Electromagnet Placement for Localized Healing

There are 2 configurations to be used for Localized Healing.

24 / 7 use yields surprisingly good results on critical injuries. This is in contrary to what R.O. Becker determined as 8 hours -ON- 8 hours -OFF- as most effective cycle. Be sure to read Spontaneous Tissue Regeneration Research to get an idea of what to expect.

With Cross Polarity Ring Removed Sleep configured electromagnet, the effect is less stronger locally than the second configuration with Cross Polarity Ring in place.

On Top of Mattress; Sleep Configured For Localized Healing

When magnet on top of mattress; lay with body part adjacent to the coil or tape to side of pillow so it is facing toward the body part horizontally from side or
purchase foam topper so body part is hovering 1-2 inches above the magnet; or lie on top of coil directly; or use Ace® type elastic bandage to fix the coil in place (far better) where elbows, knees, shoulder, feet, hip is concerned. Run magnet cable out the side of bed/covers placing controller on the floor beside bed.

Use favorite sleep frequency setting or 9.6 Hz or lower harmonic of it. Normally when severely injured or sick, 9.6 Hz will provide several short 2-3 hour sessions of sleep throughout the day / night or switch to slower frequency during nighttime.

If lying next to or on top of magnet, place magnet under bottom sheet so it stays oriented “N’s” facing toward body and doesn’t flip over during night. It will get HOT at 100% amplitude under bedding close to body to use cotton sock to cover magnet if you find it uncomfortable.

On Top of Mattress; Cross Polarity Ring Configured for Localized Healing

Cross-Polarity-Ring is designed to be used only when damaged tissue fits inside of the diameter of the ring. Positioning should be kept very stable when ring in use. Ace-type elastic bandage can fix into place and will also trap heat for synergistic effect.

Wrap damaged area with one layer of elastic bandage for padding then wrap remainder of bandage in many layers over top of magnet to keep in place and
trap heat. Set in favorite sleep setting. Set amplitude to 100% to achieve maximum heat and maximum magnetic field. If heat is too much to handle reduce

Bone Break / Tendon Tear

Fix to Cast / fixation device with CROSS-POLARITY-RING ON so that center core is ‘aimed’ directly into the injury. South-Pole will radiate in a fairly large perimeter around the North-Pole field when raised above the tissue an inch or two (due to the fixation device). Think of holding flashlight/torch very close to an object then pulling the flashlight back further away from the object.The further away you get from the target, the larger the circle of illumination. Same with the North Pole center polarity and the South- Pole circle encapsulating it.

At one inch above the injury site, diameter of North Pole field will be approximately 1.5 diameters wider than the coil itself. It gets wider and wider the further away from the target tissue. Do not use the DUAL-POLARITY ring for under mattress use or above the neck for longer than an hour or two at a time. Used properly, you can hope for effects like those reported in Spontaneous Tissue Regeneration study.