Equine performance enhancement with ergogenic – anabolic – adaptogenic nighttime Equine PEMF. EarthPulse ™ Equine PEMF is the world’s only equine performance enhancement, recovery and longevity system for Equine Athletes and their riders. This is the secret weapon you’ve been searching for.

PEMF for Equine performance enhancement in polo ponies

EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF provides tireless acceleration and top speed, while enhancing mental communication between horse and rider. We guarantee 1 second per mile faster in sprints and/or inches of vertical jump height in 30 days or less. 

EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF is the most powerful equine performance enhancement weapon you’re going to find in this lifetime. Horses love EarthPulse™ so much they’ll lower their head to “accept” the transport pack when they see it coming. EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF will make your equine athletes more resilient and less likely to break down. Performing at it’s peak a lot longer too.

Covert and untestable, EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF is the ultimate equine performance enhancement weapon in the fight for happier, smarter, faster, tireless, higher jumping, healthier equine athletes.

EarthPulse Equine PEMF vs. Other types of Equine PEMF:

EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF outperforms expensive, very powerful, labor intensive (supervision required) equine PEMF systems. EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF systems are used throughout the nighttime to relax and reinforce a healthy, predator-free circadian rhythm. We have identified the exact frequency, wave-form, amplitude AND length of exposure required to make your horse perform like it’s got a third lung.

Standard Blanket configuration: with cross-stitched male velcro to accept controller / battery holster and 4 magnet pouches’ (female velcro backing). The EarthPulse™ PEMF v5Equine system ships standard with all accessories required (including sticky back velcro patches), a short battery to controller battery cable, two 2-meter long extension cables so both rear coils can reach hoofs for local-recovery use. It does NOT include the Voltaic Battery sold separately; or the cross stitching of velcro patches to your blanket.

If your barn or stable area is within 100M of a cell phone tower or your barn is equipped with a “smart” wireless utility meter, the EarthPulse™ will help guard against circadian disruption and other harmful effects of constant RF exposure like sticky-blood.

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Sweet dream’s Beautiful…

EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF is a relatively powerful square-wave PEMF system with up to 3000 total Gauss (4 coils x up to 750 Gauss set at 100% amplitude – one at each quarter of the horse). We find setting amplitude at 75% and using the light air-core coils are more than adequate for equine performance enhancement when used every night, all night. You can save the high-amplitude configuration for local recovery from noticeable trauma. All-in, you’re talking about a system that saves man-hours, horses adore, and outperforms other Equine PEMF systems,…all at about 1/10th the price or less than other types of Equine PEMF system.

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EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF is a battery powered PEMF system that requires NO supervision!…and is used nightly in the stall from 6 – 8 hours to enhance recovery and enhance equine performance. When trauma is present, two coils are applied to the area simultaneously for the entire battery run time (about 8 hours). Outperforms any large, expensive Equine PEMF system on a day-to-day basis because the frequency is correct and the application times are far longer. Horses love it and EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF needs no supervision.

Regular nighttime use of our wearable “hands-off” PEMF system results in equine performance enhancement exceeding that of banned or illegal substances. Gain at least 1 second per mile during sprints or inches in vertical jump height or your money back, and it’s actually good for your horse. There’s nothing on Earth like EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF!

In 2002 we discovered a covert yet legal method of improving oxygen metabolism and lowering oxidative stress in mammals. Nighttime – long duration – infrasonic PEMF. After two weeks of unattended in-stall nighttime exposure, your horses will run like they’ve got a third lung. Our system is used during the nighttime when physiological repair mechanisms are most active. Battery operated – No monitoring necessary. Not only well tolerated – but loved by animals of all types. Especially horses.

You’ll see amazing changes in temperament, overall health and physiological resiliency to intense athletic output. Our Equine system is powered by this Voltaic battery (sold separately direct from the manufacturer). Set it for 10 hours when bedding horse down for the night. Local application should be done daytime so magnet position can be checked intermittently. See the Recovery section below.

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The PEMF Research link in top navigation bar contains the largest pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) research bibliography on the web; more than a thousand peer reviewed PEMF/rTMS studies organized alphabetically by disorder, providing compelling evidence that frequency specific pulsed electromagnetic fields are the most effective and cost efficient option to accelerate and enhance natural healing in a wide range of human and veterinary disorders, including combating body’s natural aging process by providing MoreATP to body systems.

Properly designed pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF / rTMS) systems do NOT treat individual medical conditions. Rather, they improve body’s ability to generate cellular energy (ATP – the fuel that fires all cellular processes), thereby optimizing body’s natural ability to improve oxygenation while simultaneously lowering oxidative stress, reducing inflammation, and subsequently tissue healing itself at greatly accelerated rates.

Most equine systems are big, bulky, expensive, require constant supervision and frequencies are far too high. Those suitcase sized systems are far more powerful, but their effects can’t touch what EarthPulse™ can do overnight with no supervision.

Other equine PEMF systems concentrate on healing. None of them are going to make your horse faster or jump higher. Used locally as shown below for a few hours during the day when necessary, recharged and then used for general nighttime application one magnet per quarter will provide the fastest recovery you’ve ever seen. Guaranteed.

The late Tom Ivers – The Racehorse Owner’s Survival Manual and The Fit Racehorse I & II loved the EarthPulse™. After one hour of the relatively weak analog v.2 set at 9.6 Hz he reported “I’ve never seen anything get rid of inflammation in a buck-shin this fast”. He sent thermography photo’s but they were lost in a hard-drive crash shortly before Tom’s cancer took him.

Two magnets set at right angles work synergistically to give you more than double the effect over a much larger area. It’s a longevity tool that will protect your investment and give you maximum monetary return. Epigenetic effect will breed super-athletes over two or three generations.

EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF Accelerates Local Recovery:

EarthPulse PEMF therapy machine for horse

EarthPulse™ is the worlds only Equine pulsed electromagnetic system that is small & portable. It may look like a toy compared to other Equine PEMF systems but it’s more powerful than all but the expensive suitcase sized systems. About 3000 total gauss (750 peak gauss x 4 magnets). The cumulative effects of these long-duration, nighttime applications surpass any and all of the other Equine pulsed electromagnetic devices. We’ll show you unparalleled recovery and a better, more cool-headed athlete in a few short weeks.

EarthPulse™ Equine PEMF for unattended long duration local recovery at up to 4 locations simultaneously during the day.

EarthPulse™ creates the perfect environment (your horse’s stall) to allow the body to heal itself naturally; at night where it is known most hormone production and repair occur. Other systems employing PEMF don’t concentrate on the endocrine cascades that occur during nighttime; all of them cost a lot more money, all but one other system require mains power and constant supervision. None of them “tune” the mitochondria for enhanced oxygen metabolism. Tuning oxygen metabolism allows huge gains in wind-under load (VO2 Max) and unparalleled gains in muscular strength and stamina.

The Key 10 Hz mitochondrial bibliography supports our position that 10 Hz is the key therapeutic frequency to be used for short and long term recovery, performance enhancement and longevity.

Equine Performance Enhancement PEMF QuickStart:

Slip fully charged batter and controller into transport pack. Once the blanket is in place on your horse, apply the sticky-backed male Velcro patches to front of shoulders and top of hips (requires cross stitching for permanence) fix the cables down the spine of the blanket with included synch-ties either through mesh or by poking small holes with hole punch. Hang the transport kit around the neck and plug the magnet cables into the controller. Turn it on (it boots to 9.6 Hz) 8 hours and let it work it’s magic.

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Self-supporting wearable Equine PEMF system rely’s on blanket, cable ties and industrial strength velcro for placing magnets. Cross stitching velcro on blanket required for permanence.

In the morning, unplug the magnet cables from the controller, roll up the blanket and move the transport pack (holding controller and battery) into the stable office for recharging. By numbering the transport packs and their corresponding chargers to each stall, a trainer can easily keep a large number of systems inventoried and organized with just a quick eyeball of the charging station.

9.6 Hz PEMF for Equine Performance Enhancement – Ergogenic & Epigenetic Effects:

I was introduced to electromedicine through a lecture in Las Vegas by a researcher in his 70’s named Bob Beck. During a taped interview in 1998 I heard him describe an experiment he did in the 1950’s or 60’s after he’d become interested in Schumann waves.

In an effort to see if the terrestrial Earth had a frequency that was similar to – or different than Schumann, Bob Beck drove metal rods 20 feet into the ground, hooked them up to an amplifier and then through an oscilloscope. He discovered the Earth did have a resonating frequency and it was 9.6 Hz. We’ve used a square wave pulsed DC PEMF signal since inception which creates harmonics at multiples of that frequency.

Now close to 20 years after hearing the taped interview of Bob matter-of-fact description of that experiment, I’ve come to discover that 432 Hz and 528 Hz are knock-on harmonics of 9.6 Hz. What are the odds of that? See Why 9.6 Hz for the remarkable synchronicity between 9.6 Hz and sacred geometry, terrestrial measurements and traditional healing tones.

MoreATP: The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging in Reverse explains why our EarthPulse™ system is clearly the most convenient & efficient choice when applying pulsed electromagnetic fields for any specific purpose. Human or Veterinary. EarthPulse™ promotes better temperament through the well established process of Entrainment, allowing you to apply PEMF for longer duration (all night) providing psychological benefit as well as increased strength, stamina and wind-under-load (aka VO2 Max).

EarthPulse™ entire frequency range is in the infrasonic (<15 Hz) Schumann wave range to promote rest, recovery and incredible sports performance enhancement while reversing the aging process. Dozens of animal studies show that 15 Hz causes negative behavioral modification and 20 Hz and greater causes stress hormone production. Every other system in our field utilizes frequencies above 20 Hz. Not good for psychological well being, temperament or healing (in humans or animals). The infrasonic range is where Soviet Russian era scientists got best results on all tissues.

Our results are extraordinary and EarthPulse™ is sold with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re equine athlete doesn’t shave off 1 second per mile on sprints, add inches in vertical jump height or be able to run harder – longer during endurance races…please return it for full refund.

Pure-organic ATP according to biological paradigm on planet Earth in both plants and animals. MoreATP!!!

PEMF Effects For Equine Riders & Jockeys:

If you’re Jockey or Rider, EarthPulse™ provides far better sleep and legal, yet covert athletic performance enhancement without the health and legislative risks associated with Steroids, EPO blood doping and other banned substances.

EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic fields make steroids, EPO, HGH and Hypoxic / altitude training OBSOLETE. You can’t get ergogenic effects this big any other legal (or illegal) way. Or deeper more restful sleep, even while traveling. Sleep across the bench seat of a truck better than you do in your own bed. EarthPulse™ won’t add an ounce of bulk. Most will drop a pound or two due to loss of junk food cravings. Strength to weight ratio and stamina SOAR; as does wind-under-load.

The Sleep on Command™ pulsed electromagnetic Sleep-Machine provides convenient nighttime exposure of 8 hours or more; providing the deepest sleep you’ve had in DECADES, without interfering one little-bit to your already busy day time schedule.

Due to our frequency specific, near earth amplitude pulsed DC magnetic field at night, you reap an entire spectrum of effects rivaling steroids and other banned or controlled substances just by going to bed and remembering to turn it on. The v.5Pro for humans is so small it will fit in a woman’s handbag or your business briefcase.

Sleeping in the Sleep on Command™ very-weak pulsed electromagnetic field (just 1/10 – 4 Gauss at your mattress surface depending on thickness) results in deeper more recuperative sleep; as well as a number of remarkable effects including improved flexibility, improved energy, enhanced mental focus, improved hand/eye motor skills, faster reaction time and substantially improved strength and stamina.

Our patented SLEEP-MODE programs even help you wake in the morning by stepping-up to ALERT-MODE prior to shut down. Place next to body part on top of bed (or strap directly on with ace bandage) for long term all night amplified recovery when injured. (see our client email reviews)

If you’re athletic (or not) the EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic system raises saturated blood oxygen (SAO2) by 2-5% (where depressed) in just a few days; will enhance your strength by up to 20%; your endurance by up to 40% within a few short weeks. 10% strength and 20% stamina increases are routine within 7-10 days. You will be able to hold your breath at rest for 5-10% longer after the first night or two (check client feedback forms to see some of the phenomenal breath hold data averaging 40-60% in 90-days!). Your hand/eye motor synchronization will be considerably improved.

If your a a serious competitor, EarthPulse™ will help you set personal records in a few short weeks. Unlike hyperbaric O2, hypoxic and altitude training, enhanced SAO2 effects last for a week without nighttime exposure.

EarthPulse™ works by “tuning” mitochondria; body heals itself,…naturally. 1 Second less per-mile or several Inches in jump height GUARANTEED by your equine athlete in 90-Days or less, or return it.

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