Cell Respiration 101

Oxygen metabolism is the PRIMARY method the body uses to generate energy known as ATP the fuel that fires all cellular processes. ATP
is required for sending messages within grey matter, motor neurons and neural networks, required for synthesizing hormones in endocrine and neuroendocrine tissues, required by organs to perform each of their specialized functions, for the heart and muscles to fuel muscle contraction, in the gut during digestion converting food to fuel to combine with oxygen to produce more ATP.

Like an engine tune-up; fuel efficiency goes up and waste product (in the form of free-radical / oxidative electrons that damage mitochondrial DNA) go down.
Antioxidants protect mitochondrial DNA where free radical damage is most detrimental to the organism.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is the root of nearly all health issues including aging and poor sleep. One cannot synthesize proper hormone levels if your
mitochondria are “tired”. You’ve made a wonderful investment in your health and longevity. See MoreATP for the nuts and bolts of longevity / anti-ageing effects of EarthPulse™.