Update 21-Feb, 2019: We went to 5.3 with the emf absorbing magnet cables. v5 was the device. 5.1 was the wake up buffer addition (that rubber coating on controller we didn’t change the model number just introduced it without my knowlege); the v5.2 was the new low emf power supply and the v5.3 is the current model with emf absorbing cables to the magnets just so you know what i know.   

EarthPulse™ is pleased to release the newest version of its PEMF therapy devices that minimize EMF / RF.

With new power supply and magnet cables, expect minimized EMF / RF emissions and an improved, less distracting PEMF therapy experience.

Our commitment to ensure utmost customer satisfaction and effectiveness of our PEMF devices for sleep and recovery drove us to innovate our systems’ power supply & magnet cables to be fully shielded. Electro-sensitives can now use our devices like everyone else.

This upgrade has been released after rigorous testing and is mainly to improve the effectiveness of our PEMF devices by ensuring minimal EMF leakage.

The new power supply cleans electricity (NO power strips) going to device of electrical or radio frequency. It includes interchangeable wall pins, so you can now travel the world with it and need no adapters. It also puts out near zero (1/2 Gauss) EMF, even your laptop charger puts out 4 Gauss.

New v5.2 magnet cables absorb any EMF generated by the device itself. It used to go all the way from power source to magnet with no cleansing. Now is near zero all the way to the magnets, even the screen itself is near zero.

Those who are particularly electro-sensitive or have electromagnetic hypersensitivity now have a better chance at using PEMF therapy successfully.

We further recommend, to plug the power supply directly in your wall’s power point (or socket) and avoid using power strips. We didn’t know, nor do you,… that power strips are bad or your house could be higher than zero.

Place the EarthPulse™ controller with back towards the wall for minimal EMF and RF exposure.

Upgrade your EarthPulse™

Upgrade your v5 or earlier model to the latest v5.2 using the below 3 options that replace the parts which are new:

Upgrade your v5 / v5Basic


Free Shipping

Upgrade your v5Pro / ProBasic


Free Shipping

Upgrade Powersupply Only


Free Shipping

What is Electro-sensitivity?

Electro-sensitivity is being particularly sensitive to EMF radiation from various sources including cell phone towers (RF), Wi-fi (RF), smart meters (RF) or power lines (EMF / RF) resulting in a “dirty” house.  While electro-sensitivity does not affect everyone, EMF radiation definitely does you just can’t feel it (yet). 

“Is modern life making us ill? …, or should we all be throwing away our mobile phones”  YES says the The Guardian. article,… but they still hide facts from the public.

Not very funnily, the journalist reports on the article, “The World Health Organisation has classified electromagnetic fields of the kind used in mobile telephony as Group 2b carcinogens – that is, as possibly cancerous.” And as you can see, the link to the second piece has been killed.

Our EMF-Protection page serves as an accurate and high quality resource if you want to learn about the reality of current electromagnetic field pollution that we live in. Read it to it’s entirety to understand how EMF pollution affects us and what would it take to fight it.

While PEMF therapy won’t battle EMF pollution directly, it is an effective tool to boost immunity and productivity; and help you be more resilient to harmful EMFs. If your house has dirty electricity, or RF present, you have some amount of EMF protection by laying in EarthPulse™ PEMF cocoon. We’re trying our best so everyone can enjoy the nutritious PEMF signal even if you live somewhere you shouldn’t live.

You’ll be happy to know that EarthPulse™ is also working on exciting new blocking solutions for EMF / RF protection!


Tired of feeling tired?

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