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In early December 2014 two emails from two separate clients crossed the author’s desk regarding the healing effect of 432 Hz. That experience led him on an unexpected journey into healing tones. The predominant ones being 432 Hz and 528 Hz. He was shocked to find some very peculiar relationships between these tones and 9.6 Hz harmonics (and sub-harmonics).

The short story is that our original EarthPulse™ frequency of 9.6 Hz square-wave creates harmonics at precisely 432 Hz & 528 Hz. What are the odds of that?  It confirmed author’s suspicion that he stumbled upon a very peculiar natural law when hearing Bob Beck discuss an experiment he did as a young man.

Bob Beck inquisitively drove a metal stake 20 feet into the ground, attached it to an amplifier and ran it through a frequency counter.  Beck discovered the terrestrial magnetic field had a resonance that was separate and apart from Schumann resonance. It was 9.6 Hz.

Since choosing 9.6 Hz as our primary frequency and not 10 Hz back in 2002 it’s harmonics may just hold the key to why EarthPulse™ has always worked as well as it does. Most or our programs spend at least some time on 9.6 Hz. However, the new v5 Manual-Mode setting allows locking the frequency on exactly 9.6 Hz for up to 12 hours (or at one of its lower harmonics 2.4 Hz, 3.2 Hz or 4.8 Hz for excellent sleep settings where 9.6 Hz is too high for user).

The article linked below describes a 1938 conspiracy between the Rockefeller Foundation and others to re-tune / de-tune music to 440 Hz and away from it’s spiritual origins (historically tuned to 432 Hz) so as to remove music’s nurturing healing effects. EarthPulse™ harmonics provide the only practical way to expose body to both frequencies at the same time.

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Musical Cult Control: The Rockefeller Foundation’s War On Consciousness Through the Imposition of A-note = 440 Hz Standard Tuning

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The Magic of 9.6 Hz: Numerological Data

pulsed electromagnetic field therapyBoth 432 Hz 528 Hz are healing tones have been written about quite a lot lately. Information on 432 Hz 528 Hz are related to tuning fork tones, musical notes and as well as vocal and chanting. The information taken as a whole suggests some spiritual and physical benefits. For the rest of the spectacular numerological alignment of 9.6 Hz with 432 Hz, 528 Hz, terrestrial measurements and sacred geometry; please subscribe to our BioElectricity News Digest.

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