Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF / rTMS) research bibliography and technology review.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) research; our PEMF database contains more than a thousand pulsed electromagnetic field therapy studies and hundreds of rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) studies, organized by disorder providing compelling evidence that frequency specific, pulsed electro magnetic fields are the most effective and cost efficient option for a number of human and veterinary disorders.

Properly designed pulsed electromagnetic field therapy systems do NOT treat individual medical conditions. Rather, they improve body's ability to generate cellular energy (ATP), thereby optimizing body's ability to improve oxygenation, reduce inflammation, lower oxidative stress and heal itself.

Key 10 Hz mitochondrial bibliography
supports our position regarding the key therapeutic frequency to be used for short and long term recovery.  See our tech-specs.
MoreATP: The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging in Reverse explains why our EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic field emitting sleep-machine technology is clearly the most convenient & efficient choice of applying pulsed electromagnetic fields;...at night while it promotes better sleep! Considering a Mat-Type pulsed electromagnetic therapy system?

EarthPulse™ is the only pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine on Earth produces effects surpassing the best pulsed electromagnetic field therapy systems
creating the perfect environment (your bed) to allow the body to heal itself naturally at night during deep sleep, rather than by inconvenient and inefficient 20-minute sessions throughout the day.

Sleep Your Way to Better Health™

Sleep on Command™ uses sequentially slowing pulsed electromagnetic fields in the infrasonic - Schumann wave frequency range (<15 Hz) to promote deep sleep, provide incredible daytime performance enhancement and literally reverse the aging process.

MoreATP Provides the first cohesive theory explaining precisely how pulsed magnetic therapy at low-infrasonic frequencies (<15 Hz) provides such wide range of beneficial effects...Including reversing cellular aging as proven by NASA in 2003.

This video by Magda Havas, PhD on rapid aging syndrome differentiates harmful electromagnetic field pollution and therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic fields (EMF vs. PEMF); one of the best summaries on electromagnetic field therapy and EMF we've ever seen.

We urge you to read read the treatise and watch the video now to take the guesswork out of shopping for a pulsed electromagnetic therapy system. EarthPulse™ is the greatest pulsed electro magnetic therapy device on Earth and the only pulsed magnetic sleep-machine ever devised; and why other systems don't work nearly as well (and cost a ton more money). Hey it's your money and your health. Toss them both if you care to.

The infrasonic frequency range is where Soviet research
showed the most benefit (they developed pulsed electromagnetic field therapy); at frequency range correlating with healthy human brain-wave signatures and Schumann wave frequencies; and used almost exclusively in repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS / TMS). Western and Asian studies show greatest statistical probability of success using these frequencies.

  is very simply the only cohesive theory ever offered for these well documented pulsed electromagnetic field & rTMS / TMS effects.

"When the solution is simple, God is answering."      
~ Albert Einstein ~      

We have devised the world's only pulsed electromagnetic sleep machine that provides full range of benefit of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device but during nighttime while sleeping. Don't be fooled by systems costing a LOT more money. Our results are extraordinary and it is sold with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

No products are sold in relation to the magnetic field (PEMF) therapy bibliographies or effects as described therein; Sleep on Command™ is our pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine that improves sleep, recovery, provides extraordinary athletic and mental performance enhancement while reversing cellular aging.

Pulsed magnetic field / pulsed electro-magnetic field -> PEMF / rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) at 10 Hz frequency provide stunning regenerative and performance enhancement effects because these magnetic fields result in cells generating so much naturally derived energy (ATP) they are able to heal themselves and restore function to old worn out and dying / non function cells.  Like a magnetic-switch that turbocharges cellular energy production,  reduces oxidative stress and actually cause cells to revert from mature genetic signature to developmental ones as proven by NASA.  Take a look at this Tong chart to discover what just minutes of 10 Hz does to mitochondria.

This range of pulsed magnetic frequencies function at the mitochondrial level to increase trans-membrane potential naturally (not by some esoteric-alternative cellular energy theory) to improve electron transport chain (oxygen metabolism) efficiency; allowing cells to function at optimum (if not super-human) levels, facilitating absorption of nutrients, excretion of toxins and the production of even more energy as cells fully detoxify.

MoreATP remains cohesive regardless of the tissue type under influence of  the pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and should usher in many new non-invasive uses of pulsed electromagnetic fields and rTMS due to what should now be an evident-rational explanation of how they work.

MoreATP very simply explains documented effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS/TMS) as generally applied at under 15 Hz (though some research is done at 20 Hz and many as low as 1 Hz but still showing statistically significant effect).  This theoretical proposition is named moreATP because the effects of PEMF at this frequency range
(1-15 Hz) are simply due to excess production of naturally occurring, organic ATP by the cells' mitochondria.

The Sleep on Command™
pulsed-magnetic sleep-machine has relied upon 9.6 Hz as its cornerstone frequency since 2001. Though it happens to be near Alpha-Theta crossover, it has been particularly useful helping promote exceptionally reparative - anti-aging sleep through a process called entrainment; providing phenomenal performance enhancement and anti-aging effects regardless of whether athletic or elderly.

Exposure to 10 Hz  (or very close) has an immediate and direct effect on the mitochondria as demonstrated in the studies linked immediately below.
Pure organic ATP according to biological paradigm on planet Earth in both plants and animals.

A 10 Hz pulsed (square-wave) field increases cells' organic production of ATP (the fuel that fires all cellular processes). This is the premise behind the theoretical proposition we call MoreATP (organisms under the influence of pulsed electromagnetic fields between 1 Hz and 15 Hz). Mat systems do not give you this option nor are they designed or able to be used for all night use.

Key 10 Hz Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Mitochondrial Research:

In 1989 David Hood found chronic (30+ days) 10 Hz stimulation TRIPLED two critical enzymes in final stages of cell respiration, citrate synthase and cytochrome c oxidase, Cytochrome co paces the Krebs cycle. Both are found in the mitochondria.

Testing systemic oxygen consumption via static (resting) breath-hold-test since 2005 we have found routine improvements in as little as 2-3 days. Finger tip blood oxymeter show's blood oxygen soars in as little as 4 days. Cell's burn oxygen  so much more efficiently, drawing oxygen from blood slower, producing more energy with less oxidative waste from every breath; one is able to hold the breath up to 20%  longer the first week or two; 2/3rds longer after a year or two and up to 100% longer after several years (though many increase their breath hold 100% during 90 day trial period).
Sleep on Command™ inventor's (12 years nightly use) breath hold peaked at 2:46 after 5 years (baseline 1:20) and he smokes hand-roll cigarettes; only takes the test once every 18 months so practice is not a factor. Gets very little aerobic exercise. Currently 2:30.

In 2003 NASA-Goodwin  found 10 Hz square wave stimulation caused neural tissue regeneration @ 4x baseline, w/better 3-D orientation; cell DNA signature reverted from maturation to developmental (more than 175 maturation genes switched -OFF- and 150 developmental genes switched -ON- by 21 days stimulation pgs. 15-18). Short sessions of 10 Hz or long sessions at any other frequency do not produce these effects.

We discovered in 2001 that regular nighttime use of the EarthPulse™ DC pulsed electromagnetic fields at 9.6 Hz reliably enhanced mental and physical performance while providing strength and stamina gains rivaling steroids. Strength and stamina gains are equally explainable by the moreATP theory. So are upregulation of hormone levels. See our longevity experiment Gizmo the 17 year old Yorkie-Maltese and our  50 y.o. Chief after 9 years of continuous nighttime use.

NASA didn't dig into the cell physiology deep enough to adequately explain why cell regeneration QUADRUPLED under 10 Hz pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) or why the genetic effects occurred particularly at the single frequency of 10 Hz pulsed electromagnetic field (and not at 5 Hz or 15 Hz which was 'sanitized' out of the original version of the paper).  The moreATP theory explains this effect well based upon the work of David Hood (above...who's been subjecting mitochondria at 10 Hz stimulation for decades) and Tong immediately below.

In 2007 James Tong TRIPLED nerve synapse energy & DOUBLED mitochondrial density at nerve synapses. Full text study here.

DENSITY of unstimulated mitochondria (white circles) w/ 10 Hz stimulated (black circles); compare TOTAL ENERGY at synapse junction unstimulated (white circles) w/ 10 Hz stimulated (black circles) in lower chart. Density change = +2x / Energy change = +3x.

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In NASA study above, mitochondrial robustness due to 10 Hz stimulation provided the energy to support regeneration at 4 times baseline. Originally, before being 'sanitized' the paper showed 5 Hz and 15 Hz doubling cell regeneration while 10 Hz quadrupling it; unfortunately they edited the study playing 'hide the ball'.

Cells that are mature are literally "tricked" into believing they are younger than they are. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) may have been repaired through same energy mechanism solely or due to adequate and detoxification of mitochondrion  cell protoplasm within which the mitochondria reside, due to combination of reduced oxidative electron production and improved detoxification working synergistically.

The pulsed electromagnetic field therapy bibliographies offered below contain several hundred peer reviewed pulsed electromagnetic therapy study abstracts spanning 5 decades, organized by disorder, most linked directly to the U.S. National Institutes of Health -
National Libraries of Medicine. You will notice many, if not most of these pulsed electromagnetic therapy studies use frequencies under 20 Hz.

Heretofore, evidence offered in support of various biological effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) has differed widely. This new theoretical proposition, MoreATP cohesively explains very simply why pulsed electromagnetic therapy at 10 Hz (+ / - 5 Hz) works as well as it does.

Nearly 6 decades of pulsed electromagnetic research indicate that a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) of proper frequency intensity and duration provides beneficial effects in wide variety of cellular processes and mechanisms. But till now there was not a cohesive way to explain the effects of PEMF.

Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) pathways 
for lack of better term, vaguely explained biological effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on calcium/potassium exchange, capillary dilation, increased cell membrane potential, accelerated anti- inflammatory processes, bone formation and kind. Vaguely explained at best and holding back FDA approval of all uses. We heal bone fractures in 1/3 the time (66% less time) yet FDA won't approve PEMF treatment of fresh fractures and would rather see you in cast for 6-8 weeks because those seeking approval can't satisfactorily explain why PEMF speeds healing. Don't look a gift-horse in the mouth.

ACE pathways theory relies upon some inorganic transfer of energy to the cell. In the case of PEMF, the magnetic signal passing through the tissue is responsible for increasing cell membrane potential providing the beneficial effects. For frequencies above 20 Hz (even those pulsed electromagnetic field therapies utilizing radiofrequency) this is still the most plausible explanation as they actually debilitate mitochondrial performance.

The pulsed electromagnetic therapy database linked below is for informational purposes only. No therapeutic products can be sold in relation to the pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy research bibliographies found here. We have the only pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine on Earth; the most efficient use of PEMF ever discovered.

The Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep-Machine:
In 2002 we discovered that regular nighttime pulsed electromagnetic field exposure enhanced our process of sleep & recovery, and made us feel a decade or two younger w/in 3 months. By 2006 it became apparent that what had become the EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ system, provided the most powerful ergogenic (sports performance enhancement) effects ever discovered.

EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ utilizes Earth amplitude electromagnetic fields through your existing mattress at frequencies conducive to sleep and cellular repair mechanisms. It turns any bed into the world's only electromagnetic sleep-machine.

Earthpulse™ promotes depth and duration of sleep, literally tunes mitochondria to process oxygen more efficiently for maximum cellular energy, reduced oxidative stress, greatly enhanced long and short term recovery, memory consolidation and immune function; thereby impacting the widest range of human and veterinary issues, at night during sleep when body is known to naturally repair itself. Sleep your way to better health!

What would it be worth to you, to be able to Sleep on Command™ for the rest of your life?... restore your energy better during nighttime than you did when you were 1/2 your age? What would it be worth to you to live an extra few decades?  Really,... what would that be worth to you??? Our system typically pays for itself the first year as your nutritional supplementation requirements will go WAY down.

Our  Sleep on Command™ SLEEP-MODE sleep programs even help you wake in the morning by stepping-up through Theta - Alpha - then Low-Beta-rhythm to  ALERT-MODE prior to program end. RECOVER-MODE is the most powerful recovery and performance enhancing (both mental and physical) technique ever discovered.

At frequencies less than 20 Hz, and particularly at 10 Hz,  there is no need for alternative cell energy rhetoric as observed biological effects are due primarily to upregulated, organically produced adinosine triphosphate (ATP)

Robert O. Becker MD showed cellular repair at stimulation of 8 hours on / 8 hours off; using minute, micro-current DC (electric current). Bob Becker's mouth to my ears..."The cell can only absorb so much energy at a given time and create only so much beneficial change over a 24 hour period of time." He also told me "Your 8 hours during sleep is the next best thing". Click to see a synopsis of  Robert O. Becker's later works.

According to the NASA study referenced earlier, the original version (unsanitized one) disclosed that it took a full 21 days of stimulation at 10 hours per day at 10 Hz for the mature cells to revert to developmental. 10 Hz provided both genetic changes and 4x neural tissue regeneration.

Unfortunately, we hadn't figured out the pulsed 10 Hz - mitochondrial connection prior to Dr. Becker's death. I described to him the 10 Hz pattern uncovered in the peer reviewed research, but at the time had no explanation for it (i.e. that 10 Hz  increased mitochondrial production of ATP and improved the phosphorilation process). I made the connection only in 2008 when I uncovered Tong and Hood. Hey, I'm self taught and not a PhD and sometimes even I can't see the forest for the trees.

The Ark was built by amateurs, the Titanic by experts.

I know Bob Becker would have loved to know of it regardless of him being of the Anodal DC current mindset, so most of our discussions we're of DC "microcurrents", 10 Hz pulsed microcurrent potentially being better (though i couldn't explain why) and the energy transferred to the cells, with or without conductive silver nylon fabrics; and of course my PEMF entrainment discovery for sleep. (It turns out the Soviets built the electric stimulation Electrosleep machine back in the 1970's). Who wants to sleep w/ wires?

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS / TMS): pulsed electromagnetic field therapy direct to the head:

TMS/rTMS is nearly always classified as fast (usually 10 Hz - 20 Hz) or slow (around 1 Hz). Also, field amplitudes of rTMS/TMS generally being near or above what is called motor evoked potential. In  other words, most TMS/rTMS amplitude is high enough to cause muscle contractions; seen in rTMS/TMS as eyelid 'flutter'.  

1 Hz pulsed magnetic field and rTMS/TMS studies are many times red-herrings (designed to fail)
. Red-herring PEMF physiological repair studies are usually done at 1 Hz stimulation (as in this study) where the energy upregulation to mitochondria is nearly non-existent so physiological changes fail to manifest. They'll use 1Hz on arthritis or Parkinson's or MS and fail to show any effect and say "rTMS" or "PEMF doesn't have any effect"!...when truthfully it is simply that 1 Hz failed to have any effect. The other noticeable parameter in this "red-herring" study is 1800 pulses at one beat per second which is just 30 minutes exposure per session.

1 Hz rTMS / TMS has little practical significance other than as "red-herrings" (i.e. distraction intending to mislead). However, slow rTMS does routinely show a well established ability to down-regulate "excitability" in various brain tissues. In other words it "quiets" the brain by exciting the inhibitory circuits. 1 Hz provided relaxation and was used to induce sleep in these two landmark peer reviewed sleep studies.

However,  10 Hz - 20 Hz termed 'fast' repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (fast rTMS) there are repeatedly significant physical performance changes as shown in dozens of Parkinson's disease and rTMS studies. The mechanism is due to entrainment as well as to the proposed theory moreATP.

Research in rTMS for Parkinson's disease is exploding particular in Europe, Japan and Middle East. Pulsed electromagnetic research rTMS/TMS of stroke
resulted in 90% reduction of ischemic cell death (caused by lack of oxygen). Though no data exists, ischemic cell death due to heart attack should respond in kind.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy applied immediately after event in spinal cord injury (SCI); reduces much scar tissue formation and reduces inflammation at injury site. In spinal cord injury, pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMF) reduced scar tissue, improved nerve tissue repair and nerve impulse conduction through formerly severed nerve tissue (SCI).
In a line of studies sanitized from PubMed, a researcher cut the spinal cords of rats; the control group dragged their hind legs until sacrificed but the PEMF stimulated groups walked on all 4's!

Studies of PEMF on stroke victims up to 5 years post-stroke showed PEMF effective at restoring significant levels of performance.
See research bibliographies for verification. The research is clear yet no movement whatsoever toward making rTMS/PEMF immediate therapy after stroke event.

Over the years, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF therapy) has proven itself highly effective where conventional therapies failed. When frequency and exposure duration are adequate the results can be astounding. See bibliographies below.

The Sleep on Command™ pulsed electromagnetic sleep -machine utilizes a very unique MODULAR electromagnet system and 9 preset-program modes and new MANUAL-MODE to provide you the simplest yet most adaptable sleep, recovery, anti-aging and performance enhancement system in the world. The entire system weighs just 2 lbs. and travels conveniently even in your "carry-on" baggage.

Whether at work, sitting at a desk, watching TV or sleeping in your bed, our patented pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine system will improve your physical and mental performance and have you feeling a decade (or two) younger in 90-days or your money back. The EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ sleep-machine system utilizes electromagnetic field parameters that mimic mother-Nature's frequencies in an economical, portable 100 - 240 volt system.

Our pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine system features our patented modular electromagnetic inductor providing more peak power than any other system under 10,000 USD (at 1/18th the price) for extraordinary results when used in conjunction with the RECOVER-MODE 9.6 Hz program and long duration timer throughout the night. The 4 SLEEP-MODE programs used with the modular electromagnet in SLEEP-CONFIGURATION ensures you are sleeping in a pure NORTH-POLE field during nighttime.

EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ is your only rational choice if you'd like significantly deeper, more recuperative sleep, more energy, better daytime focus, better flexibility, enhanced oxygenation and far more strength and stamina. PERIOD.

If you're an athlete, EarthPulse™ provides legal, yet covert athletic performance enhancement without the health and legislative risks associated with Steroids, EPO blood doping and other banned substances. EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic fields make steroids, EPO, HGH and Hypoxic / altitude training OBSOLETE! You can't get ergogenic effects this big any other legal (or illegal) way. .

The Sleep on Command™ pulsed electromagnetic Sleep-Machine provides for convenient nighttime exposure of 8 hours or more; providing the deepest sleep you've had in DECADES, without interfering one tiny-little-bit in your already busy schedule. Due to our frequency specific, near earth amplitude pulsed DC magnetic field at night, you reap an entire spectrum of effects rivaling steroids and other banned or controlled substances.

Sleeping in the Sleep on Command™ very-weak pulsed electromagnetic field (just .1 - 2 Gauss at your mattress surface) results in deeper more recuperative sleep; as well as a number of remarkable effects including improved flexibility, improved energy, enhanced mental focus, improved hand/eye motor skills and substantially improved strength and stamina. Our patented SLEEP-MODE programs even help you wake in the morning by stepping-up to ALERT-MODE prior to shut down.

v.5 Sleep on Command™ Pulsed Electromagnetic Field System Tech Specs:

-Ten program modes including our our patented stepping down pulsed electromagnetic field frequencies that entrain brain to improve sleep onset;

SLEEP-MODE 1 -Starts in ALPHA, steps down to DELTA, cycling in and out of DELTA & REM (low-THETA) during the night 4 cycles w/WAKE-UP phase and 1 hour buffer of 14.1 Hz to alleviate sleeping through the wake up phase;
SLEEP-MODE 2 - Starts in ALPHA, steps down to DELTA, cycling within DELTA range all night w/WAKE-UP phase during program conclusion plus 1 hour buffer at 14.1 Hz to nudge you out of bed;
SLEEP-MODE 3 - Starts in Delta, steps down to low-Delta, cycles within Delta all night w/WAKE-UP phase plus 1 hour buffer at 14.1 Hz to make it nearly impossible to stay asleep.
SLEEP-MODE 4 - Starts and stays at 1 Hz to timer's conclusion, NO-wake-up phase. We affectionately call this program "the Dead-Zone" plus 1 hour buffer 14.1 Hz to shake you out of deep-Delta;
SLEEPEASY - Hybrid Delta-rhythm program that starts with 15 minutes of RECOVER then tumbles into Delta-rhythm in 60 seconds w/ wake-up phase during program completion, plus the 1 hour buffer;
RECOVER-MODE - Based upon the best of Eastern European and Soviet PEMF research, w/wake-up phase at timer's conclusion plus our new 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer; for use when "POWER-NAPPING" or as an alternative SLEEP-MODE for athletes after strenuous physical activity (or injury); or for maximum ergogenic effect.
ALERT-MODE - To reduce physical and mental fatigue; use as EMF protection; for use in Recovery issues when RECOVER-MODE causes drowsiness;
MANUAL-FREQUENCY-MODE - Choose any frequency from .5 - 14.1 Hz for up to 12 hours for use as Schumann generator, meditation, sleep-experimentation w/ 1 hour buffer of 14.1 Hz as wake up phase;
ENTRAIN-UP - 1 hour session to expose system to entire frequency range; 9.6 Hz to 1 Hz to 14.1 Hz useful with neurological issues and for 30 minutes to 1 hour POWER-NAP;
ENTRAIN-DOWN - 1 hour session only. 9.6 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz  over 1 hour then shuts down; for use when only wanting to use it to help you fall asleep. 

-Our patented MODULAR-ELECTROMAGNET - 800 Gauss nano-second square wave w/Cross-Polarity ring installed.

- Patented DUAL-POLARITY / CROSS-POLARIZING ring attachment for North-Pole surrounded by South-Pole (like a bullseye with North-pole in center) for use in LOCAL-RECOVER application for extraordinary results from the strong NORTH / SOUTH magnetic field gradient created at and surrounding the application site

- long timer settings allow long duration local application during the nighttime during sleep;
- more robust controller electronics now powered by 12 volts DC (7.5 v previously);
- improved copper coil winding and metallurgy combined with 12 volt input results in more than 30% amplitude gains over previous v.4 series systems;
- just the right amount of magnet-heat when trapped to body resulting in synergistic action of mild heat and pulsed electromagnet field throughout the night;
- nicely machined corrosion resistant black finish.

These 10 programs, the new power-specs into our square waveform and the MODULAR-ELECTROMAGNET allow you an unusually wide variety of application techniques, in a small, yet powerful - portable system that lends itself well to just about any application or experimental technique yet fits in your brief-case or computer bag. We built our system to be compatible with this Voltaic systems magnetfor equine sports performance enhancement and longevity; and where portable power is required. Use this battery only at the 12 volt setting as waveform breaks down at more than volts.

EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ version 5 includes;

- 100-240 volt AC to 12 volt DC power supply;
- L-tipped power and magnet cable plugs to preserve plug life and improve transportability
- longer, softer cables
- Improved software functions
- upgraded electronic components
- US/EU plug adapter for international travel (other countries shipped standard at no extra charge),
- Soft, clear-side zippered travel case travels well through airports in carry on baggage.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Density: for mattresses up to 16 inches / 40 cm at well under 1/2 Gauss; just 1/10 Gauss pulsed magnetic field during nighttime is adequate for promoting production of cell energy (ATP) to be sequestered specifically for those repair mechanisms known to be accomplished during nighttime sleep;
- memory consolidation
- immune function
- detoxification
- physiological recovery
- neurological recovery
Much higher field amplitude pulsed electromagnetic field can be applied locally for an hour or more, when immobile up to 24/7; or where low oxygen state due to stroke, coma or heart attack. 

Air-core Electromagnet: (black plastic doughnut-hole electromagnet);

100 Gauss pulsed magnetic field at surface of coil: pulsed magnetic field degrades by approximately 50% per inch (the inverse square law says intensity = 60 / distance2); take your choice. 

Sleep-Configured Electromagnet: (metal core screwed tight to base-plate)  no-Cross-Polarity ring;

700 Gauss pulsed magnetic field at surface of coil: pulsed magnetic field degrades by approximately 50% per inch (the inverse square law says intensity = 60 / distance2); take your choice.

Recover-Configured Electromagnet; w/ cross-polarizing ring; 
900 Gauss at surface of North-pole, surrounded by 200 Gauss South-pole at edge of ring

Mat type pulsed electromagnetic field therapy systems are:

  • relatively weak amplitude;
  • some are time varying (expanding and contracting) and not pulsed;
  • optional local applicators are expensive additional purchase and still relatively weak;
  • systems are all expensive to begin with;
  • no sleep programming;
  • timer limitations that won't allow long duration use;
  • utilize multi-coil output mechanisms that contain a 6 or more magnetic field emanation points causing too many magnetic field  intersections;
    • chaotic electron spins
    • hot-spots and vectors
  • are bulky and do not travel conveniently;
  • use mostly unnatural wave-forms (sine-wave is not natural, neither is AC, niether are sawtooth or triangular; nor is RF);
  • use neurologically/psychologically incompatible frequency ranges that are too high (every one of them);
Annular (Tubular) coils that allow body, head, arm or leg inside:
  • are not practical nor very portable;
  • they are relatively large and hollow to allow body or body part inside; are very weak as a proportion to their size;
  • they have little application where higher power is warranted;
    • arthritis
    • joint deformity
    • tissue trauma / brain trauma
    • chronic pain syndromes of all type
See our Tech-Specs
immediately above.

Better Sleep Means Better Health, and sleeping in our sequential (stepping down, then up) pulsed electromagnetic field will "tune" your system down into deep delta stage sleep where hormone cascading and cellular repair occurs most efficiently, improving your sleep while significantly improving your memory, vitality, daytime focus, strength and stamina. Better sleep and more vitality equals a healthier immune system and clients report significantly reduced frequency of colds and flu. The only way to know what you're missing is to try it. With our 90 day satisfaction guarantee you've got nothing to lose but your sleep deficit, stiffness, soreness; or alternatively, your shipping fees back and forth.

If you're athletic, the EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic system raises saturated blood oxygen (SAO2) by 2-5% (where depressed) in just a few days; will enhance your strength by up to 20%; your endurance by up to 40% within a few short weeks. 10% strength and 20% stamina increases are routine within 2 weeks. You will be able to hold your breath at rest for 5-10% longer after the first night or two (check client feedback forms to see some of the phenomenal breath hold data). Your hand/eye motor synchronization will be considerably improved. If your a a serious competitor, EarthPulse™ will help you set personal records in a few short weeks. Unlike hyberbaric O2, hypoxic and altitude training, enhanced SAO2 effects last for several days.

If you are elderly or in poor health you can expect similar proportionate results. Sometimes results are astonishing. If we can improve performance to this degree in an already highly tuned athlete, imagine what it can do for you!

If you've reached a performance plateau, EarthPulse™ will help you shatter it.
If your health is failing or if you're simply interested in slowing down the aging clock,
EarthPulse™ is the most effective rejuvenation and anti-aging technology ever developed.

With continued use, our pulsed electromagnetic field provides routinely deeper more restful sleep, faster more complete recovery, more flexibility and improved strength/weight ratio.  EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic fields helps you naturally sharpen concentration, hand-eye, balance and motor synchronization. Where speed, balance, hand-eye, stamina and strength/weight ratio are important, the EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic field provides a substantial and covert advantage. Steroids, Blood Doping and other Banned or Illegal Athletic Performance Enhancing practices are no longer a necessary evil to remain competitive. If your already 'natural', EarthPulse™ will provide you personal records within a few short weeks.

Whether your a world class athlete, weekend warrior or just having trouble getting in and out of your favorite chair, EarthPulse™ patented pulsed electromagnetic field will have you setting your own personal performance records within a few weeks.

EarthPulse™ utilizes magnetic field density slightly greater than that of planet Earth (through a standard 8-10 inch mattress/but works on up to a 16 inch mattress) and enhances effects of naturally occurring magnetic fields. EarthPulse™ non-contact device allows magnetic field supplementation through footwear, clothing, pillow or mattress.  EarthPulse
pulsed electro-magnetic field mitigates and reverses detrimental effects of higher frequency EMF exposure (microwave/cell phone, radio and 50-60 Hz power frequency electric and magnetic fields) while harmonizing the magnetic fields in the body (BioMagnetic Field) back to homeostasis on a regular nightly basis.

EarthPulse™ is clearly the only choice. Don't waste your money thinking that spending more on a pulsed electromagnetic system will get you more utility,...it won't for the following reasons.

  • pure pulsed DC square wave
    • no weird - unnatural waveforms
  • completely neurologically compatible natural frequency range ONLY within the range of no-stress mental brain wave frequencies
  • one field emanation point
    • multi coil pad systems create vectors, intersections, hotspots (CHAOS)
      • in local RECOVER-MODE in local use creates the strongest strong pulsed magnetic field under 10,000 USD CROSS-POLARITY field gradient right at the spot where you need it most.
      • field gradient is the key; EarthPulse creates a patented DUAL-POLE / CROSS-POLARITY magnetic field right where it hurts.
        • our RECOVER-MODE 10 Hz pulsed magnetic field is by far the most effective for frequency specific recovery effects...bar none. It is based upon the most effective Eastern European published research. They figured PEMF out long before the West.
    • pad systems are expensive
      • don't travel well
      • are hard to control
        • hard to create necessary field gradient where it will do the most good
    • Annular (Tube) type application systems where body part is put inside of coil;
      • are not power efficient
      • do not travel
      • do not provide enough field density for applications requiring more amplitude
        • arthritis
        • joint deformity
        • migraines
  • EarthPulse™ is the only system designed specifically for regular all-night use AND THE ONLY SYSTEM IN THE WORLD DESIGNED TO ENSURE DEEP REPARATIVE SLEEP
version 4.7 includes; four (4) Sleep Mode Programs and is by far the most adaptable and effective system in the world.

EarthPulse™ pulsed magnetic field works with nature by balancing magnetic
energy fields;
your body heals itself,...naturally.

Research Links below access more than 40 years of peer reviewed pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research.

EarthPulse™  pulsed electromagnetic fields' curious sleep and performance enhancing qualities are unprecedented in the literature and unavailable from any pulsed electromagnetic field device technology, developed by anyone, anywhere, at ANY price.

Frequency Specific Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Research:
Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research bibliographies and videos are for informational purposes only and not to be mistaken as promotional material for EarthPulse™ BioMagnetic Field Supplementation / Sleep on Command™

Over one thousand pulsed electromagnetic field therapy citations are contained in our research bibliographies; most are linked directly to PubMed a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

See also; Sandyk R, Anninos PA , Jacobson JI; three pioneers of electromagnetic field therapy to treat Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and epilepsy.

PEMF & Electromedicine History - Background:

introduction to electromedicine

brain wave entrainment

brain wave entrainment II

Electromagnetism & Life: Drs Robert O. Becker and Andrew Marino (full book pdf)

The Body Electric: the classic by Robert O. Becker, MD (full book pdf)

Garry Null - BioMagnetic Healing Book

Toxic EMF vs. Therapeutic PEMF: terrific video explaining why EMF is bad and PEMF is good

Dr. Oz Show Episode on Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (14 minutes longest version video)

Dr. Oz on PEMF Therapy (Sleep on Command™  out- performs every technology mentioned)

Dr. Oz: How Pulsed Magnetic Fields Heal (generally accurate but absent any discussion of mitochondrial effect)

PEMF Research By Effect:

Alzheimer's and frequency specific pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
anti-aging and frequency specific pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research
arthritis and frequency specific pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research
athletic performance enhancement / ergogenic effects of  pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
autism and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy / rTMS repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation
bone / connective tissue regeneration and frequency specific pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research
depression and frequency specific pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research
EMF protection - electropollution research (your brain and your wireless technologies)
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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy utilized as EMF Protection

Current electromagnetic field safety (EMF protection) research confirms that urban man needs protection from EMF pollution due to its detrimental effect on the neurological system.  These detrimental effects are primarily due to EMF's high frequency (which is out of the normal range of our neurological system) and because of the brain's frequency following response. These detrimental fields tend to raise the brain's frequency to unnaturally high rate (a swing of +3 Hz would theoretically wipe out all delta activity) thereby deleteriously affecting brain's ability to reach Delta-rhythm at night. 

If you use cell phone regularly, 900 MHz - 2.4 GHz cordless phones, work on (or next door/downstairs from) wireless computer networks, work (or go to school) in vicinity of power lines, radio towers or cellular base stations (especially members of police, military), or are IT professional; you owe it to self and family to read these precautionary studies linked directly to NIH confirming  detrimental psychological and neurological effects including sleep disturbance (or full-blown insomnia), migraine / headache syndromes, depression, disorientation, confusion and muscle twitch. You should not live, work or go to school within 1000 feet of cellular base stations.

You can protect from and reverse detrimental EMF effects with EarthPulse pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

We present anecdotal evidence supporting beneficial effects of EarthPulse™ pulsed magnetic field therapy device and methods utilizing milligauss pulsed electromagnetic fields during sleep to protect against and reverse detrimental effects of microwave (cell phone), radio and power frequency EMF; as well as to balance energy fields in the body where central nervous system imbalances has resulted in sleep disturbance, migraine/headache, depression, disorientation, muscle-twitch or full blown motor and cognitive dysfunction.

The infrasonic (under 14.1 Hz) EarthPulse™ field acts particularly well as a disruptive field to help mitigate the negative effect of both power and radio frequency magnetic fields.

In the case of healthy-athletic individuals, EarthPulse substantially enhances rest, recovery, flexibility, concentration, perception, coordination and physical output thereby greatly enhancing strength to weight ratio and overall athletic ability.  Whether your passion is meditation, golf, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, surfing, weightlifting, wrestling,... EarthPulse pulsed electro magnetic field will enhance your performance or your money back.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Machine Summary
EarthPulse Pulsed Electromagnetic System is unique;
  • EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ produces a pulsed DC square wave
  • includes our patent pending CROSS-POLARITY  Modular electromagnet
  • 110/240 volt AC to 7.5 volt DC power supply
  • US/EU plug adapter for international travel (other countries available)
  • padded travel case and 8 programs;
    • SLEEP MODES 1-4
    • RECOVER (our all around favorite including nighttime for sleep)
    • ALERT
These 8 programs and the modular, CROSS-POLARITY electromagnet inductor allow an unusually wide variety of experimental application techniques that will satisfy or surpass your expectations or your money back.

EarthPulse is small and portable enough so you can enhance recovery even while on the road.

We guarantee truckers the best sleep they've ever gotten in their rig, as well as the least amount of discomfort from hips and back, better driving judgment, spatial orientation, more alertness and less physical and mental fatigue driving long hauls in ALERT-MODE.

Other pulsed electromagnetic field devices costing slightly less money are not nearly as versatile (or beneficial).

Mat-type pulsed electromagnetic field therapy systems costing several thousand dollars utilize far weaker field-amplitude through multiple coil designs which cause magnetic field intersections, vectors and hotspots (chaos); use unnatural waveforms and neurologically incompatible frequencies while not being nearly as portable.

You'll have 90 days to try EarthPulse™ risk free
You'll know it works for you within just a few days.

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The EarthPulse pulsed magnetic device is unconditionally warranted from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. We service your device for $50 plus return shipping in years 2-3 and $75 in years 4-5. We will repair or replace with same or latest model device (at our option) depending on its age, if device can not be repaired at up to 5 years from delivery for nominal $50 year 2 / $100 year 3 /$150 years 4 and 5.


Within 90 days you will realize substantially enhanced physical and mental performance and deeper, more restful sleep from our pulsed electromagnetic sleep therapy system or your purchase price will be promptly refunded. You'll feel changes a lot quicker than that (usually within 24-48 hours), but we'll honor your return requests between 30 & 90 days. The system should be returned to us in 'like new' condition.

We guarantee you'll be amazed at how the body utilizes the frequency specific, infrasonic pulsed magnetic field that is generated by the EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic field sleep-therapy system. You're not getting any younger,... but you could be.

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