Program Modes

The EarthPulse Sleep on Command and Pro systems have 10 Program modes.

Device boots to 70% amplitude (roughly v.4.6 amplitude); adjust amplitude up / down using arrow buttons during run-time.

We describe the PEMF / Brain Wave Frequency each Program Mode starts with, how it changes over the course of the program and it’s potential use. Refer to the Brain Wave Rhythm Tutorial section to know more about them (Alpha, Delta, Theta, Low Delta).

Programs are algorithmic, running entire program set for 1 hour or 12 hours.

Timer defaults to 8 hours for all program modes below.


The Sleep Modes are designed to enable the user to entrain their brain and correct the circadian rhythm while at the same time get deep synergistic cellular healing. They work especially well to reduce nighttime toilet trips when electromagnets are placed below mattress under pelvis.


Starts at the same PEMF Frequency as RECOVER-MODE (ALPHA – 9.6 Hz); at 15 minutes falls quickly to 3 Hz Delta and cycles in Delta between 3 Hz and 1 Hz three more times until wake up phase during last 30 minutes of programming. 1 hour buffer runs at 14.4 Hz upon completion of timer to avoid sleeping through the wake up phase.


Starts at RECOVER-MODE (ALPHA – 9.6 Hz); after 15 minutes it steps down slowly through THETA to low-DELTA, cycling between 1 Hz and 5 Hz 3 more times during the night; with WAKE UP function (RECOVER then ALERT low-BETA rhythm) with new 1 Hr buffer of 14.4 Hz prior to shut down.


Starts at RECOVER -MODE, steps down through THETA to low-DELTA, cycling between 1 and 3 Hz 3 more times during the night; with WAKE- UP phase (RECOVER then ALERT / low-BETA) prior to 1 Hr 14.4 Hz buffer & shut down.


Starts at DELTA (3 Hz), cycles to 1 Hz total of 4 times during the night; w/WAKE-UP phase (THETA, RECOVER, ALERT then 14.4 Hz buffer) prior to shut down. Use SLEEP 3 as fall-back setting after waking or and not falling asleep in SLEEP 1 OR RECOVER.


Starts and stays at 1 Hz (DELTA), shifts to 14.4 Hz for 1 hour at end of timer. Start with SLEEP 4 only if your sleep is still terrible in SLEEP-3. Use SLEEP 4 as fall-back setting when waking and not falling back to sleep in SLEEP EZ, SLEEP-2 or SLEEP 3.


The Manual Mode Program is capable of delivering the entire range of beneficial PEMF – 0.5 Hz – 14.4 Hz for up to 12 hours. The goal is sleeping in  9.6 Hz every night, though many will never attain this.

With the Manual Mode Program you are free to experiment sleeping / recovering / meditating with any one particular frequency.

It may be one of the Schumann peaks at 1.5 Hz (1.2 Hz?) or 2.5 Hz (2.4 Hz?) or 7.8 Hz; or 9.6 Hz or 10 Hz (or any choice in between .5 and 14.4 Hz). At end of set timer, the frequency shifts to 14.4 Hz to help awaken. The 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer effectively becomes the wake up part of program.

For feeling ALERT use 12 – 14.4 Hz. 12 Hz also has some strange harmonic resonance, so be sure to try it, rather than just go for the fastest setting out of the gate.

Author finds 2.4 Hz, 4.8 Hz and 9.6 Hz particularly good at recovering during the night and rarely ends up sleeping a full 8 hours without waking on his own long before the timer runs to wake up phase. See our article – Why 9.6 Hz and its amazing harmonic relationship to healing tones, sacred geometry and terrestrial measurements


RECOVER Mode makes an excellent sleep program if sleep is not too bad to begin with specially if you are an athlete. If you did not attain sleep during initial session use SLEEPEASY or SLEEP-3 and intermittently use RECOVER during power naps to try to acclimate brain to it.


(LOW-BETA) reduces physical and mental fatigue; use for recovery issues without causing drowsiness; used at end of RECOVER and SLEEP modes to assist in wake-up; may be used at desk to reduce neck and shoulder fatigue without causing drowsiness.


2 Entrainment modes to help get accustomed to PEMF fields. Entrainment programs (ENTRAIN UP & DOWN) were designed to hit each frequency in the device’ range in 30 minutes to an hour. Timer is limited to one hour.

ENTRAINMENT-UP and ENTRAINMENT-DOWN DO NOT have the 1 hour 14.4 Hz ‘buffer’. ENTRAIN-UP ends at 14.4 and shuts down. ENTRAIN-DOWN shuts down when reaching 1 Hz.

One may use either the weak AIR-CORE or more powerful SLEEP CONFIGURED MAGNET (once acclimated) with core screwed tightly into base
for maximum amplitude. Generally no Dual-Polarity Ring near the head. Dual polarity ring near head gives the inventor a headache. You can experiment yourself to determine.


Begins at 9.6 Hz then steadily slows to 1 Hz, pausing on 7.8 Hz (largest Schumann peak) and 2.5 Hz & 1.5 Hz (peaks in Schumann though not recognized by scientists as Schumann peaks…HUH?) You will notice by these Schumann charts immediately below that all these frequencies are indeed part of the Schumann spectrum and the 1.5 & 2.5 Hz peaks are higher than 14.4 Hz that IS a “recognized” Schumann peak. 

Once dropping to 1 Hz the program begins to climb back up, pausing on Schumann peaks 1.5 Hz, 2.5 Hz, 7.8 Hz, 9.6 Hz and shuts off when reaching 14.4 Hz. It is designed for power napping and neurological issues not responding to Recover.

This program was designed for use where RECOVER-MODE direct to base of skull is not producing desired effect. One should note any particular speed (of blinking diode) representing the output pulse repetition rate during ENTRAIN-MODE that produces a beneficial effect more so than others; then use MANUAL-MODE to target that frequency in subsequent sessions to achieve desired effect.


PEMF Frequency shifts from Alpha to low-Delta, use it as a replacement using SLEEP-MODE programs; puts you to sleep then shuts down and lets you sleep on your own.

It runs for 1 hour beginning at 9.6 Hz and shuts off when reaching 1 Hz. Like ENTRAIN-UP it pauses on known Schumann resonance peaks 7.8 Hz, 2.5 Hz &1.5 Hz on its way to 1 Hz.