EarthPulse™ is the only brand that offers such a wide array of customer Rewards, Rebates and Discounts for PEMF Devices. After you purchase your EarthPulse™ PEMF device, following offers are automatically unlocked and can be availed with ease.

Please feel free to refer your friends, family and anyone you think would benefit from these discounts for PEMF devices by EarthPulse™. They can easily reach out to us in case they have any questions or would like to know how this PEMF therapy machine can help them. We would like to update you about our Rewards & Discounts for PEMF devices available to EarthPulse™ users. You will see that you can easily get back all the money spent on buying your PEMF device by referring friends and family, submitting feedback or joining the affiliate program!

Friends & Family Discount

We’re thrilled if you are! Gift your loved ones a system and save up to 20% discount on each system!

Contact us for the coupon code for your Friends & Family Discount for PEMF devices.

Affiliate Program

We value health and wellness professionals among our user base and believe you add immense value. The affiliate program is the easiest way to refer new users if you have a website and get rewarded for spreading accurate information about our PEMF therapy systems and their use. Affiliates also get automatic discounts for PEMF devices! Read complete details and join our Affiliates program for PEMF devices.

10% Rebate for your Feedback!

All customers receive our 90-day Feedback Form upon purchase. Fill this in send us your feedback. We will refund 10% of your order price instantly! It’s a Win-Win really! Read more about the Feedback Rebate at our official international distribution portal.

Referral Program

We offer a referral rebate or cashback for every customer you refer to us. Your referral also gets FREE shipping rebate if they mention your name and email address during checkout. Read more about the Referral Cashback and Free Shipping offer on our official distribution website. Discounts for PEMF Devices can’t get better than these from any other source!

These offers are available to existing customers only. Please read our Discounts & Rewards FAQs carefully to understand the terms and conditions.

Contact us to get started, even if you can’t find your order receipt to participate in these programs. Be assured that you’ll receive your discount coupons if you ordered from us before.

So you see that we have you covered. We are the PEMF device brand to be offering such amazing discounts and rewards to our users. That, and also the fact that the EarthPulse™ is the best PEMF therapy device under $10,000! We are here waiting to serve you well! Thank you and all the best!