Like many readers, existing users, old users or someone new to the whole thing, you too will have many questions about EarthPulse™ electromagnetic and electrical stimulation devices. It’s also true that it is a instrument which requires some effort to tune well with your self.user documentation

Most users of EarthPulse™ PEMF devices report better sleep, energy levels and stamina, pain reduction and stronger mental health on a long-term basis. Thus it is important to note that you simply can not experience the peak benefits in a few days, it just keeps getting better! Feel younger, clearer, pain-free and more energetic year by year!

FAQs about Electromagnetic Healing devices from EarthPulse™

Read our FAQs section on, where we have addressed many questions frequently received from 1000s of readers worldwide. Whether you need to know about maximum mattress thickness that you can use or want to figure out which of our models will best suit you, do visit our FAQs, as they answers many such queries.

EarthPulse User Documentation and Personalized Support

User manual links are sent to customers upon purchase. If you missed your welcome email, please contact us.

Follow the user documentation step-by-step to be well informed about your EarthPulse™ .

User manuals have important “read me first”  instructions, basic set up information, in depth information on all the sleep programs along with other instructions on how you can use the device. Our 90-days trial ensures you have enough time to experience it’s healing prowess. If you do not see results after 7 days of all-night use, contact us to receive personalized support or process refunds.

We process refund requests with no restocking fee aka full money back including one-way shipping, after customer suport is initiated and maintained for 3 weeks and returns are requested between 30 and 90 day. Please view this page for more information on our 90-day trial.

Our endevour is to continue improving support and help healing the planet.