PEMF therapy has been shown to benefit Athletic Performance by allowing faster recovery. EarthPulse interviewed one of it’s early adopters, Giordan Pogioli, USA Swimming National Team Alumni to find out how PEMF therapy helped him.

Giordan, a US Olympics Team Finalist was a full-time athlete and represented USA as a part of the National Swimming Team in numerous national and international competitions during his career as professional athlete between 2004 to 2009.


His accomplishments include:

  • World Championships Silver Medalist
  • U.S. Olympic Trials Finalist
  • World University Games Record-holder

From the following interview with Giordan Pogioli, after 10 years of daily use of his EarthPulse™ v5Pro PEMF Therapy Device, we learn about the life-long benefits of PEMF Therapy for Physical and Mental Performance and indeed for Athletic Training Performance Enhancement.

PEMF therapy is in my daily routine

“I think the Earthpulse can benefit absolutely everyone (even pets), especially those who desire more energy and faster recovery from pain and ailments and those who need a respite from mental stress and seek a more relaxed, peaceful state of mind. Naturally athletes and others who push their bodies (and minds) to an extreme level or those with acute conditions will enjoy the greatest benefits.”

Giordan Pogioli

USA Swimming National Team Alumni

When did you discover EarthPulse PEMF therapy devices and what were your initial expectations?

I discovered the Earthpulse back in 2007 when I was in the middle of hard training and preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games. I was at  the height of my swimming career, had recently graduated university, and was doing some reading and research into advanced biophysics when I came across research about PEMFs (pulsed electromagnetic fields) and healing modalities that utilized this technology. Earthpulse was the only consumer level device I could find that was both affordable and portable. The promise of quickened recovery time from my intense workouts (among other benefits) was more than enough to get me excited to try it.

How did you do after 3 months of use? Describe events if possible.

I noticed immediate improvement in my body’s ability to recover from soreness and fatigue post workout and felt a stark difference in my recovery during sleep when using the device versus not. In fact, when I hadn’t put it on during my workout recovery nap, I would wake up feeling not only groggy but muscularly very sore and lacking energy whereas if it had been on throughout the nap I awoke much less sore and with a certain crispness that gave me an edge to go back to my afternoon workouts and give 100%.

How did you feel after using it for years 1-2?

It’s hard to compare how I felt after 2 years to 3 months in because the device became such a staple in my daily routine that I was never without it. My performance and training merely adapted to the new recovery times.

Do you still use the EarthPulse?

Yes, I use it every night during sleep and when I have specific ailments that need acute treatment.

Overall what were the most notable effects of the EarthPulse?

The most notable effects in my experience are its ability to heal tissue much quicker (be it muscle soreness, joint pain, flesh wounds/bruising, etc.), and boosted energy levels. Also, if you are someone who has any issues sleeping, I have found that sleeping with the Earthpulse PEMF therapy device can enable you to sleep much longer than you might normally be able to, which is great when you need to catch up on sleep and bring your body back to stasis.

Other factors that may be less notable to some (depending on your nervous system and sensitivity to external energies) are the effects on one’s brain state. If you are accustomed to meditation then you will feel a definite balancing of the hemisphere’s that brings a certain calmness and clarity of mind allowing you to go even deeper in your meditations and focus. For those who are less sensitive, you may not “feel” these effects but you will benefit from them nonetheless.

Whom would you recommend the EarthPulse for?

I think the Earthpulse can benefit absolutely everyone (even pets), especially those who desire more energy and faster recovery from pain and ailments and those who need a respite from mental stress and seek a more relaxed, peaceful state of mind. Naturally athletes and others who push their bodies (and minds) to an extreme level or those with acute conditions will enjoy the greatest benefits. I also see the Earthpulse as an amazing permanent replacement for costly supplements that one may be currently using to try to improve one’s health and physical/mental sharpness, saving the user potentially thousands of dollars over the long-term.

Giordan also must have experienced mental performance enhancement, as we can see he is doing great in the business world now as speaker, investment manager and has a successful career in the publishing world. We wish him all the best to attain success in all his current and future endeavors. There is no doubt that PEMF therapy enhances not just athletic performance but also executive performance. It’s a viable therapy for everyone looking to find higher energy  to focus on their work life and at the same time feel mentally and emotionally balanced.

Update: 28th May, 2015

Giordan has shared his full story with his EarthPulse PEMF therapy device!

The backstory:

I started using the EarthPulse PEMF therapy back in 2007 after I had already completed my collegiate swimming career at Purdue as an NCAA All-American, and was entirely focused on training full-time for the 2008 Olympic Trials as well as building an online business to make a living (since swimming doesn’t pay anything unless you are Michael Phelps!).

I started using the device as a general recovery aid under my mattress while napping between workouts, and also used it locally on particularly sore muscle areas to expedite the focused healing of the tissue or joint I was experiencing the most pain with from day to day.

It would have been great if the early Earthpulse models allowed for two magnets at once, but unfortunately I was limited to just one , and in spite of using just one magnet I was able to get incredible results. I used to having to decide whether to place the magnet under the mattress near my chest to give preferential healing treatment to my upper body or to move it down near my thighs to target the thick dense leg muscles that can take a while for soreness to dissipate after intense workouts (sometimes many days).

I could always tell when the magnet was working or not (way beyond any possible placebo effect), because the early models had issues with the connection to the power supply being loose causing the unit to turn off if the cord had jostled the unit a bit. Sometimes this would happen while I was napping and I would wake up not feeling nearly as refreshed and muscularly recovered as I was used to, noticing the sluggishness immediately upon awakening, only to lean over my mattress to look down at the EarthPulse PEMF therapy device to realize that it was not even ON! Naturally it would be frustrating when that would happen, but this only proved to me even more the power of this device. Needless to say, as soon I approach customer service, the issue was resolved immediately. Their latest v5.3 PEMF systems are very high quality and can be the single most valuable tool in your arsenal as you will see why.

The Injury:

Nearly 3 months out from the biggest competition of my athletic career (the Olympic Trials), I was in the middle of the heaviest training weeks of my life. Just days before I was set to attend a two week period of very intense altitude training at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs where I was joining other top US National Team Olympians like World Record-Holders Aaron Piersol, Ian Crocker, and Brendan Hansen, I took a weekend off to visit family and friends in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day. Well that weekend off turned into a disaster when I was blindly tackled by a very sizable guy at a house party who meant me no harm but was perhaps celebrating a little too hard. Unfortunately for me, despite my incredible flexibility, the angle that I was tackled at caused my foot to be planted awkwardly and my leg to twist and collapse underneath the weight of both myself and this other guy who was likely about 260 lbs. The moment we both crashed to the floor, everyone in the room could hear the loud pop that came from my left knee as I yelled out in excruciating pain. It didn’t take long for my knee to swell up to the size of a small seedless watermelon.

Walking onto the pool deck that following Monday morning on crutches, I thought my coach was going to have a heart attack when he saw me. I had never seen him so pissed off before until then. Arriving at the Olympic Training Center just days later, I saw the Olympic Team Orthopedic Specialist who confirmed my worst fears… that I had in fact torn not just one, but three ligaments (ACL, MCL, PCL), and my medial meniscus, as well as spraining the knee capsule. This kind of injury was about the worst thing that could have happened to any swimmer, but being a breaststroker whose strength and success relies heavily upon the ability to perform serious flexion of the knee, stretching the medial knee component (the exact site of the injury) more than any other movement in swimming (or any other sport for that matter), this was a perfect storm of bad luck, or whatever you want to call it.

Despite being quite obviously devastated myself, especially considering I had been so careful to stay away from any serious injuries throughout my entire career, I remained undeterred because I had no time to waste sulking. I had to take decisive action, and I had a feeling that if anything was going to help me get out of that mess and climb my way back to a meaningful recovery in time to compete in 3 months, it wasn’t going to be invasive surgery. It was going to be the EarthPulse. It HAD to be the EarthPulse PEMF therapy device. And I was going to give all the energy and focus I had to implementing the fastest recovery possible while still maintaining my training regimen (despite not being able to walk or even kick in the water).

The Recovery:

I immediately began using the magnet (with the outer ring attachment for local application on my knee) every hour of the day and night that I wasn’t in the water training. This naturally became quite cumbersome, because I had to be seated or laying down the whole time during treatment so that it could remain plugged into the wall, but that’s what I had to do to give myself a fighting chance. There was some encouragement though while at the OTC, despite not being able to muster a real kick, I was forcing myself through the pain to get my legs through 50% of the motion and I was kicking the butts of nearly all the other Olympians on a number of the pulling sets too. So I figured that my strength and conditioning are right where they need to be, if I could just get the swelling down and flexibility back in my knee then I might still have a chance to make the Olympic team.

Over the following couple months, the treatment was progressing quite quickly. The swelling did manage to come down to almost normal levels and my range of motion returned to about 85%. The pain was still there though, which could be expected given the fact that I never got the tears reattached or repaired, and considering I was merely stressing them the whole time they were supposed to be recovering since I needed to have my legs ready to compete. But the most important thing was that my strength and flexibility were returning and I was starting to move in the water the way that I was supposed to. I wasn’t perfect, and sure I was having new issues creep up too, like pains in my right hamstring as a result of my opposing leg having to overcompensate for the bad left leg over the previous 3 months, but that was pain I could manage. This recovery was REMARKABLE! Most people could take a year or more, even with surgery, just to recover to the level of feeling like a somewhat normal human again after an injury like mine, but here I was putting my body and my injury through constant stress and recovering fast enough to now be in a position to actually compete on the biggest athletic stage in the world! This meant that I would be able to stand up on those blocks in front of 18,000 spectators, dozens of cameramen, flashing lights, and a giant jumbo-tron and give it my all – whatever I had left in me – for the biggest, and perhaps the LAST race of my 20+ year swimming career! And it wasn’t Western Medicine that made that reality happen… it wasn’t PT… there wasn’t an electric STIM back then… or the ice and compression… nor a myriad of supplements. It was just me, my mental game, and my trusty EarthPulse that gave me my dream back.”

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