acid
Incredibly Enhanced Aerobic Recovery Immediately After High-Intensity Effort
Vastly Easier Breathing Under Load of Stairs, Hills & During High-Intensity Sport
Greatly Accelerated Recovery

Improved Mental Focus & Executive Performance

  • Shortened Reaction Time
  • Enhanced Hand – Eye – Motor Coordination
  • Sharpened Spacial Orientation
  • Arrested Age Related Vision Loss
  • Improved Typing Speed and Accuracy

Enhanced Levels of Saturated Blood & Tissue Oxygen (up to 6% SAO2 when below 100% at baseline in just 7 days); even at altitude

  • Proportionately Lower Levels of Oxidative Stress
  • Slows Natural Aging Process (reverses Ageing for several years)

Increased Flexibility (especially in the morning upon waking)

  • Particularly Lumbar

Surprisingly Enhanced Peak Strength

  • 10% in 7 days; up to an additional 10% over 90 days no matter who you are; greater % if critically debilitated

Surprisingly Enhanced Stamina

  • 20% in 7 days; up to an additional 20% over 90 days; greater if debilitated at baseline

Add 5 seasons to the end of any professional athletic career

  • Amateurs can stay competitive for extra decades

EarthPulse™ Nighttime PEMF therapy is Remarkably Simple

Deep sleep is required for proper nighttime repair, cellular detoxification, hormone synthesis, immune function and memory consolidation. EarthPulse™ PEMF supplementation is designed to enhance the sleep via brainwave entrainment. EarthPulse™ entrains the brain to help promote sleep onset and longer – deeper states of sleep.

Surprisingly, we found that exposing the body to these very weak (less than 1/2 gauss) pulsed electromagnetic fields throughout the night, helped promote vastly accelerated nighttime recovery mechanisms.

EarthPulse™ is the only wellness device in the world harnessing and enhancing the natural circadian sleep & recovery states for improved repair and greatly enhanced daytime performance. The ergogenic effects (athletic performance enhancement) resulting from sleeping in the EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic field  is unmatched by anything in the published literature.

Whether trying to break a world record in the 100-yard dash, or just trying to walk around the block, EarthPulse™ provides unparalleled results.

“Well you have an amazing device for sure. Sleep has dramatically improved, about 80% and it seems to get better as weeks go by”

“They all (drs) can’t beliave at three weeks i am walking with no sticks and no limp. I would just like to thank you again for all your help.  EarthPulse is my life support and dont go anywhere with out it.”

PEMF Therapy vs. EarthPulse™ PEMF:

The powerful and adaptive EarthPulse™ PEMF device system and methods provide you an extraordinary opportunity for self-experimentation using pulsed electromagnetic fields for sleep, recovery, performance enhancement, and longevity; without any need for day time use.

Generally, one can achieve almost any goal with simple, nighttime, through the mattress magnetic field supplementation. Only large $15,000 suitcase or table top models can out-perform EarthPulse™ in the short-term, but they can’t be used long-term to systemically entrain body’s mitochondria.

The Earthpulse™ PEMF generator is small and portable, yet stronger than all but the large and non-portable $10,000+ pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device systems. Strong enough to effectively penetrate a 16 – 18 inch (40 – 45 cm) thick mattress. A steep enough electromagnetic pulse to induce microampere current in tissue, yet small enough to easily fit in a handbag or briefcase; at a fraction of the cost of low-energy mat based pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device systems.

“He was in shock. After 40 years he was able to wiggle his toes and flex his foot with very little pain! I had him walk a little. He could do so without the use of his cane at a better pace than before. It has now been a week later. He can still flex his foot/toes and walk without the use of his cane. Even up and down stairs. Houston we have his attention!!”

EarthPulse™ PEMF supplementation is designed to enhance the sleep process via brain wave entrainment. Deep sleep is required for proper nighttime repair, cellular detoxification, hormone synthesis, immune function and memory consolidation. EarthPulse™ entrains the brain to help promote sleep onset and longer – deeper states of sleep.

Surprisingly, we found that exposing the body to these very weak (less than 1/2 gauss) pulsed electromagnetic fields throughout the night, helped promote vastly accelerated nighttime recovery mechanisms.

Our alphabetised-by-disorder Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Research Index contains more than a thousand peer-reviewed pulsed electromagnetic field therapy citations to aid you in your PEMF therapy research. If you notice something missing, just drop us a message through our chat function lower right. We’ll search the scientific literature and let you know what we think.

In Magnetically Attractive HealingDr. David Williams called our v2 EarthPulse™  “The find of a century or two”, and called PEMF therapy in general “One of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine.” We are currently in production of v5 EarthPulse™. The v5s are the most potent PEMF device systems we’ve ever developed. Now strong enough to work through any mattress up to 18 inches (45 cm) thick. Our pulsed electromagnet generates just the right amount of heat when trapped to the body, working synergistically with the pulsed electromagnetic field to help accelerate recovery by at least 50% of what would be considered normal for that situation.

EarthPulse™ Nighttime PEMF Device Guarantee

The EarthPulse™ PEMF device and methods are adaptable to just about any situation. The 1000+ PEMF / rTMS citations contained in our alphabetised-by-disorder PEMF Therapy Research database should be able to guide you to successful PEMF / rTMS research and experimentation. With or without our PEMF device system.

EarthPulse™ PEMF magnetic field supplementation is the only device of it’s kind. EarthPulse™ allows for all night brain stimulation for a deeper state of sleep, while simultaneously enhancing and helping promote mitochondrial oxygen metabolism. More energy from every breath of air! More efficient O2 metabolism lowers oxidative stress and promotes cells resiliency to other metabolic stressors like WiFi and other types of RF (radio frequency).

“Breath test: Week1 – one min, 30 secs, Week2 – one min, 40 secs, Week3 – 2 minutes, 8 seconds! WOW.”

EarthPulse™ Research on PEMF therapy & Your Mitochondria

This entire range of effects because your cells and their mitochondria get an electronic “tune up” each night from the long duration exposure to these very-weak, frequency-specific pulsed electromagnetic fields. The mitochondria respond by improving cell respiration i.e. oxygen metabolism.  See our 10 Hz citations to learn about the mechanism; beginning with a 2 & 3 fold increase of the two key enzymes required for oxygen transport into and inside the mitochondria. Hood 1998.

Just like after an automobile tune up, mileage and horsepower go up, and exhaust gases go down, we have a very simple way to prove this we call the resting-breath-hold. How long you can hold your breath isn’t as much a function of cardiovascular health as it is a function of how well, and how efficiently your mitochondria metabolize oxygen that reaches the cell.

“I did the hold breath test twice prior to the device arriving; best score of 1min 30sec. After one week 2min!”

Oxidative free radicals are formed when O2 reaching the cell is not burned adequately (by the mitochondria). Lab geeks call it “Oxygen Leakage”. The worse the leakage, the higher the oxidative stress. Get it? You can flood the body with oxygen using ozone or hyperbaric chambers and that’s fine, but if that oxygen reaches the cell and isn’t burned properly your oxidative load skyrockets. Unlike hyperbaric or hypoxic training, EarthPulse™ PEMF results in a natural rise of blood and tissue oxygen. It sticks with you for days. Permanently for a routine user.

Oxygen metabolism is body’s most important process. Impaired cell respiration and subsequently reduced blood & tissue oxygen & higher oxidative stress, subsequently results in inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many if not most disease states, particularly cancer.

“They all say they can’t believe at three weeks I have stopped all medication and walking with no sticks and no limp. I would just like to thank you again for all your help. The earth pulse is my life support and dont go anywhere with out it.”


Increasing our PEMF therapy users’ resting or “static” breath hold represents their mitochondria burning oxygen slower to maintain body functions. EVERY ONE of our clients hold their breath 20 – 75% longer in 90 days. If they don’t,…that’s our 4% non-responder returns. They’re usually not sleeping any better either.

Night-time Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Improves Sleep & Recovery

EarthPulse™ PEMF turns any bed into world’s only sleep, recovery and longevity system.

EarthPulse™ PEMF is ultra convenient. Our patented pulsed magnetic system is designed specifically for nighttime use to improve sleep via Brainwave Entrainment. These same frequencies that entrain brain wave rhythm, stimulate cells all night in a window of frequencies that cause mitochondria to produce more energy with less oxidative waste.

“Overall my sleep has dramatically improved, not sure if i can put a number on it, but probably somewhere around 80%”

“The magnet is brilliant and we are sleeping on Recovery mode all the time now, most obvious thing is the amount of energy we have on waking up and throughout the day; no pushing through the day anymore. Jimena, (whom I recommended), also says the same, she is more than happy with her results too. Wind under load readings very high very quickly also.”

Excess energy is sequestered for accelerated nighttime repair processes, enhanced immune function, improved strength and stamina, better memory consolidation, vastly improved daytime energy & vitality.  Better sleep and increased cell energy results in a body that heals itself at an accelerated pace and ages slower.
“I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and narcolepsy after suffering from sleep problems for nearly 20 years. Gradually worsened until I was to the point of having lost my driving privileges and being unable to stay awake during the day. I could fall asleep while sitting or standing, in the middle of conversations, or pretty much anywhere. I’ve been using it every night since March of 2013. It has been amazing! Others have commented on how much more alert, cheerful and capable I am now. Thank you so much for giving my life back.” Reportedly she’s even gotten her driving license reinstated. 

See Futuristic Sleep Machine Now Reality, about two university sleep-studies utilizing 1 Hz to successfully enhance sleep and memory that occurs during deep sleep.
“When I ordered your device, I was taking a leading sleep med on and off just so I could get a few hours of sleep. I have been using the EarthPulse device for seven nights now, at Sleep 4, Last night was the first night in a very long time where I only woke up once during the night and then returned to sleep . RBH – first time (prior to use) was 90 seconds. Second time (5 days later) was 125 seconds. Wow!”

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy by EarthPulse & Sports Performance

Apparently, these PEMF therapy induced, oxygen (metabolism) effects are accelerated under load. While our U.S. Swimmers increased their static-breath-hold by 19% and 20% in 21 days, their underwater swim increased by 50% from one length of a 50M pool, to being able to turn and swim 1/2 way back. 75M with a turn in between! One NFL star running back increased his vertical jump by over 2 inches! These types of ergogenic effects are simply unprecedented. We’re the super-secret weapon of many professional sportsmen. Improving their dollar-value and extending their careers while they sleep. Priceless!…that’s EarthPulse™.

Athletic Training Performance enhancement with PEMF therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy by EarthPulse & Sports Performance

Apparently, these PEMF therapy induced, oxygen (metabolism) effects are accelerated under load. While our U.S. Swimmers increased their static-breath-hold by 19% and 20% in 21 days, their underwater swim increased by 50% from one length of a 50M pool, to being able to turn and swim 1/2 way back. 75M with a turn in between! One NFL star running back increased his vertical jump by over 2 inches! These types of ergogenic effects are simply unprecedented. We’re the super-secret weapon of many professional sportsmen. Improving their dollar-value and extending their careers while they sleep. Priceless!…that’s EarthPulse™.

“Placing the magnet under my bladder area has worked beautifully. Only get up once per night now and sometimes not at all. Thank you!”

Night-time Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Remarkably Improves Strength & Stamina

See our unsolicited Athletic Performance Enhancement PEMF review page to see the type of phenomenal effects our users achieve. In this athletic performance enhancement interview, Elite-class power lifter describes how the EarthPulse™ PEMF therapy device helped increase his bench press by 100 lbs (from 450 to 550 lbs) in just 3 weeks!

More strength and stamina gains than all banned and illegal ergogenic aids. Whether you’re gunning for a world record, trying to hang for another season or two, or just trying to climb out of your favourite chair, EarthPulse™ is guaranteed to work for you. If not just return it.

No PEMF therapy system for sale at any price, or at any immense field strength can achieve what EarthPulse™ nighttime PEMF can. The secret is our frequency range and long duration, very low amplitude nighttime application, generally through any existing mattress. EarthPulse™ PEMF provides effects that simply cannot be achieved by PEMF therapy systems costing any price. EarthPulse™ is truly in a class of its own.

EarthPulse™ provides a substantial yet covert competitive advantage with no legislative risks. Extend any professional career a few extra seasons. Steroids, blood-doping and other banned or illegal athletic performance enhancing substances are no longer a necessary evil to remain competitive. They’re now obsolete.

Whether you’re a world-class athlete, weekend warrior or just having trouble walking around the block, EarthPulse™ nighttime-PEMF will have you setting your own personal performance records in 90-days or less, or simply return it.

EarthPulse™ works by “tuning” the mitochondria; your body takes care of itself, naturally. Priceless! You’ll have 90 days to try EarthPulse™ risk free.

“After a few weeks I felt like I’d grown a 3rd lung.” ~ Super Human Radio Host Carl Lanore

“I ran the fastest 400 M sprint of my life this week” 

“At the USA Grand Prix meet I swam the 5th fastest time in the world this year in the 50M. A week later I dropped a full second off my best time in the 100M which was the second fastest time in the world this year, a top 10 of ALL-TIME!”

NASA / Goodwin 10 Hz PEMF – 8 hours per day for 17-21 days resulted in “significant down-regulation of 175 maturation and regulatory genes and up-regulation of 150 genes associated with growth and cellular proliferation.” Hmmmm… 8 hours per day sounds a lot like EarthPulse™ PEMF at night!

EarthPulse™ PEMF Disclaimer:

Studies, videos, PEMF customer reviews, papers and links provided [the Information] on this website site or others we link to are not offered to suggest or imply that you will achieve similar results with use of our Sleep on Command™ pulsed electromagnetic field supplementation device and methods. Information is for reference purposes only and is not intended to recommend our pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device system as a drug or as a diagnosis for any illness or disease condition; nor as a product to eliminate disease or other medical condition.
The Information has not been evaluated by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Worldwide, there are no governmental health agencies that recognize a need to supplement natural magnetic fields using pulsed electromagnetic fields.
The Information and opinions provided on our website are based upon reputable published journals and first-hand experience. The Information found and opinions expressed anywhere on our website or in printed materials are never to be construed as medical advice. This website, company, and its contractors, employees, organisers, participants, practitioners, promoters, or affiliates or its suppliers and vendors make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied with regard to the Information or how you use it.
Magnetic Therapy Bahamas, Ltd. / Sleep Tech Intl, Ltd / EarthPulse Technologies, LLC make no medical claims, real or implied, as to benefit of our device and methods. Our product is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being. Readers accept all responsibility for self-experimentation.



EarthPulse Sleep on Command v5Pro

EarthPulse Sleep on Command v5Pro

You'll have 90 days to try EarthPulse™ risk free.

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