E-Stim Electric Stimulator Reviews by Fitness Experts and Strongmen

EarthPulse™ E-Stim – Electric Stimulation Machine

Electric Stimulation the way it should be done. This is NOT a TENS machine. Listen to the short interview excerpts of professionals here if you have any doubts that the Earthpulse™ E-Stim is an electric stimulation machine that’s designed and administered in a way that’s better than other electric stimulation units out there today.

It is the only Electrical Stimulation machine strong enough for shoulder, hip, or knee and with an AC/DC switch allowing you to not only use AC (like Beck but stronger), but also DC (like Becker microcurrent). Puts the electric stimulation whether AC or DC strong enough or weak enough, where it is needed specially well in cases of eyes, scarring, bad joints, bike spills, dog bites or gun shot wounds.

It is not commercially available through EarthPulse™ magnetic stimulation due to us wanting to stay in non-contact magnetic space.

Make your own with a Bob Beck silver pulser schematic and the E Stim’s electrical signal output parameters which is 9.6 Hz Sqare Wave, a volume switch that delivers up to 5 milliamps electricity to each pad and a switch that allows user to apply AC or  DC electrical current to those pads.

The World’s Strongest Electric Stimulation Machine Featuring 9.6 Hz Squarewave, 4 pads and an AC/DC setting.

The E-Stim Electrical Stimulation machine by Earthpulse™  is designed with two outputs so you can surround your issue.  It’s 9.6 Hz and there is nothing you can do to adjust it.

It’s applications and uses are way beyond any electric muscle stimulator or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit out there. There is a lot of TENS out there and this is not a TENS machine.

It is the only Electrical Stimulation unit strong enough for shoulder, hip, or knee with a DC switch allowing you to not only use AC (like Beck but stronger) but also DC (like Becker microcurrent). There is no other DC Stim in the market today.

Puts the stimulation strong enough where it is needed especially good in cases of bike spills, dog bites or gun shot wounds.

In AC MODE, it does everything the Beck stimulator does but the E-Stim is designed with an AC/DC switch. So user can go DC toward end to heal.

In DC mode, you can do vision restoration and/or tissue regeneration.

The inventor Paul Becker’s friend used the EarthPulse extensively. But it wasn’t until E-Stim Electrical Stimulation use that his old arm injury really responded. Now you can barely see where the injury was. And his mobility with that arm is almost so good that he doesn’t use the electrical stimulation therapy any longer, you can’t see where the injury used to be. Put the contacts above and below the injury and switch on. And leave it on as long as you can take it. An hour or you can leave it all night at lower amplitude. Up to you.

The E-Stim is much stronger than Beck’s. Where the Beck would get lost in the shoulder (or elbow or hip) the E-Stim uses plenty of power.

EarthPulse™ makes the best equipment there is. E-stim is the best electrical stimulation machine there is period. It’s the most powerful electric stimulation there is to get into larger areas and the only one with your choice of AC to kill or DC to build, is up to you. Research the Bob Beck protocol first and then see what’s available.

While a battery like Beck may work on small areas, a plug in is the the only choice for large ones. We know from trying to use the Bob Beck protocol on larger areas that it is simply too weak to work on large areas.

With a plug in, you can rid yourself of even the most stubborn stuff on knees, hips, and elbows where electric current from a battery can get lost. It is our recollection that Bob Beck chose 4 Hz for his AC stimulator due to beta/theta frequency effect, but we found 9.6 Hz AC to be just as effective.

It is the AC current that kills organisms that shouldn’t be there. Use DC when AC ceases to work and in our experience that will happen when the infection is gone and you want the body to regenerate.

The E-Stim is the “poor man’s strong magnetic stimulator” as the right magnetic stimulator costs 10 or 20 thousand U.S. dollars for a strong enough Magnetic Stimulator to induce enough current to kill off organisms. Even those can’t stimulate with AC current.

E-Stim goes right to the source of your problem, our power supply works regardless if needing 110v or 220v, 50 / 60 Hz depending on where you live in the world; and comes with all the major adapters necessary for anywhere you happen to live.

It is guaranteed to work for you fast and thus the 30 day return guarantee. We warranty it for a full year like the rest of the EP merchandise. We make no claims other than it’ll work for you or return it.

Your skin may become red where the contact points are (itchy, dry). In all our testing, we never experienced any other symptoms.  Always good to rest the area for 24 hours between sessions to allow body to do its thing.

Whether the application is electrical nerve stimulation, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, microcurrents or getting rid of infections and cellular regeneration, the EarthPulse E-Stim is an all purpose electrical stimulation machine that will deliver benefits for years to come.

Further information about purchase, shipping and delivery of EarthPulse electrical stimulation machines is provided on our  distribution website linked to the add to cart button above. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or visit our distributor’s FAQs. The E-Stim is no longer available for purchase.