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The EarthPulse™ is your portable Integretron, but a whole lot better than that. A  WHOLE  LOT  BETTER.  Enhance your magnetic field and nature will do what it can to improve your oxygen burn and make the rest of your life better. Even two hours a day on the best mat system that exists or any other PEMF system can’t do that. Live longer by ageing slower; improve daytime energy, sleep better, be stronger, have more stamina and watch your breath-hold go up for years.

Be sure to allow Modes to complete and go to 14.4 Hz Buffer (at end of ALL modes) to counter any drowsiness upon waking during acclimation when the body may be craving more sleep   (Buffer is explained below and nags you to wake for an hour on each setting). The craving of more sleep will go when you get “caught up” on your sleep. After a year or two you probably won’t need to rely on Wake Up phase or the Buffer but even now after 18 years of nightly use, it does wake me now and then (like this very morning where I slept through the Wake Up phase on Mode 9.6; and woke during the buffer).

The EP is designed to have you wake up refreshed. If you leave bed early and timer still has time to run, use Alert Mode or Manual Mode at 14.4 Hz or that v6 program at 14.4 Hz for a few minutes before getting out of bed to counter any drowsiness you may experience. No drowsiness; no need to run Alert or the new Mode 14.4 Hz.

A list of our programming mode frequencies and nice explanations can be found here. It includes our new v6 Modes at 9.6 Hz, Tesla 1 and Tesla 2 (9.63 Hz and 3.69 Hz respectively), the Schumann Mode at 7.83 Hz; and the 14.4 Hz Mode. The arrows are printed in glow ink.

Please turn your screen brightness down. I’m on a wired laptop connected to the internet by wires. WiFi is turned off at router and this laptop so wireless is completely turned off. I used to believe a bright screen is better, you don’t need it and you will adjust. Daytime I never go over 50% bright unless watching a movie. Nighttime I dim the lights and the screen is set on about 20% bright unless I’m watching a movie. You’ll get used to it, trust me. Turn off your WiFi as it is designed to give you the big C: and while your modem is across the room or house, your WiFi on the laptop talking to your wireless modem is right in front of you so is a close field and that is a whole lot worse. Turn down your screen brightness and get used to it, please. I sleep pretty well, well…very well but when I turned down the screen brightness even I slept better.

Wire your home office and learn how to turn off your computer WiFi and your modem’s WiFi. The game is to give you cancer with wireless, vaccines, GMO food, vitamin deficiency, bad air and bad water. Don’t be fooled; take care of your health. Health is your greatest wealth and v6 is going to help. Is up to you to take care of your health as no one else can be trusted to do it.

Filter your water and don’t ever use tap water for your rice or pasta if that is on your menu. It’s not on mine as I’ve been Keto since 1996. Don’t use tap water for anything. Not coffee, tea, or whatever. Dogs get tap water for now but planning to solve that issue soon enough. The new house we’re all going to have well water. I’ll test it and find out if it’s clean. I’ll still use my filter on that water for me. Link to the Amazon guy where you get your filter is below. A gravity filter doesn’t use electricity. Think those are best long term and cover you under all conditions including power outages. Speaking of power outages,… best to run your EP from the wall to a battery pack (always charging) and then to an extension cord and then you plug your Low EMF power supply into that extension cord. Please don’t use a power strip for anything. Bad regulations on those things and they put out all sorts of bad stuff. Even our Low EMF Power supply can’t clean up most power strips. Wall current very well; power strips not very well.

New Memory Function on v6 is quite useful. It works like this… first, light the screen by hitting one time either Arrow Button. Once the screen is lit hit the SELECT button two times fast in succession and the controller goes back to the Mode last “set” where you can reset the timer at that moment.

Hit Select again and the device is active and you can raise or lower amplitude.  It works when active so you can reset Time (just light screen with either Arrow Key, hit Select twice in fast succession and it will go to that last used setting where you can adjust time during run time.  Amplitude can be adjusted on the next screen after hitting the “Select” button again to save the new time. This may be used during any mode running or completed / not active. Just light screen first and hit “Select Button” fast in succession twice and you will go to the last setting. Memory function for Manual Mode allows you to reset the frequency used too. Very useful that Memory function. Is a joy to have now. If at any time a power glitch turned the controller OFF; memory is wiped and will not work.

The WAKE-UP BUFFER (runs for 1 hour after timer says DONE) no matter what time was set is designed to help you NOT sleep though any Wake Up Function in whatever Mode you chose.

As you may imagine the ON / OFF button will turn off then reboot your device at any time. There is a Wake Up Buffer at 14.4 Hz on Manual Mode (and all other modes) at the timer completion so is going to run for one more hour on 14.4 Hz after timer says DONE to be almost sure you wake up and do so refreshed and ready to go.

New program Modes on v6 includes a Mode (that device boots to) for 9.6 Hz Mode, Schumann Mode at 7.83 Hz, Tesla Modes 1 & 2 (9.63 and 3.69 Hz respectively) though after weeks of testing I liked 9.6 Hz better than 9.63 and there is zero math on 9.63; nor on Tesla 2 mode you may find is a good Sleep Mode setting at 3.69 Hz, and if you want to try any of the Schumann frequencies our v6 Manual Mode now can be set to .01 Hz (our v5 Manual Mode was settable to .1 Hz).

Another new v6 feature is a darkening screen after 30 seconds of no button-pushing. Previously we just turned the controller overturning the screen and blinking diode down during the night. The dark screen is a nice feature. If the Blinking Diode bothers you still, just turn controller face down or rest something handy on top of the controller to shield out the diode.

An elastic bandage will hold your magnets wherever you want to put them for local use if you have problems keeping them in place. Or you can roll magnet(s) in a towel and then place if that helps. I use that last technique a bit when I lay on my back and want to put a magnet directly on my eyes. If a problem is in your hand, put the magnet in hand N facing the issue, fold fingers over and put an athletic sock over the hand to hold the magnet in place…works well. use the base and core in the magnet but NOT the Ring. If you use the dual polarity ring, placement is the key and the focal point of the issue must be small enough to fit inside the diameter of the ring. Please don’t use anything that will cut off blood circulation like rubber bands or use that Cross Polarity Ring on the head. The ring pulses South field energy and gave me a headache so I never use that Ring above the neck.

So you know, a magnet on wrist, hand or foot or any other problem area will still work for sleep so you can hit an area for the entire night; maybe not at 9.6 Hz if you require lower setting for sleep but should still help enhance local effects. Do what you have to do to speed up the process you are looking for. Trying to “enhance” your intuition here. Unfortunately, when I broke both hands-on some unfortunate Australian guy’s head I know the athletic sock thing works well for the hand.

You have 90 days from receipt so you have plenty of time to try everything and open a dialog with Customer Support if you need any help. Most don’t need any help. Is all pretty common sense applications. Instead of using static magnets, you have a pulsed DC magnet and that has shown in studies to be a lot more effective. And those are just published studies now real-world experience that you’ll have soon.

For you terrible sleepers we suggest you start with Sleep Mode 3 to start sleeping better first…than go to Sleep Mode 2 than 1 than 9.6 Hz Mode.

The new Tesla 2 Mode is 3.69 Hz and that may be a good place to start as well for you poor sleepers. SleepEZ Mode has 15 minutes of 9.6 Hz then runs first then rest of the night like Sleep 3 (all Delta at 3Hz down to 1/2 Hz.  9.6 Hz may rev up poor sleepers where on most “normal” people it makes them drowsy so if your sleep is really bad Sleep EZ is NOT a good place to start. Use Sleep 3 please.

So you know the back story on where 9.6 Hz came from here it is.

In the late ’90s I heard Bob Beck in an interview explain that during his investigation of Schumann waves and Shamans he wanted to see what the Earth frequency was if it had one. Schumann is the frequencies of the ionosphere (the standard explanation is from eons of lightening bolts setting up standing waves/frequencies that can be measured) and not the Earth itself. So toward that end, he drove metal stakes 20 feet into the Earth, hooked them up to an amplifier and then to a “frequency counter” (known now as an oscilloscope) and he found the Earth to produce a frequency of 9.6 Hz.

From that day I felt that the slew of published research on electric stimulation showing that 10 Hz being better than other frequencies was due to it being so close to 9.6 Hz. Read page on Why 9.6 Hz or sign up for monthly or bi monthly newsletter to get a pdf on Pythagorean and Platonic PEMF which is more complete than the page.

The sprouts on our Growing Giants page were grown on Recover mode but that first digital unit was pretty weak compared to our later models v4 and v5. The fish were grown in a 55-gallon drum of brackish water with ONE v5 magnet at 100% amplitude for 8 hours at 9.6 Hz at the bottom of the drum.

Mode 9.6 Hz is your goal for sleep now so you get 9.6 Hz all night, every night, so v6 boots to that full Mode 9.6 Hz which is algorithmic and has both the Wake Up Function (that starts about 20 minutes from the end of the timer on an 8-hour setting; a few minutes before the end of the timer if set for 1 hour) and the Wake-Up Buffer that runs for 1 hour upon completion of this or any Mode no matter what the timer is set at.  Rest and Recovery is so good on 9.6 Hz all night that you may find, as I have since Manual Mode 9.6 Hz was used all night in 2015 (when Manual Mode was first introduced), that you wake up early and don’t need as much sleep as you used to require (remember I used Recover Mode with digital units for years but that 9.6 Hz on Manual Mode worked way better than Recover Mode). Up to you to decide. You’re the user not us however I bet you find this to be true.

Either EarthPulse™ PEMF works for you or you ask Customer Support to return for a refund which is easy. Based on years of experience and our return rate, this works on better than 95% of people. If it doesn’t work for you we’re sorry. We tried and so did you. Just return it and we’ll do your refund within 24 hours of the system receipt.

Back in 2002 I never saw it fail and analog v1 and v2 were tested on about 30 people. Be sure to give EP close to your 90 days if you need it as some peoples’ sleep problems are more stubborn than others and can take weeks if not months to get better (especially the waking up after a couple of hours of sleep problem). If not improving by the end of week one, ask Customer Support for help.

Morning one you bend over and touch your toes. You’ll feel looser. EarthPulse™ PEMF effects are that fast. Breath-hold and strength & stamina take about 7 days to be testable.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to go to a good old fashioned free weight gym 5 nights per week and I know from experience that doing new exercises result in exercise-induced joint and muscle pain. The EP system works on that really-really well. So well that I starting using the system prophylactically so the pain doesn’t set in, to begin with. I beat the hell out of myself and always push myself for more reps at the gym. EP works better than we’ve said. Using the system every night and directly on an issue all night if something develops, I’ve experienced nearly zero training related pain. See Latest Research under the Research drop down on the website for the story of the friend that visited me and went to the gym each day with me and what the EP did for him.

After you see how much you love your EarthPulse™ tell your friends and family you found the best PEMF device in the world. Better still, once you find you love it as we do, sign up to become an Affiliate and tell everyone else and make some money on our hard work, expertise, knowledge and ingenuity. Give away your discount coupons and you’ll still get affiliate commissions even at the discount price if through your affiliate page to us.

You’ll need at least 30 days of use to become an Affiliate. To read about our Affiliate program and then sign up to be an affiliate hit that link above. That’s a deal you shouldn’t pass up to make some extra money and own your system for free. We pay 20% commissions on all. It either works for your contacts as we say or they arrange a return though our customer support so it is as risk-free as we can make it. Returns are about 5% so in about 1 in 20 sales we’ll process the return and you’ll owe us a sale. Affiliates get paid upon sale not once a month so you’ll have been paid already.

If you experience drowsiness be sure you let modes go fully to end into Wake Up function and the Buffer at 14.4 Hz then get out of bed.

If you have to get up early, stop the Mode and go to Alert mode or Manual mode 14.4 Hz for a few minutes before exiting the bed. A brain still entrained to sleep is not good for feeling energized during your morning.

If you have any problems please start a conversation and maintain it for a few weeks with our customer support to avert any restocking fee should a return result. Some people just can’t be pleased but fortunately, our returns have stayed low. As business improves seems more and more people do not seek help and this thing helps… a LOT. Back in the early days, I tested the v1 and then v2 on about 30 people and never saw it fail once. Though there was one Parkinson’s lady who claimed she recognized no difference, I did after just one hour of use at 9.6 Hz. Her loss.

Due to our low EMF Power Supply released in 2017 and EMF absorbing magnet cables on v5.3 released 2018 to catch EMF that squeaks through the Power Supply (PLUGGED INTO A WALL OUTLET AND NOT A POWER STRIP), all our systems are even better than they were before and as clean a signal as humanly possible on an electrical device. Please do not use a power strip or cordless phone during the night. Both are very bad. Meters don’t lie.

We’ve been around since 2002 and we’re still the only thing we know of that offers a 90-day money-back guarantee that it works and the only PEMF system there is that allows all-night use (or a 90-day warranty); in your existing bed. I have been wary of EMFs since about 2005 so I learned a lot on the subject and so developed the Low EMF power supply about 2015. I finally got it into production in 2017 for v5 and started shipping it. We added a Low EMF 7.5 volt power supply for our older units in the summer of 2019.

The math on 9.6 Hz is remarkable; so please read the Pemf paper on Why 9.6 Hz…and although you may not be a numerologist I become one since researching the math on 9.6 Hz which is truly incredible. I had a “hunch” that is was 9.6 Hz and not 10 Hz from the early days working with electric stimulation in the late ’90s and it turns out I was correct that the 10 Hz number was used as it was convenient, a whole number that just happened to be closest to 9.6.

The math and our results say I was correct thinking it was 9.6 Hz and not 10 Hz (and so you know this…Bob Beck drove metal stakes deep into the ground during his Shamen research and found a resonation at 9.6 Hz. I heard that interview of him in the middle-late 1990s and have used it ever since). You may like Tesla 1 at 9.63 Hz better but I don’t and I tested it for weeks. And, 9.63 Hz just doesn’t have the math that 9.6 Hz has. 9.6 Hz is so good it now has it’s own Mode with full wake up function and the 1 hour Wake Up Buffer at 14.4 Hz. If 9.6 Hz is too high a frequency for your sleep at the start, (though in v1 and v2 testing it made all people drowsy and they napped during exposure) then use Manual mode at 4.8 Hz, 2.4 Hz or 1.2 Hz (which are lower harmonics of 9.6 Hz.). They’re very good to help you get to the goal of sleeping on 9.6 Hz

Here is the page for the E-Stim that is no longer available due to the Regulatory Gods. We mean to stay “non-contact” and not do electric stim due to the contact and passing of current.

Please be sure to listen to those interviews at the bottom of the page in the Motivation and Muscle podcast. Turns out E-Stim was even better than I thought it was. Necessity IS the mother of invention. I developed an infection in a joint that hurt for over a year  and even a Beck magnetic pulser at 6000 Gauss would not resolve.

I used the Beck electrical stim unit during one of those “what if” moments into year two and it immediately felt better, but the Beck Silver Pulser was just not strong enough to resolve the issue. So as soon as I got to India I designed and built a better one. According to Dr. Wong, a self-described expert in electric stim (interview at bottom of the page along with a Guinness Book of World Records holder strong man named Jon Bruney), E-Stim was the best stim unit they ever used.  If you need one find the schematic of the Bob Beck silver pulser online and use it as the basis of building yourself one. You can have a local electronics shop do the build. Specs below.

E Stim was set at 9.6 Hz, plugged in the wall (as batteries just didn’t have the necessary push), about 5 milliamps per set of pads and an amplitude switch that went down to near zero for stimming the eyes. See if you can get an AC or DC output switch added as well.

Easy way to remember; AC kills (varmints) and DC builds (tissue). A Dr would have told me I had developed arthritis or had a “Frozen Shoulder” if I’d bothered to get it diagnosed. I was never interested in what a “specialist” had to say.

You should have both AC and DC if possible as the Beck unit is AC only at 4 Hz only. The E Stim was about 3x the output strength as the Beck had, but we had an adjustable output switch so you could adjust the output strength and reduce it as needed even low enough for vision restoration (pads directly on the closed eyelids). The best pads I’ve ever used can be purchased through that link. If pads lose stickiness rinse under the tap and rub with fingers; then shake off water and stick together for 15 minutes so the gel rehydrates; then pull them apart carefully. They’ll come back to life. They really are the best pads I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot since the late ’90s. Personally I gave up using tap water and started rinsing the pads with homemade colloidal silver,

Though I got 14 good years out of my busted up shoulder (surfing accident ’85) thanks to the first magnetic device (v1 and onward from 2002 EarthPulse™). I developed some sort of infection there in the left shoulder in late 2014 and am sure a doctor would have diagnosed it as a Frozen or Arthritic shoulder. Luckily I read a study at the Herbal Horse website (gone now) and it said that many equine cases of hoof and leg arthritis are misdiagnosed bacterial infection from the hoof. Made a lot of sense to me and I thought maybe there’s an infection in that thing.

So I broke out my Bob Beck Silver Pulser to see what would happen running some current through the shoulder (since the Beck strong magnetic pulser at some 5000 Gauss didn’t work to improve it) and shoulder improved day one. Gone for years now after a year plus problem that I used my Bob Beck stim device on and it set me on the right track to build a better and more powerful stimulation device I called the E-Stim. Necessity is the mother of invention.

If you need one there are Bob Beck schematics out there on the net and worth the effort to find an electronics shop to use it as the basis to build your own E-Stim at 9.6 Hz, with more power, an output/amplitude controller, and with an AC / DC switch. Better to have more power than you need than less power than you need. Put an amplitude control so you can adjust it.  Beck’s device is AC only at 4 Hz so see what you can do. We wish we could sell you an E-Stim but you’ll have to do it on your own. As stated, thank the regulatory gods. Please be sure to listen to the interviews at the bottom to hear what the experts say about that system.

Our Growing Giants page has some nice images of plants. Plants don’t lie and neither do animals.

Now with v6, your goal should be to sleep well on 9.6 Hz mode (finally made a full Mode for that 9.6 Hz with Wake Up Function and the Wake-Up Buffer) which parks at 9.6 Hz all night until the Wake-Up function that starts at about 20 minutes before the end of the time set (on eight-hour setting). And then the wake-up BUFFER at 14.4 Hz that runs for 1 Hr when Mode is DONE no matter what time is set on the timer. The Buffer is there on all Modes even the Manual mode to avert sleeping though the Wake-Up function which I regularly did. Manual mode has no Wake-Up function; just the Wake-Up Buffer is there for 1Hr when the timer goes to DONE.

Best way to test strength and stamina are Push-ups or resistance training. If resistance training is used, test stamina first by using the same resistance level and see how many more reps you can do. Then test peak strength by adding more weight/resistance and see how much more weight you can do for your old number of reps at peak resistance level.

Rule of thumb is 40% more stamina and 20% more peak strength. If you do either let us know in the 90-day feedback form which is worth a 10% discount upon return of filled out form (which is filled in just every 7 days for the first month and once a month for two months so a total of 90 days).

If you do pushups then there is a combination of strength and stamina and you should be around 20 or 30% more reps; maybe more. Let us know. Cyclists should go out and do a favorite course and judge how easy or hard it seems. Should notice 10 or 20% less difficult than usual. You should notice better breathing under load.

Less supplements and less massage and you pay for the device in a year or two; or less. In the next week, any weight you lift should feel lighter than normal. You’re on your way. Don’t forget to get a baseline breath-hold (RBH) before you start. Watching your RBH (Resting Breath Hold) go up for years is a lot of fun. It should probably double or better. I went from 35-40 secs my entire life to 2:42 at my best. Remained at 2:30+ for years and years.

We’ve collected client feedback forms since 2003 and this works on better than 95% of the general public. Nothing on Earth can do what the EarthPulse™ does for sleep, brain entrainment, oxygen use, recovery and anti-ageing. If it didn’t we’d have been out of business before we got started; particularly with our 90-day money-back guarantee.

We do PEMF for years better than anyone. Now with our low EMF power supply and new v6 programs, 

Manual mode (frequency control to .01 Hz so you can hit 7.83 Hz Schumann direct, or any other frequencies from .5 to 14.4 Hz.), darkening screen after 30 seconds of no button pushing, last used Memory, mode 9.6 Hz, Schumann at 7.83 Hz, Tesla modes 1 & 2, & EMF absorbing Magnet Cables to pick off whatever squeaks through the Power Supply; makes the entire system as low EMF as is humanly possible in an electrical device and now we’re even better than we always have been; far beyond anything else out there.

As said, we’re here for the smart ones and the ones with common sense.

Once you’ve decided you love your system, sign up for our affiliate program and tell everyone you know. This way you’ll probably own your system for free and hopefully, you put some money in your pocket. That’s a deal you shouldn’t pass up.

If you’re into vision enhancement; declining vision and bad “floaters” for the 44-year-old inventor stopped COLD around the time in 2002 he started using the system. “Floaters” went away or became minor issues.

Now a priority, I’ve improved my vision fairly dramatically. Get a good eye exercise chart and use it. Stronger and stronger glasses are not the answer; and it won’t help you read menus in the dark of a restaurant.

The only effort into vision enhancement, a good eye chart, some effort on your part and a good tool like the EarthPulse™ can do that. The eye is a muscle like any other muscle. Work it out and vision should improve; it won’t get perfect but it should get a lot better. For some instance of improvement, I can say my 3.25 / 3.00 glasses which I wore a lot are lost and my weak pair glasses of 1.25 and 1.5 specs are now too strong. We see what the Bangalore optometrist says. This was the effect since 2017 when I started consciously vision enhancement. I lay on my back and using a towel to roll the magnets in, put the magnets on my eye’s probably an hour a week.

We want you to sleep better than ever and in that vein please turn your screen brightness down. Is a good idea to darken your room too and your dimmed screen will look brighter. We never go over 50% bright unless watching a movie. Electricity is still only about 100 years old and time will come when it is learned AC current is harmful due to the 50 and 60 Hz radiation caused by it. We work in a dark room at night and our screen is turned way down. The cell phone is off and the whole office is wired. WIFI is turned off at the router and the computer. Lights are turned OFF or darkened. On the corner of my desk is a small lamp. But for that which is always turned on, most other lights are turned off.

This isn’t rocket science or quackademics; just natural law and it works as well as we present it, if not better. If it didn’t work, we’d have been gone before we got started in 2002.

Time to plug yourself into EP and sleep better and repair better than ever. The longer you wait, the more time you burn. If you’re reading this you’re almost on your way. Your breath hold should increase huge along with daytime energy, strength and stamina, and better sleep of course. There isn’t a nutritional supplement on Earth that can do what the EP does; nor another PEMF system that can do what EP does either; and nothing else known to mankind. We do PEMF better than anyone, and now even better than we always have been.  Period; end of the story.

If you take nutritional supplements it will make them work better and less spent on nutritional supplements will pay for the system over time. I used tons of supplements and was well-grounded and nothing resolved the shoulder separation caused issue until the first EP back in 2002 and I had the shoulder problem since 1985. If you play golf look up our golf page. My left (lead) shoulder got worse and worse over time due to that separation injury in 1985 and got to where on my golf backswing the shoulder would separate and clunk on each swing. Also paddling my surfboard was somewhat problematic. Both stopped with v1 after a few days in May 2002 (17 YEARS OF SHOULDER PAIN). If you hit long get a Krank driver. It is everything they say it is. Before this last murder attempt, I got out to 350 yards regularly. Not a typo. 350 Yards! At the range, I was hitting just over the net where when I started long drive techniques I was hitting the lower middle of that same net with my driver. As I started increasing my swing speed I could feel my driver twisting in my hand on the downswing. The Krank stopped that and added a couple of dozen yards to my distance. In end 2016 I was OVER the net on almost all shots with the Krank driver there. Had it been trees behind the net I’ve probably not been allowed to use that club. or I’d have to hit it low into the net. Fortunately, that range in Bangalore I’d frequent had the Golf School range facing the net from the other side. So I’d plop a few dozen balls over there without a problem.

Eat organic food. Better to pay more now than a lot more later. Health is your greatest wealth. Take care of it. Health is like honor; easy to lose. If food comes in a box or package, odds are it is not fit for consumption. That goes for pets too. There is none in this house. I won’t even give it to my dogs. Canned or bagged dog food will shorten their life and affect their overall health. I cook for the dogs every two days. Rice, sunflower oil (no GMO sunflowers yet), cheap chicken parts, sea salt. The dogs love it. My hound just turned 7 (2019) and that dog can hunt. He never stops all day. About ready to put an analog on/off the system at 9.6 Hz outside for the 4 dogs to sleep on. The Equine Basic system. I’ve tested the EP on animals and plants and they don’t have a placebo mechanism so you see the real results ALWAYS. There are always results. I’ve never seen a failure ever in humans or animals or plants.

I’ve been Keto since 1996 though it was not known as Ketogenesis but Paleo in those days. So much for Keto, Paleo, or basically a Hunter / Gatherer diet not being healthy long term. All BS. Should have caught on with runners and cyclists when it was newish this time around in about late 2002. Fat is a much longer, cleaner-burning fuel than carbs. Carb Loading my axx.

Fat burning for energy is a much better source of energy and more healthy for most people than carbs. Not getting hungry ever again is priceless. Grass-fed meats, ocean fish, organic vegetables, and filtered water here. If you need to lose some weight, experience has shown (have plenty of experience over the years) Keto or Hunter Gatherer or Paleo is the way to go and will get you or anyone down to “fighting weight” quickly and somewhat effortlessly. You can listen to doctors there at that link. To coin an old phrase…”What if fat doesn’t make you fat?”. Since the US just ruled that you have to be a Nutritionist to give dietary information know that I am not a nutritionist; neither do I live in the U.S. I learned by doing and experiencing, not by books. Yes, I read a lot of studies over the years but I learned everything through experience; not by books.

We’ve tested a lot of power strips and they generate all sorts of junk that can not be cleaned up. Seems as though they have very lax regulations on those things and should be used during the day only. Unplug them at night please if in your bedroom, as turned off by their switch they’re still producing bad stuff based on our metering. In 3d real world, I had a place on the couch under the AC unit where I used to lay with one dog or another before dinner.

At one point I noticed a headache would set in EVERY time I laid down and I don’t ever get headaches. So one day as a headache was setting in I turned my head and the power strip lying beside me came into view. I thought hmm, I wonder if that thing is affecting me. I got up and moved the thing a meter further away. The headache went away immediately. Never got a headache there again. As I said, I learn by experience. do not expose yourself to EMF; it CAN NOT BE GOOD FOR YOUR SLEEP; whether you notice effects or not, please don’t wait ‘till you do.

Since most of us use computers a lot; turn down your screen brightness. During the day learn to use your screen at half brightness. At night dim lights or turn out room lights and turn down the screen brightness to almost 10%. You will get used to it. Bright screens will affect your sleep and probably your health so just don’t use bright screens anymore. We’re at about 100 years of electricity and artificial light use and in the future, we’ll find out that all the EMF and some lights created by electricity hasn’t been good for us.

Cordless phones or DECT phones are broadcasting RF from the moment they’re turned ON. Really bad design on those things but the only thing available now that I know of. If you found a cordless phone any different than that, please email our customer support team to let me know.

And please use this purchase as a good reason to clean up your Diet and Lifestyle.  if you haven’t already. The inventor has been a “hunter gatherer” or Paleo and Keto since 1996 and further cleaned his diet over the years. Organic everything, gravity filtered well water, ocean fish, fresh from the cow milk, backyard veggies, and clean grass-fed beef. Anything man-made is currently bad and has growth hormones and pesticides. Do away with them now before they do away with you later.

Eat plenty of ocean fish that do not get fed by man and plenty of vegetables too that are organic. Better to pay now than pay a lot later.

Chemical fertilizer and pesticides are not good.  Nor are man-made animal feed. Better to spend money now on good organic food rather than later on disease treatment.

Get your Organic Sulfur and use it. It does NOT taste/smell like sulfur. Your hair and nails will grow a lot faster and you will know it is working.

All that crap about long term Keto not being good for you is bull. Keto will get you down to fighting weight fast too. Male or female fat stores or dietary fat is better energy than carbs and eventually, your fat stores will go. Inventor sits at the computer all day and a good portion of the night and if he ate what was regarded as normal he’d be a whale. Instead, he’s probably in the best shape of his life even though in his 60’s. In the words of Tony Robbins “When you’re green you grow,…when you’re ripe you rot”. So don’t get ripe. Is your choice. The inventor was into him back in the ’80s when Robbins spoke to classrooms of 20 people, The inventor’s walked more burning coals than any white man but for maybe Robbins himself.

Plenty of pink salt for the sodium and other minerals, Organic Sulphur (does not taste or smell like sulphur and is NOT MSM; there is a link to what we use in the manual) and plenty of clean water (the sodium in the pink salt should make you plenty thirsty). Get a gravity filter and use it. Pay now or pay a lot more later.

Learn about and how to make colloidal silver. Our site has probably the best page that exists on how to make colloidal silver with the EP power supply on your kitchen counter with distilled water (called battery water in some places) and we use the 12 volt EP power supply to make it. The inventor has drank gallons of homemade CS over the years and is perfectly safe. He hasn’t caught a cold or flu since ’96 and he is no blue.  The best deodorant there is too but let it air dry before dressing so does not stain your clothing under arms grey. Your 12-volt EarthPulse™ power supply works well to make  CS. You can find .9999 pure (4 nines) silver wires on the internet. 4 nines have 9 times less impurity than 3 nines. We never use 3 nine silver. 4 nines are written as .9999 fine; pure.

The photo on top of that CS page shows a non EP 12v power supply plugged into the wall. Even back then I had a 12-volt power supply for silver. Get a new 4 cup coffee maker with a hot plate at Walmart or wherever and use for distilled hot water only. Do NOT use a microwave to heat water or food. Putting any other water in the new pot will leave mineral deposits on the internal heater coils so leave it for distilled water only. Using a microwave to heat your water will screw up your CS. So is definitely not good for food and changes the molecular composition of whatever you heat in it. Throw yours’ away. Is good for garbage and that’s about it. Do NOT give it away…throw it away.

Though rehabbing from the last murder attempt where he was DOA at the hospital and spent 17 days in a coma, his abs are better than that pic and the Bowflex is used every day. Great tool that Bowflex. The inventor had one or another since the first Bowflex infomercial back in the early ’90s. Better than going to the gym. Smooth as silk and the resistance increases as you go through each movement and not the other way around or staying the same. So it is actually better than the gym or any other training you can do. By the time you’d travel to the gym you’re workout is done and it sits in the corner of any room. The commercial that says 15 minutes a day is a misnomer… all you need is 10 minutes a day. Use it and you’ll see it. Used ones are on eBay and there are a lot in every place and pretty cheap. Back to silver.

Room temperature filtered drinking water is fine for quick CS applications and we’ve done that plenty, but you don’t heat that filtered water anyway. You heat the distilled water and thus that 4 cup coffee maker is very useful (with a hotplate to keep the pot of hot water hot while the c.s. is being made).

Paul’s mom or he has not had a cold or flu since 1996 when he first learned of colloidal silver. So that’s 50 years cold / flu free between them both.  It works and is PRICELESS. Learning about it is worth the cost of an EarthPulse™ system. What would it be worth to you to never get sick again?  Works good food poisoning too…you eat bad food and start to feel sick you get 5 or 6 oz of home make CS in your stomach and it neutralizes the poison before you get too sick. Works on a lot of things. Gave a bottle of c.s. to someone with bad asthma, a week later I ask how it worked and the person says “I use my inhaler several times a day. This week I used the silver whenever breathing became problematic which wasn’t as much as usual. I don’t even know where the inhaler is as I’ve not used it all week.” As stated,…PRICELESS!

When he used to wear soft contact lenses (before natural vision improvement) he used to use the CS in his eyes so the contacts stayed free of foreign organisms. It is still used as an eyewash when needed and it makes a great aftershave if you’re a guy.

Previous to daily CS use he used to get eye infections about 2x a year and a bad cold 2x a year. His mom got the flu EVERY winter until 1996 during his entire life. Currently, 23 years being cold and flu FREE; x 2 people.

Take your sulpher crystals. Link in full Manual (below). Pretty sure they’ll ship you no matter where in the world you are.

FILTER your water. What comes out of the tap is as bad for you as the poisoned food (and air). And if you drink bottled water that tastes good you have to trust the manufacturer of that bottled water that fluoride is removed. Plus it is in a plastic bottle. Better not to trust anyone but yourself. Filter your own for pennies and ditch the plastic and lose the co involved.

We use a gravity feed ProPur filter from our Amazon dealer. Get one please and use it. He’ll ship you no matter where in the world you are. It gets all the crap out of the water and you’ll never need to drink plastic bottled water again. Get a glass or stainless steel container you like and refill it from the filter.

If you believe in SMART technology you should get rid of it. Smart S.M.A.R.T. stands for secret militarized armaments in residential technology. This whole movie was based on old technology and the new 5g is worse as all the new wireless and is tuned to the Oxygen molecule. HMMMM. Should make you think. Guess tuning WIFI to the hydrogen molecule wasn’t deadly enough.

Remember we’ve tested power strips and their regulations are not good. So plug your stuff into a power strip and then unplug it during the night. Turning OFF the strip does not work very well; so please unplug it and let your portable DECT phone go off as they are always broadcasting and will affect your sleep or worse over time. Why DECT phones always broadcast and not only during a call, we will never understand but this is the reality of a DECT phone. Only when a call comes into the base should the broadcasting begin, but this is not how portable phones are designed.

Power Supply has after delivery work at the factory to make it low EMF. Interchangeable tips for anywhere in the world on that Power Supply with no more adapter tips. Please keep the spare tips in the zippered Travel Case with the Magnet Dual Polarity Ring(s) so they don’t get lost and are ready to travel international when you are.

That power supply can be plugged into 110 or 220 volts so it can go anywhere in this world. Power strips have bad regulations and they generate all sorts of bad stuff. Not too bad when you have them used during the day, but please unplug them during the nighttime. Turning them off is better than on but unplugging is the only way to truly know they are zeroed out. Turning them off does NOT zero them out.

We went 12 volts in 2015 when v5 came out so we could increase the amplitude at the magnets. Now even the magnet cables are EMF absorbing, to absorb any EMF that squeaks though the Power Supply. Not as flexible and thin as our older magnet coils but should get better with time.

The signal coming out of the magnet is as clean and EMF free as humanly possible using an electrical system. Stetzer Filters are a good investment for your home. You can find them online and do work nicely.

The power supply works great for colloidal silver production and is what we use. 20 volts is better but that voltage power supply we had blown up and in the interim, we’re back to using this new 12 volt Low EMF power supply. It works great.

If you don’t know about colloidal silver see that link above to our website page on CS and learn about it. We never get sick and use that c.s. up our nose, in our eyes, or in our throat at the first sign of any bodily attack. My mom has used it too since 1996 and we’re both cold and flu free since then. Is a great eyewash and I used CS daily for my soft, extended wear contacts for years to keep them bacteria free. I used to get a pink eye 2 times a year and CS used as a daily eye wash stopped that cold in “96. I no longer wear contacts however and have been practicing vision enhancement for years and see better now than any year since I started wearing specs back in oh 4th grade of so. Stronger and stronger Glasses or corrective eyewear is not the answer. Your eye is a muscle like any other. Use it, strengthen it, work at it; it won’t happen on its own. Guaranteed you’ll read dark restaurant menus again. Just work it. It takes years of effort

That knowledge and not getting sick again is worth the price of a device from us. And when you make you’re own CS, you’ll NEVER turn blue, know what you made, and didn’t spend a lot of money on a product in a bottle and not know what you got. The blueman is just more propaganda from those above but a good reason to make your own so you know what you have at you can spill it and not worry as it is so cheap.

4 – 9s (.9999 pure silver rods or 99.99% pure) are available on the internet. Please be sure you buy from a reputable source as 3 – 9s silver is impossible for you to tell and has 10x the impurities of FOUR 9’s. We NEVER use 3 nine silver.

Every other power supply you own is 4 Gauss at least when plugged in the wall at 220v here in the Eastern Hemi. Our low EMF power supply is 1/2 Gauss so the whole system is 1/2 gauss or so instead of the electronic standard it seems of 4 gauss. The inventor used a meter to measure all so is not a guess on Gauss, but fact. Though all were plugged in 220 Volt outlet which is the standard voltage over here on this side of the world. Our Low EMF power supply will lower whatever comes out.

Never use a power strip please unless during the day.  Bad regulation on those and we can’t clean up what they produce as is so bad. And they produce a lot of bad stuff. Wall current is cleaner by regulation. If you have to use a power strip for all your stuff, it needs to be unplugged at night…not just turned OFF. Meter says they still produce bad stuff even when turned OFF; not as much when ON but they still do even though turned OFF. Unplug from the wall, please…

New v6 Features:

Everything we do is now low EMF since our v5.3 and the Low EMF 12v power supply.  Now those cables and our v6 is Ul approved as well as CE approved.

The screen goes dark on the v6 after some seconds of no button-pushing. Only the blue flashing diode will be lit when the screen goes dark. The diode doesn’t throw much light. If it still bothers you controller face down.

9.6 Hz mode has full Wake-Up function and Buffer Mode. You may prefer as we do the new 9.6 Hz Mode setting. where it runs entire time set at 9.6 Hz until the Wake-Up function begins and then one hour Buffer at 14.4 Hz. If you want to see how good the numerological math is at 9.6 Hz, you can go here and see for yourself that the math on 9.6 is actually remarkable (even to us). Math is the same for the lower harmonics of 9.6 Hz at 4.8 and 2.4 Hz which are good settings on Manual Mode when you need them for sleep.

New Tesla 1 and 2 modes at 9.63 Hz and 3.69 Hz respectively. You may find the Tesla 1 mode is more to your likening than our gold standard 9.60 Hz; and the Tesla 2 mode may be a good sleep setting for you. We’re not there with you and even if we were you know best; so use your own feeling as a guide to what is best.

Blue flashing diode is in line with the magnets (always has been this way) and blinks in time with the magnet. In all Modes there is a Wake-Up function but for Manual Mode that has the Buffer only to wake you when you need to use that Manual Mode.

Up / Down Arrows light the screen when dark and have glow ink. The screen must be lit first for Memory to work. So light screen first with UP / DN arrows to see screen and time-lapse. Please remember this before you use Memory Function the screen must be lit first.

As long as the power to the controller is not interrupted last used memory function will work nicely but you need to light screen first. You can change timer if you need by hitting select twice fast in succession to go there where you can change the time.

If you get up early, just let the program run to complete and then shut down. When DONE and no blinking diode; negligible or no power will be drawn and you can use Memory function when you go to sleep and the system will start at last used selection.

Years of 9.6 Hz and Inventor still doesn’t sleep eight hours as sleep and recovery with that is just too good. Even if Inventor resets the device to go back to sleep set to 2.4 Hz or Sleep mode 3 as inventor rarely falls back to sleep on 9.6 Hz as body is too well-rested.

These new program modes and the old ones have full Wake-Up function and 14.4 Hz “Buffer” for 60 minutes to help wake you if you sleep through our wake up function.  Manual mode has only the Buffer to wake you. The inventor used Manual mode for years and he feels the Buffer only to wake is adequate.

Buffer at 14.4 Hz for one hour to help nag you to wake if you sleep through the wake-up phase. The math on 9.6 Hz is remarkable and if you haven’t read the free report Pythagorean PEMF you should get that and read it to get the rest of the story. Hit that last link above and you can go to our back up page we set up. that is not quite as complete as the pdf.

As with all our Sleep Modes the wake-up function starts to rise frequency at about 20 minutes before the timer ends (on an eight-hour setting) to help you wake naturally on your own. Shorter set time, then wake-up phase is shorter as it is an algorithm. All the new Modes have it. Sleep1 – 3, Sleep EZ, Recover are algorithmic and have the Wake-Up Function and the Buffer for one hour.

We added the Buffer on v5.2 as developer slept through wake up function somewhat regularly when the device shut down, he would oversleep for hours. And since he used Manual mode to get to 9.6 Hz and there was no buffer there he would sometimes sleep in and sleep late for hours. Manual mode is now able to be set at .01 Hz so you can now use Manual mode to hit Tesla frequencies or Schumann at 7.83 Hz exactly (or any other Schumann frequency you want) up to 14.4 Hz.

Buffer for all runs for 1 hour or 60 minutes to nag you to wake if the user slept through the wake-up function on sleep modes. Regardless of timer setting the Buffer is 60 minutes long. Like the whole system, the Buffer at 14.4 Hz is perfect. We use this 14.4 as is a harmonic of lower frequencies that make up 9.6 Hz (2.4 Hz, 4.8 Hz)


We’ve changed our logo and are all about ENHANCING magnetic field or energetic field now vs supplementing. So enhance your magnetic field and live a healthier and longer life.

Even in 2014 inventor noticed the power strip by the couch would give him a headache EVERY TIME he laid on the couch so it was moved and the headaches stopped IMMEDIATELY and never occurred again. EMF and its deleterious effects are real but unknown by a vast majority of people. Also, you can guarantee that most know nothing of PEMF; so you have them beat on those two, knowledge of colloidal silver and organic sulphur. You know a lot more now than the average human; now we just need you to be a happy PEMF user.

While tabletop / clinical strong “ringer” systems are quite a bit stronger at 30,000+ Gauss systems,  EarthPulse™PEMF  is the strongest “hummer” system there is on this planet; and certainly the strongest portable system. Also, the only system designed with a timer for all night use. It can NOT kill microorganisms but will help the body recover at its maximum. v5 through this v6 is the same amplitude; though magnet coils had to be redesigned when we went 12 volts on v5. And now v6 magnet cables are UL approved.

The EarthPulse™ system is and always has been designed for putting the magnets without ring under the existing mattress on your bed and using all night. His mom has a “monster” mattress and even as thick a mattress as there is, EarthPulse™ PEMF is strong enough to go through ANY mattress. Coil springs though there has to be some effect is not discernable. Water beds are the best and he learned this on v2 in 2002. He uses a standard, coil spring mattress for years.

Only use the cross polarizing ring when using locally for rehab. It will make the magnet stronger but the key issue is the Cross Polarizing effect it has on that tweaked body part. The Cross Polarizing ring brings the South pole is mostly static South pole at the metal base plate up to the surface as a pulsed South field. Metalcore is about 1000 Gauss North Pole field and the pulsed South field is about 100 Gauss on the surface of the ring.

The designer has learned the hard way to NOT hold the magnet in place with the hand as the user will be holding the South pole the entire time. Not traditionally good, or good for the body. Inventor fell asleep holding a magnet and woke up to pain in his hand. He used the North Pole of the magnet just once for 15 minutes and the pain in that hand went away and never came back.

On morning one bend over and touch toes and you will likely notice a difference after just one night. 

Touch toes every morning for the first week as it takes a week or two for resting breath-hold to start to respond and rise (if I’m any indication, the RBH will rise for years). End of week one your strength and stamina should increase. If you go to a gym or know your resistance level old weight should feel lighter to you; and you’ll get more reps at the old resistance level. RBH (Resting Breath Hold) won’t respond as fast as Strength and Stamina or your “looseness” and your flexibility; this should respond fast and we expect that you will feel a difference the very first night of use. It will in better than 9 of 10 of you.

Strength and stamina should respond the first week or after a few nights but flexibility should be evident your very first morning, and you will notice it by the “touch your toes” or tough the floor test. Please do it and you will see it. Flexibility and “looseness” should be evident after just one night and will in 9 out of 10 of you if not more than that.

If none of these effects happen to you after the end of week one, please contact customer support for some needed tips. Non-responders are under 5% over years and years. Hopefully, you won’t be one. As we’ve said if this didn’t work we’d have been out of business before we got started in 2002.

Remember, if your sleep is really bad, sleep better on lower frequencies before you go up, and see if amplitude is too strong for you.

You can play with the amplitude control and go lower amplitude. 70% boot amplitude is the same as our v4 which had no amplitude setting. We use 100% always but you have to decide what’s best for you.

When going lower frequency, we like the harmonics of 9.6 Hz. Usually, we use the new 9.6 mode in the v6; or the Manual Mode when going lower to 4.8, 3.2, 2.4, or 1.2 Hz; or use Sleep 3 or the Tesla 2 mode in v6.

You have 90 days from receipt to return so you have plenty of time to find out what works best for you. This really works GREAT. If it doesn’t for you then as we said, we’re sorry. We don’t play hard and fast with the 90 days return. Just be close, please.

Contact us if you have any problems or questions at

Manual Here.