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Experience the Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy with the EarthPulse Pulsed Magnetic Sleep Machine!

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or PEMF Therapy, has been used for decades in a variety of medical settings as an integral part of treatment for many medical conditions. People who suffer with chronic illness and pain due to Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Epilepsy, and other illnesses can find decreased severity and relief of symptoms, in addition to increased energy levels that provide an enhanced sense of well being.

Fine Tune Your Mind and Body, and get the deep sleep your body needs – never have trouble getting a good night’s sleep again!

Recommended by Alternative Medicine Magazine since 2005, the effectiveness of the EarthPulse Sleep-On-Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep Machine cannot be denied! This electromagnetic technology is completely unique, offering the most advanced PEMF Therapy

Improve Sleep Naturally with the EarthPulse Sleep-on-Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep Machine. Say Good Bye to Addictive Sedatives and Other Ineffective Sleep Solutions!

When your body is functioning most capably, it can fight illness and prevent disease. In order to function at its greatest potential, it must be able to achieve quality sleep that is uninterrupted for a certain period of time.

Heal during sleep naturally at night with the Best Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device – the EarthPulse Pulsed Magnetic Sleep Machine. Better Sleep Means Better Health!

All energy is electromagnetic in nature. All atoms, chemicals, and cells produce electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Every organ in the body produces its own signature bio electromagnetic field. Science has proven that our bodies actually project their own magnetic fields, and that all 70 trillion cells in the body communicate via electromagnetic frequencies. Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange. Without it, life ceases.


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