Congratulations on discovering EarthPulse™ PEMF; welcome to the first day of your new life.

Inventor has been researching use of current’s and fields since 1996 when he was first exposed to Bob Beck’s Silver Pulser (inventor is a big believer in Colloidal Silver and he’s never had a cold or flu since). Over 25 years without a cold or flu.

Our colloidal silver page.

Inventor has always favored 9.6 Hz due to a radio interview Bob Beck did where he reported his experimental results as being the pulse created by the planet (he discovered by metal rods that extended down about 20 feet, then amplified and metered for frequency). Curiously, Beck never used it.

Our v2 analog device circa 2003 picture.  Five o’clock is ‘9.6 Hz (or close to it as it was analog and not digital).

This is a good video on 9.6 Hz Inventor did at the start of the ‘numerology’ he discovered about 9.6 Hz in 2012 – 13; some of which is contained on the page Why 9.6 Hz?.

9.6 numerology in Platonic Solids & almost all Sacred Geometry is in the free PDF file, PYTHAGOREAN & PLATONIC PEMF we give free for subscribing to our newsletter, or by purchasing a device.

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The first EarthPulse™ PEMF system May, 2002 Memorial Day Friday. A picture of the v2 EarthPulse™ circa 2003 is on our Tech Spics page through Navigation Bar. A link to it is above.

EarthPulse™ PEMF is the only PEMF device on Earth to be used in your own bed every night, all night, to enhance sleepslow ageing and to enhance physical & mental performance. Neither of them by just a little bit.

With our v6 in 2020 we further reduced our returns rate to about 2.5% though our v4 and v5 returns were very low already at 4% for over a decade. Inventor always thought returns were suspect and from bad guys attempting to bury us. In person with the original 30 or so persons and then about 20 or 50 people over the following 20 years, it never failed one time.

Inventors of “disruptive” technology should all expect to be “taken-out” by the criminals so breakthrough technology never reaches the public. Our inventor said he wasn’t prepared, but should have been.

When inventor was a kid, he remembers the first ‘whistle blowers’ on big tobacco; two that he remembered had “one car accidents” where the person died in his / her car in a ditch or into a tree. Was ruled the driver fell asleep both times.

Then there was Stan Mayer, who invented Hydrogen on Demand, to power his street legal dune buggy from water. The electricity needed for the hydrolysis to create Hydrogen from water came from the movement of the buggy to recharge his battery. He drove coast to coast (of America) and then back again on a few tanks of water.

He was poisoned at a meeting with the US Army (we believe) and it was ruled a brain anurism. That was in the late 90’s and we still don’t have water powered ANYTHING!

Hydrogen on demand from water is not “rocket science”, neither is the EarthPulse™. On the subject of Rocket Science; our first patent predated NASA’s (Never A Straight Answer) 10 Hz PEMF patent by about a year.

We’re big believers in hydrogen power on demand for vehicles/trains/planes and cold fusion nuclear / Low Energy Nuclear / LEN for powering everything else including cruise ships and transport vessels. Hydrogen fuel cells are a boondoggle and so are today’s nuclear power plants.

Currently, the criminals don’t want you to know about PEMF technology in general and definitely do not want you to know about us (or hydrogen on demand or LEN).

This is by far the best and most inclusive website in the entire PEMF industry by far (any industry actually), yet we’re relegated to page 20+ on G search; or not listed at all by others and some Alt search engines.

Please tell your friends about us or they won’t hear about us at all more than likely.

In our small industry of all PhDs or medical doctors, we slay them ALL infinitely though inventor is self taught. As was once said, “The Titanic was built by experts, the Ark by amateures; I’ll go with the amateures”.

Our v8 is our v6 through a new assembly shop in the same country (where all our digital devices have been made since 2005). Our analogs (v1 / v2) were made in the US before inventor went “expat” in 2008, telling his friends and family if he stayed he’d be dead or in jail. That was after the first attempt to “off” him.

v6 was an improvement on our v5. v8 is way better than v6. v7 like our v3 was never marketed but an improvement on v6. Our v8 is the best we’ve ever done; simpler, less expensive, far more powerful  and even better sleep than previous versions due to a cleaner low EMF signal than late v5 versions or v6 (they were all really, really good already).

Nothing on Earth can do what EarthPulse™ PEMF can do to enhance your life. You need oxygen, food and water to live. Next on the list beside having a roof over your head and some clothes on your back; should be to own an EarthPulse™ so that your sleep is insanely good EVERY night, your performance is enhanced and you slow ageing to a crawl.

To see pictures of our inventor after 20 years of nightly use, click the Anti-Aging link in the sidebar just to right.

Inventor says he’d rather be barefoot and sleeping on a wooden floor without a blanket with an EP, than to be in a bed without one.

Time to start growing better and wiser, rather than growing older and wiser (as we’ve all been told thoughout human history).

While we can’t stop chronological age, you won’t look or act your age and you’ll be looking forward to going to bed from week 1, knowing you’re going to sleep very well. These days, that alone is PRICELESS.

No one is going to change your paradime but for you. Augment your reality!

Whether you’re a pro athlete, or if you’re have trouble getting out of your favorite chair (you won’t as a client), EP is for you and will greatly augment your reality.

If, after investigating our huge database, you have any questions, please direct them to our client support, through the Support link in our top Navigation Bar.