Banking sleep for better physical performance is necessary not just for athletes and fitness professionals, but also for everyone else. Compelling evidence from sleep disorders research suggests that chronic sleep disorders may impair physiological and mental wellbeing including regulation of metabolic and endocrine functions.

Now a days, cases of rapidly reducing sleep quality are increasing in the connected world and is related to changes in lifestyle and wireless technology alike. Sleeping very little is also increasingly becoming an accepted socially. We cover such symptoms in our study on “Why we don’t sleep well anymore“.

For elite athletes and fitness experts, Biohacking sleep is a way of life and has provided them with results, year after year. It’s really very simple – sleep deep, perform better.

For most, getting that long deep sleep is the issue. Effects of EMF Pollution or Electromagnetic Field Pollution have been studied by us from years now and can make it impossible for your brainwaves to reach the desired state in order to experience deep sleep.

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Here at EarthPulse, we’ve been constantly innovating our PEMF technology based on decades of PEMF research. Since 2002, our powerful brainwave entrainment devices have provided deep sleep for longer periods of time to thousands of users worldwide. Our PEMF therapy devices counteract the effects of electromagnetic pollution by creating a protective layer of nutritious pulsating electromagnetic fields that produce frequencies that mimic mother nature.

The results of eradicating disorders and ensuring deep delta brainwave sleep, EarthPulse PEMF therapy systems have shown great measurable effects to our sports and professional users. EarthPulse ran a special 90-day feedback program for health and fitness professional users which tracks their progress of their workout regime. Participants send in a form submission for Day 0 (Baseline: Prior to using EarthPulse), Day 7, Day 14, Day 28, Day 60 and Day 90.

The Feedback Program tracks participant’s sleep, energy, physical performance, saturated blood oxygen, pain, and the also the progress of their sport/athletic training. Each participant was asked to Write in 4 different resistance or training movements’ performance levels in reps and/or resistance; or event length and speed or best combination that fit any sport of their choice, basically measure the throughput in their physical performance and mental abilities.

The following was reported from a fitness professional after 90 days of EarthPulse PEMF therapy system use:

After three months of feel like I have better understanding of myself and the role the Earthpulse serves in my life. I see it as a tool to help cleanse yourself of the stresses in life.

For some people, their primary stressors might be late nights and long hours at work, for others like myself it could training stress, or family/relationship stress. Banking sleep is the best way to recover from stress from ANY source. For me, the Earthpulse maximizes my stress recovery through amazing sleep.

Properly using the earthpulse, involves striking a balance between reducing stress and creating stress. If you’re already a stressed person, changing nothing, adding the Earthpulse for biohacking sleep, you will be less stressed, better recovered with more energy. Say that same person sleeps 8 hours every night. With the earthpulse, they could sleep 6 hours and feel like they normally do. In this case, the person would maintain the same stress level but would have two extra hours of time during the day. If that same person were to biohacking sleep time of 8 hours with the Earthpulse, they would notice their stress levels steadily decrease over time (all other factors remaining the same).

In my case, I first saw the Earthpulse as a biohacking tool to allow me to increase my training volume and physical performance but maintain similar levels of recovery. I mentioned earlier that the effect of the earthpulse is like getting 25% more sleep. Then for example, if I normally train 2 hours a day and sleep 8 hours and night to recover from the stress, adding the earth pulse would allow a couple of options (at least in theory):

1. Increase my training or physical performance by 25% and still banking sleep of at least 8 hours a night…. stress balance and increase in training volume. I call this the “Athlete protocol”

2. Maintain my training 2 hr volume, banking sleep 6 hours a night….. stress balance and two extra hours a day. I call this the “CEO protocol”

3. Maintain my training 2 hr volume, maintain my 8 hrs of sleep a night…. overall stress is decreased, mood and energy levels increase! I call this the “Standard protocol”. Originally I wanted tool to increase my training and maximize my recovery, I still use the earthpulse for that. After three months of experimentation, I feel like I option three is most suited for my lifestyle (at likely for most people interested in the product). Feeling really good almost all the time, pretty much no stress, some more free time to explore my passions, If I made a living as a professional athlete or body builder, I would definitely use this as a tool to increase my training volume. If I was a CEO making $20k an hour, I would definitely want to have as much waking time as possible… I would use the earthpulse to maintain my currently routine but requiring less sleep.

So basically adding the earthpulse to your life affords you three options:
1. Train more, feel the same
2. Banking sleep less, feel the same
3. Change nothing, feel better

After experiencing the sensations and healing power of the Earthpulse PEMF therapy device, after 90-days, I was lured into option three and have never felt better in my life!

It’s really exciting to get such feedback, and is what keeps us motivated.

If you are fitness professional, try it and recommend it, so your students and followers can start banking great sleep, guaranteed!

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