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Our 90-day Guarantee hasn’t changed since we released our first version “v1” in 2002 and returns from non-responders is just 4% since 2011.

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Message from Product Developer:

In 19th & 20th centuries people were rewarded for thinking outside the box. Not so today where one needs to be ready for anything.

In 2016/17 I got stuck in an electric hospital bed and electric air-mattress 24/7 and came out of that experience a few months later electro-sensitive, and have a belief that more will have this problem as time goes on,… so the new devices use a new power supply that reduces EMF.  Our devices output a signal that should be able to be used by most sensitives (though you may need to turn down our amplitude at night to begin with); but our power is there when you need or want it. Better to have and not want; than to want and not have. It can be used locally when injured. Our devices now go to 14.4 Hz too during both Alert and WakeUp part of all Modes as it fits the math, and both ‘feels’ and works better than 14.1 Hz.

We have the best power supply available in the world today and we do work after delivery at the shop so it is better than delivered, and actually cleans the signal that comes from your wall socket somewhat to the lowest EMF possible, with no 9v batteries in the controller to change. Testing all with a machine, we found that power strips are no good so please don’t use them if at all possible.  Definitely remove them from your bedroom and get rid of that cordless phone next to your bed that is always emitting. Both strips and cordless phones are poorly designed.

EarthPulse™ wants people to hit 60 or 70 and keep going by effectively using PEMF every night and not be ready to shut down and turn off their brains or endocrine systems, or muscular skelatal systems; or, be unable to put one foot in front of the other; or God forbid not be able to stand up straight anymore.

The EP can be used locally for trouble areas at first but after a little time, user will find it not necessary. EP is the strongest low power system that exists in the world so can be used locally when needed. It isn’t a “ringer” but it doesn’t cost 10 or 20 thousand dollars either. ​If more power is needed we now make a electrostimulation system that puts more current into any area, far greater than any PEMF system can.

You need to be cognizant of what PEMF can do for you, and the magic of EarthPulse™ is that you’re not using PEMF one or two hours per day like a pad or local system, and not using it for one thing at a time (unless you choose) but for your entire body every night for the entire night without taking any time out of your busy day,… and at the same time sleeping like a baby for a change, performing and recovering better than you ever have. Ever.

A smart marketer once said, “Your brain is the best doctor your body ever had.” But it is more accurate to say, “The body is the best doctor your body ever had.” Nobody can do what your body inherently can do for itself, by design if it has what it needs.

Nobody can recreate what your body knows it should be. Give it the nutrients and energy it needs and it will do what it needs to do when it needs to do it. We give it the energy, the rest is up to you. If used as directed at night so your regeneration can happen as needed,  you get the best sleep you’ve had since childhood, ultimate performance and minimal aging no matter what mode works best for you. We have several modes.

This even works if you’re ‘over the hill’ and want to regain some of your lost years. Our guarantee is “Feel and perform a decade (or two) younger in 90 days or return it”. That being said, even if you’re only 20 this will make you better and stronger and keep you in your 20’s for decades.

One or two hours use does not have the same effects of using this every night systemically from under your mattress. You may be able to save a little money now, but why even consider it, or spend money on supplements every day that have little to no effect?

We have athletes whose performance went up and paid for the device in a few months by not wasting their money on supplements that turned out to have little or noticeable effect.

What if people could keep performing and creating at 60 or 70 or even older? What kind of world would we have if people were in their prime at 50 to EIGHTY instead of twenty years earlier, instead of piling up injuries though life’s ups and downs unable to heal them properly and to get through life only to get better as they get older?

Every day getting a little older, but getting a little better and a little smarter. That’s our vision of life. EarthPulse™ is guaranteed to work for you. If not just return it. Although we do get some returns, we never saw it fail in person. To our knowledge we have the best guarantee and lowest returns in the industry.

So, what are you waiting for?