Research on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Osteoporosis shows, PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy enhances bone matrix density and promotes bone and cartilage regeneration. PERIOD…end of story. Studies that fail we like to call “red-herrings”. That is a study designed to fail either due to frequency, wave-form, amplitude, and/or time duration.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Therapy for Osteoporosis - PEMF Osteoporosis Research Database

Bone healing (delayed union) was PEMF‘s first FDA approval (depression its second FDA approval until more recent approvals of *pulsed” radio frequency patches for post operative pain and edema).

Pulsed electromagnetic fields have been in widespread use in Eastern Europe since the 1970’s. We believe peer reviewed studies make a convincing argument that pulsed radio frequency causes detrimental cellular defects, regardless of what they may do for inflammation and pain.

Use of radio frequency therapeutically makes no sense from a holistic point of view. Particularly since infrasonic (less than 20 Hz) pulsed electromagnetic fields have been proven in peer-reviewed literature to perform as well as they do for both inflammation and pain. The goal after all is to speed inflammation not stop it. PEMF speeds it. Not sure what the mechanism of action is for pulsed RF on inflammation. The pain response is due to destroying the nerve tissue locally. No problem though, it’s FDA approved. 😐

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research has proven beyond any reasonable doubt, that pulsed magnetic therapy for osteoporosis is both safe and effective. When PEMF is combined with a good nutritional program including Jarrows Bone-Up Hydroxyapatite Calcium (includes Boron), Strontium and a good joint formula like GLC 2000 the effects on bone density and joint health will AMAZE you. It won’t take weeks or months while wondering whether the supplements you’re taking are working or not. Combined with good nutritional supplementation you’ll get far better results than anything contained in the literature.

EarthPulse™ under your mattress at night to improve sleep or at your desk chair in Alert-Mode while taking double-dosage of high quality supplements listed above will synergistically result in significantly less discomfort and gain you several % in bone density in 6 months guaranteed or your money back.

Just email us two bone density tests (the second one 6 months after delivery of your EP), and receipt for 6 months supply of your Jarrow Bone Up Hydroxiapatite Calcium. If the two bone density tests show less than 2% increase in bone density after 6 months, we’ll accept back your device and refund your money, no questions asked. We’ve not had one refund with this arrangement in 14 years.

Far more density that you can get from supplementation alone or with pharmacological interventions. Pulsed magnetic therapy for osteoporosis will not result in remarkable bone density gain without a good form of calcium in the diet. That being said however PEMF by itself appears generally able to arrest loss of bone density without supplementation. It works for the various Space Agencies around the world arresting bone and muscle loss in zero gravity.

We believe PEMF provides “artificial” piezo-like electric signals to the bone. Additionally, EarthPulse™ PEMF turbo-charges mitochondria in all the tissues, the bone tissue doesn’t have a choice but to do anything but increase density provided the levels of Calcium are available in the system.

While increased bone density was one of the first discovered effects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, it happens to be one of the least researched fields. Seems like it’s accepted and researchers have moved on. Why no one seeks or has been able to get FDA approval is part of the BigPharmaboondoggle. More than enough older evidence in the literature for an inquiring mind to make an educated decision that PEMF is safe and does indeed work.

EarthPulse™ PEMF devices are modeled after Eastern Europe’s most effective and well tested PEMF frequencies and wave-forms, in a very adaptable and portable system that is primarily designed for nighttime use. If your self-research in any area fails to exceed your expectations in 90 days, just return it for a full refund (less your shipping charges).

Bibliographical information is offered for educational purposes only and definitely not as promotional material for our novel pulsed electromagnetic field technology.


Magnetic Therapy Osteoporosis Using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field PEMF Research Bibliography

To read the abstracts copy and paste the title of the study into Pubmed search.

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[Article in Chinese]
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The effects of the pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) of different intensity on bone mineral density (BMD) and biomechanical properties of rabbits’ femur had been studied. Compared with control group, the values of BMD, maximum load and structural rigidity of magnetic group were significantly increased (P < 0.05).
In addition, there was significant increase in values of BMD and structural rigidity in group 10 x 10(-4) T in comparison with group 20 x 10(-4) T (P< 0.05). PEMFs is effective in improving BMD and biomechanical properties. It is  favorable to the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

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This paper presents preliminary results on the effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the therapy of post menopausal osteoporosis in female rats.  Treatment lasting one hour per day for 4 months showed that the pulsed EMF are able to slow down or stop bone mass loss.

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20 subjects were exposed to PEMF 10 h daily for a period of 12 weeks. Bone  mineral densities of the treated radii measured increased significantly in the immediate area of the field during the exposure period. A similar but weaker
response occurred in the opposite arm, suggesting a “cross-talk” effect on the  nontreated radii, from either possible arm proximity during sleep or very weak  general field effects. The data suggest that properly applied PEMFs, if scaled for  whole-body use, may have clinical application in the prevention and treatment  of osteoporosis.

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Using an animal model, we examined the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields, induced at a physiological frequency and intensity, to prevent the osteoporosis that is concomitant with disuse.  The data suggests that short daily periods of exposure to appropriate electromagnetic fields can beneficially influence the behavior of the cell populations responsible for bone-remodeling in the absence of mechanical loading.

J UOEH. 1988 Mar 1;10(1):31-45.
The effect of long-term pulsing electromagnetic field stimulation on experimental osteoporosis of rats.
Mishima S1.
Author information
The author performed experiments in order to investigate what biological effect on the bone would be produced by long-term pulsing electromagnetic field (PEMF) systemic stimulation. In some of the mature female rats used as experimental animals, bilateral ovariectomy and right sciatic neurectomy were performed in order to make a model osteoporosis. PEMF stimulation was produced by repetitive pulse burst (RPB) waves at a positive amplitude of 25 mV, negative amplitude of 62.5 mV, burst width of 4.2 ms, pulse width of 230 microseconds and 12 Hz, with the magnetic field strength within a cage being set at 3-10 Gauss. PEMF stimulation over 6 months did not produce any effects on the physiologically aged bones. PEMF stimulation also did not produce any effects on losed cortical bone in osteoporotic hindlegs. On the other hand, an increase of bone volume and bone formation activity was observed in the cancellous bone of osteoporotic hindlegs. These findings suggested that PEMF stimulation exerted a preventive effect against bone loss of osteoporotic hindlegs. Furthermore, an observed increase in bone marrow blood flow seemed to be related with this increase of bone volume and bone formation activity.

End Osteoporosis and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Bibliography