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“PEMF Therapy is in my daily routine” reveals Giordan Pogioli

EarthPulse™ interviewed one of it’s early adopters, Giordan Pogioli , USA Swimming National Team Alumni after 10 years of being on the EarthPulse™ nighttime PEMF therapy. Learn how EarthPulse™ PEMF is a safe, non-invasive method of using magnetic fields to optimize performance, long-term and naturally.

Peak Athletic Performance Greatly Impacted by Duration of Sleep

Could the most critical component to enhancedathletic performance be something as simple as getting more sleep? A recent Stanford University sleep study focused on the benefits of extended sleep on peak athletic performance. A group of the university’s basketball players took part in the experiment in which their athletic performance was measured after they sleptfor the normal amount of hours they were typically used to.


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benefits of 432 hz pythagorean tuning using PEMF therapy

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