Introducing the v8:

We’re now finishing up a few details on the v8 at our final assembly shop. 1st sample is close but some changes are being made. Above is a pic of the changes being made. We’ve decided in light of the World Wide Depression bearing down on us all to simplify EP and cut prices to the bone.


The v8 encapsulates over 20 years of research; while simplifying and reducing the price of all models significantly (despite shipping cost doubling and the cost of materials way up).


Like v3, v7 did not make it to production. v8 contains the best of v6 Modes, improved circuitry, improved case and an improved electromagnet. The inventor never used the cross polarity ring when doing local applications even though in testing and on himself it was superior, he never used it, so it has been dropped on the electromagnet. The sleep-configured electromagnet is now stronger than it was previously and can be used for any use.


In Summer 2002, what would be called the EarthPulse™ was a single-frequency analog (not digital) device permanently set at 9.6 Hz. It was in actuality “close” to 9.6 Hz. As we’ve learned over the last 12 years, decimals matter. Our v2 circa 2003 picture is at Tech Specs pagel via that link or via the Navigation Bar above. Green is ‘9.6 Hz (or close to it).


The inventor has always favored the use of 9.6 Hz. This is a good expose video on 9.6 Hz Inventor did at the start of the ’numerology’ discovered about 9.6 Hz in 2012; some of which is contained in this Why 9.6 Hz? page.


All numerology of 9.6 in Platonic Solids and almost all Sacred Geometry is available in our PDF file Pethagorian & Platonic PEMF we give free for subscribing to our newsletter; Hit the ‘Subscribe’ link on the top Nav bar, far right.


Our inventor at 62, 63 and 64 years old; with 20+ years of nightly use. See what EP does for longevity. Say he’s only had 2 nights of bad sleep in 20+ years and had countless bad stuff happen during that time that would have destroyed anyone else’s sleep; unless they had an EP. Breath Hold his entire life for about 36 seconds; now 2:30 minutes. We tracked Breath Hold for years but have discontinued the feedback form. 20 years of having it shows breath hold will start to rise by 7th day.


In light of the World Wide Depression (Collapse / Disassembling / Deconstruction / Decimation) bearing down on us all, we’ve gone back to our roots of 9.6 Hz and dropped our prices substantially.


When shipping our back orders, appropriate refund will be made soon after at differnance between paid price and our new immediate shipping price increase that will have to be made.


Whoever reserves their PEMF system now, gets it at dicounted price as it has to go up (not sure how much yet).


v8Pet does not have adjustability, while v8Human devices do have setable timer to 12 hours, a 14.4 Hz Wake Up for 30 minutes at end of timer. All v8 systems have upgrades to circuit design and case that the v6 did NOT have.


Since most live on a schedule (use an alarm clock to get up at a certain time to get to work / school most days); the Human models do feature an adjustable timer to 12 hours with a 14.4 Hz wake up feature for 30 minutes at the end of timer setting, to help you wake up BEFORE you wake up. The alarm clock simply brings you to consciousness and your brain is tuned ALERT already.


Our v8Pet is set at 12 hours and outputs 9.6 Hz start to finish, no adjustments. One magnet; Put under the pet’s bed and turn on about 7 pm and forget it. Animals don’t need a wake up function. Two pets?,…buy a 2nd magnet and spitter. Short on cash? Humans can use the Pet version and do without Wake-Up function on Human systems.


In early testing of what would be called the EarthPulse™, Inventor had an On / Off 9.6 Hz only device, that he said put everyone but one person to sleep and worked on all of the nearly 30 people he tested it on.


Most testing was done in the daylight on the couch at their home and everyone, but one person fell asleep. The one that didn’t fall asleep was very sick and very anxious but ambulated better  after the 30minute exposure.


The v8 has the best of what we’ve learned over 20 years. Simpler and less expensive.


We will increase prices when shipping immediate. All people holding an order from the higher prices will be refunded appropriately soon after. Those who reserve a system at this price have their discount built in.

EarthPulse™ v8Pet PEMF Device

This is a new update. 

While copying the v6 and improving into the v7 devices is finished and was the hard part, we fired our shipper as he was obviously lying so we cured that. Then the assembly shop I went to as i worked with him in 2005, evidently succumbed to threats / industrial espionage and declined our previous agreement.

We’re tired of people not doing what they say, our ordinal shop, then the next one, so now the assembly shop is much more under our control. Plastics molds necessary for device enclosure, magnet spool and L shaped tips for cables have been turned over. However long you’ve been waiting for delivery, we promise it’ll be more than worth the wait. Far more.

We appreciate our valid customers and recently invalid buyers have been attacking. When we go same week shipping, in addition to the price increase we’ll be instituting a new step to hopefully foil most of these bad orders when they occurred. You should ask yourself, what is so good that the criminals are attacking it.

v7 is v6, but looks better and we’ve fixed a few issues the original shop never fixed but said they would.

v7 doesn’t just look better than v6. As expected, returns went down further from v5 to v6, to about 3.5% or less from 4%,… for more than a decade prior to that. Now that the bad guys have come out of the shadows, who knows what rate returns will be, other than not accurate any more so we won’t publish it anymore.

Our 90 Day Guarantee is either sleep better than you ever have, perhaps ever or return it for full refund.

v7 is far, far better than v5 or v6 was and a heck of a lot better than v1 / v2.

As published somewhere, “out of about 30 people who tested the v1 in 2002, it never failed once”.

Not an optimal time to change assembly shops and suppliers, but forced to do it, regardless of the timing. With the changes we were forced to make, now we can go multi-generational with “The Best Kept Secret On Earth”.

Over 20 years were invested in making the EarthPulse™ the clear leader, infinitely or by many, many magnitudes depending on how you judge it. Far better from first day in summer 2002; we’ve put a whole lot more distance between us and any PEMF system on Earth.

Though it took over 3 times longer than anticipated, v7 is the best we’ve ever done. Our systems are better than you think they are, that you can be sure of.

Thanks to inflation, we’ll have to raise prices again slightly when we begin shipping new orders same week and shipping our backorder lists.

If strapped for cash like many are these days,…the v7Pet is a full strength mode 9.6 Hz ONLY which has a high probability of success in humans. 9.6 Hz was all we had when tested in 2002. Add a splitter and second magnet and add about 500 gauss to system while dispersing the magnetic field much better than a single magnet, system.

EarthPulse™ v7Pets PEMF Device is the pinnacle of PEMF technology at an affordable price. Compared to any battery operated system, it’s got a 4 – 5 times more powerful pulsed DC square-wave signal rich in harmonics.

Frequency range from 9.6 Hz – 14.4 Hz with a single electromagnet at 1100 Gauss peak. Great for sleep, accelerated recovery, more strength & stamina and enhanced mobility and flexibility.

Does everything our full function v7 does without the frequency stepping programs. Set timer, choose your favorite frequency for Sleep, Recovery or Alertness and press start. Program jumps to 14.4 Hz at end of program to assist wake up when using for sleep.

Choose the Lite $399 with just the Air-core (no metal parts in magnet, coil only) or the full power Basic $499 with 1100 Gauss peak magnetic field intensity.

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