In America, trans human movements and politicians such as the transhumanist candidate, a former US presidential candidate, Zoltan Istvan, are working hard for a Utopian society. The transhumanist movement declares Life extension, AI and Blockchain technologies to have the potential of enhancing and improving the human experience. It’s pertinent that the transhuman agenda include technologies such as PEMF and Electrical Stimulation alongside technologies that are based on nanotechnology & implants to ensure that biohacking solutions remain at a human level.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) & Electrical Stimulation (ES) methods by EarthPulse, enhance human brain and body performance – GUARANTEED.  No body modification necessary.

PEMf therapy and Electrical Stimulation for Transhuman Super human performance transhuman

AI & Robotics based Transumanism isn’t going to slow down your aging, We discovered that PEMF is the answer. Frequency-specific Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) enhance the body’s natural tendency to regenerate, slow mitochondrial ageing and improve sleep, effortlessly, using our simple 0.1 Hz to 14.4 Hz PEMF devices.

While you’re trying to get a 5% increase out of the supplements and stuff you do to get it, EarthPulse™ get’s you 20%. Go ahead and test it; return it in 90 days if it isn’t what we said and then you can go back to your methods to get your 5% on whatever you choose to waste your money on.

When it comes to developing speed and power by optimizing the nervous system, nothing comes close to what the EarthPulse Pro PEMF device can do. It’s the best way to enhance neural and physical adaptation. With enhanced mental acuity and motor skills, you will find yourself beating your peak within days.

If you’re into Plyometric Training or any competitive sport, our Electrical Stimulation machine will prove its worth within a single session. It’s a great way to transhumanize yourself for power and speed. Electrical Stimulation also reduces recovery time considerably by reducing the lactic acid formation due to enhanced cellular function.

Sports nutritionists and transhuman activists alike will love these pieces of futuristic technology and it’s proven itself for nearly two decades. if you look at our PEMF reviews. It’s the best way to enhance nervous system function to go beyond the best nutrition plan you currently use. You cannot get these gains any other way. Self-help at it’s best. It relies on no one else but you.

The EarthPulse™ Athletic Performance Enhancement Guarantee: our EarthPulse™ ergogenic PEMF system will increase your peak strength by 10% & stamina by 20% within just 7 – 10 days. Peak strength measured by increase in resistance in 1-3 rep set. Stamina measured by added reps to previous 8-10 rep resistance level. Earthpulse™ PEMF will increase your VO2 Max by 1% in 7-10 days, up to 3% by the end of 90 days or your money back. It’s the ultimate solution to smart power development. See what it feels like to increase the cadence, training speed and pay attention to that component of the nervous system that a lot of people neglect when they train.

If you’re an astronaut, you would know that Astronauts don’t go to space without PEMF. It’s impossible to survive without the magnetic field of the Earth. Our systems are designed to enhance the low-low natural earth pulsed magnetic fields that life evolved on. As geo-engineering advances and space colonization begins, there is no question that future transhumanity in space will need a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field enabled environment to survive and thrive in space and on other planets. The reason this matters even more NOW, is the EMF pollution problem. With adequate PEMF, your cells can build immunity to a great extent. Our magnetic fields are tuned to very low natural earth frequencies below 14.4 Hz, the EarthPulse helps build immunity and is the best PEMF gear suitable for electrosensitives. as our systems are the lowest EMF available.

If you’re a member of the U.S Transhumanist Party, EarthPulse PEMF is what you’ve been looking for. Please contact us and support our mission by generating awareness regarding our true Life-extension PEMF devices. Let us distribute life-extension and ageless strength to everyone!

“Who wants to live forever” – Freddy Mercury

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Our sleep machines have helped nearly fifteen-thousand clients sleep better since 2002. Feel and perform a decade or two younger in 90-days or your money-back.