EarthPulse™ experimented last month, with using PEMFs for enhancing growth and size of fish. If you grow fish or plants commercially, i.e. work with Aquaculture or Mariculture, the implications are incredible growth, not just for your fish or your plants but your business as well.

Optimal nutrition should be practiced by everyone growing beautiful, nutritious water inhabitants, but nutrition goes only so far as the body’s ability to use it. Pulsed electromagnetic fields should improve the growth of anything in its growth stage by the process of cellular oxygenation and detox at same time. Oxygen is toxic but only where oxygen is left over and needs to be transported away. PEMFs increase oxygenation capacity of the cells, thereby resulting in detox and growth without any toxic side-effects of extra oxygen.

For the experiment, we used a popular brackish water fish known as Green Chromide or Karimeen in Kerala, India. This is the Kerala state fish as of recently. It is farmed extensively in South India.

The species found in our area, does not grow above 4 inches in 30 days. The biggest control specimen we could fish out of the water is shown in the photo below.  It was fed same way as our fish and had far more room per fish in that pond than 20 in our tank.

We put about 20 baby fish in a 55 gallon plastic drum and added an aerator. For 30 days, we gave them 8 hours of PEMF @ 9.6 Hz using a standard EarthPulse™ v5 PEMF device with one coil set at boot amplitude (70%) and fed them as suggested. No additional aqua feed supplement were used by either.

The results below are astonishing. After 30 days, smallest fish larger than this big one from the control group. And he had 32 days of growth, we used 30. Our average fish were all over 4 inches – almost 2x the length and almost 3x the weight!

Our coil’s pulsed electromagnetic field goes through any growing tray or tank. We placed our PEMF coil under our plastic barrel not in it.

As a hindsight, if we grew our fish under better physical conditions,  they may have even been slightly larger. That said, you still can’t find any growing technique that can increase fish size like we did with EarthPulse™ PEMF – atleast 2x their programmed size.

For big fish farms, growing giants is as easy as placing our PEMF coils under your tanks. v5Equine PEMF system has 4 magnets and can be useful for a huge tank or 2-4 small ones, you’ll only need Manual Mode to enhance growth. We also make bigger systems as per your requirement.

Grow Houses can now Grow Giants!

pulsed electromagnetic field grow houses

In above picture, 6 hours 9.6 Hz PEMF made plant to LEFT 2x larger, 3x tomatoes plus more resistant to fungi and bugs.

Below pictures shows the effects for growing giants using our older model PEMF device from back in 2006.

grow giant plants

Seeds and beans are soaked and sprouted under the influence of the EarthPulse™ PEMF growing system and grew far more robust than those sprouted without stimulation. Yield of mung bean sprouts was nearly doubled by weight, while yield of alfalfa sprouts increased by 42%. Taste was also significantly enhanced.

Compared to the recent growing giant fish experiment @ 9.6 Hz PEMF, this experiment used a Recover mode program of the older model. And now after a further decade of research, we’ve learned a lot more about effectively using PEMFs to enhance growth. We’re sure plants growth with 9.6 Hz Pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation can grow into GIANTS never seen in modern times!

Grow Giants with EarthPulse™

Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your aquaculture or mariculture’s requirements to grow giants! We can build to suit for any growing arrangement you have in place.