PEMF therapy for pets and animals of all types. EarthPulse™ PEMF for pets requires no supervision, just set up EarthPulse™ PEMF under dog or cat bed, set the timer for 12 hours and forget it.

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In early 2003 we noticed how EarthPulse™ PEMF attracted our 8-year-old dog Gizmo to wherever the pulsed electromagnetic inductor was placed. At 8 years old, her eye’s had that cloudy older dog look. Regardless of how cloudy her eye’s looked, she was pretty spunky.  After a week or two though she began acting more mischievous and puppy like.  Scroll down to see the video below.

She liked sleeping on our bed so much, every morning when we got up we’d leave it run in bed all day long (the v1 & v2 were analog and would run until switched off) so she could visit it whenever she wanted. After two years, Gizmo got her own system and that analog v2 ran 24/7 on the floor in the bedroom, we had one running in the living room too where she spent more time during the day. In a few years her eye’s were clear. She lived till 2 weeks shy of her 18th birthday. She did not die of natural causes.

Whenever she used her machine, she was sleeping less than 1 inch above a v2 EarthPulse 200 Gauss pulsed electromagnet. So, roughly 100 Gauss PEMF through a good portion of her tiny body at least 12 hours per day. At 2.5Kg, her gauss per Kilogram field density would be comparable to a 175 lbs human sleeping in a 3500 Gauss field. That being said, this author’s shoulder that had been destroyed by 22 dislocations over 16 years (1986 – 2002), healed itself in 3 months using the analog 9.6 Hz v1 / v2 at just .01 Gauss at the surface of his 16 inch mattress in 2002. Hard to believe (even for me).

Gizmo's Eyes at 13 Years Old

5 years of several hours per day sleeping on EarthPulse™ PEMF (Zoom in and you’ll see that the white spot in her right eye is a reflection of the window)

PEMF for Pets – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Cat & Dog Longevity:

See video of Gizmo playing with her food to see the youngest, most fit 16 year old dog on Earth. And, her eyes went from cloudy old age grey at 8 y.o. to nearly jet-black by the time she was 12. You can see how clear her eyes are at 20 seconds and how well her eyes work at 1:40.

AT 16 1/2 y.o. the vet nearly killed her with a steroid-antibiotic combination causing irreparable kidney damage (8 weeks of dialysis). She bounced back looking remarkably young until just 2 weeks shy of her 18th birthday. Her death was a comedy of errors (relating to her kidney function) or she’d have lived well into her 20’s (even though she’d nearly died in 2010). Gizmo was still walking on her hind legs and jumping twice her shoulder height up until that dialysis episode.

PEMF for Pets – Unattended Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields For Pet Recovery:

“My cat was ran over and the vet wanted to amputate her leg due to ‘irreparable nerve damage’. I told the vet not to amputate and let me try some therapies at home. Using Earthpulse and other dietary interventions I managed to rebuild and reconnect her sciatic nerve and have her running after 3 months. All the info I could find online re this type of nerve damage said it would take at least a year to see any noticeable improvement if at all. The vet called it a miracle, I call it ‘Earthpulse’.”

In 2003 while house-sitting for a friend in L.A., her 12-year-old severely arthritic cat was having a hard time walking. It would leave it’s small shelter in the morning, attempted to stretch and then almost fall over, then walk crooked into the kitchen for water.

Somewhere around day 7 staying there and seeing the cat in such poor shape, I decided to see if the EarthPulse™ would help. So, I placed the v.2 electromagnet inductor coil under the it’s 24 in x 18 in (45 cm2) shelter raising it up off the floor a bit to cut the amplitude down (v1/v2 had no modular electromagnet nor amplitude control). I turned on the pulsed electromagnetic field 24/7 (analog v1 & v2 had no timer either). Just 3 days later while having our morning coffee, we were amazed to see the cat exit her house in the morning, do a full stretch and strut into the kitchen like a completely different animal. The cat spent lots of time inside her house during those first days.

Within 7 days the cat was leaping onto the dining room table, it’s former favorite daytime perch. The dining room chairs were purposely pushed all the way under the table so the cat could not use them to gain access to table-top. Its owner was shocked when she returned 2 weeks later and the cat was perched on the table next to the window. She asked us why we put the cat on the table and told her the cat was jumping up there herself. She didn’t believe it until she saw it with her own eyes. Placebo?…Impossible! Experimenter bias? At the time, even I didn’t think it would help that crooked, decrepit old cat.

“Today, seven months later, Sadie walks, runs, and wags a tail she can’t feel” – Carol H.

Just place the EarthPulse™ PEMF inductor under your pet’s bedding where it likes to spend most of the day, set on Recover-Mode or 9.6 Hz and set timer for 12 hours. Simple!  Animals gravitate to EarthPulse™ PEMF. Cats especially love it. Horses love it so much, they’ll lower their heads when they see it coming to accept the controller/battery pack harness. Since the v5 is so powerful, unless it’s a large animal it’s probably best to set amplitude a bit low.

One client with a 12 year old cat that slept in bed with him, said he had to remove the cat toys and carpet covered “tree” from the attic because she was starting to claw the furniture again.  Back in 2004 a sleep Dr with a large 4 year old bull dog with hip-trouble said after 2 weeks of the dog sleeping next to he and his wife, the dog was tearing around the back yard and wasn’t limping at all anymore.

PEMF Sleep Machines for Your Pet?


Your pets can’t buy on their own, but you can.. at just $499, the V7 Pets will be cherished by any small pet lucky enough to own one. Use 🎫 “Gizmo” for $49 off your purchase!

You’ll notice a difference in their energy, mobility and mood during the first week of PEMF for pets. No placebo effect possible! We don’t care if your animal has one foot in the grave. Just set timer for 12 hours at a time in RECOVER-MODE or 9.6 Hz and wait for the magic to start to happen.

Add 5 years or more to the maximum age of any 10 year (or older) pet due to unique anti-aging, recovery and longevity effects of our sleep-machine for pets.

“Dear EarthPulse, Sadie, our four year old Dachshund was paralyzed, and had lumbar spinal surgery. Still, her chance of ever walking again was 50-50. We put EarthPulse under her crate. I knew right away that it was helping her. If the EarthPulse was off she whined til we turned it on, again. Then she could rest, sleep and recuperate. At Sadie’s 2 month re-check the vet said, “I am delighted with her progress. I had planned to give you info on wheels for her rear legs. But, this dog does not need wheels.” Sadie, was hopping around with her back legs, even though she is “paralyzed”. Today, seven months later, Sadie walks, runs, and wags a tail she can’t feel. Thank you EarthPulse!”

“Thanks for asking, yes Meowmi is doing wonderfully well I’m sure she runs faster and has more energy than before her accident and before using EarthPulse, she send’s her gratitude and a big loving Meow to you!” Best Regards, Stu

Equine PEMF for Horse Recovery, Longevity and Performance Enhancement:

We’ve released the world’s first wearable battery operated Equine PEMF system for Equine Performance Enhancement. Whether your animal’s specialty is Jumping, Racing, Endurance or Steeplechase; we’ll guarantee personal records in 90-days or less.

Like all our PEMF devices, the Equine PEMF system can be used all night long (up to 7 hours on fully charged Voltaic battery set to 100% amplitude) even for local recovery issues too, and supervision is never required. Horses love it so much they will lower their head to accept the controller-battery pack when they see it coming.

Provides a unique set of effects that are impossible with any other system in the space, at a fractional cost. And again, NO SUPERVISION REQUIRED.

EarthPulse Equine PEMF therapy machine