Program Modes (Basics)

The Basic and ProBasic models come with a single program – Manual Mode while the Sleep on Command and Pro have 10 Program modes. Device boots to 70% amplitude; adjust amplitude up / down using arrow buttons during run-time. A timer can be set up to 12 hours.

Manual Mode

The Manual Mode Program is capable of delivering the entire range of beneficial PEMF – 0.5 Hz – 14.4 Hz for upto 12 hours.

With the Manual Mode Program, you are free to experiment sleeping/recovering/meditating with any one particular frequency.

It may be one of the Schumann peaks at 1.5 Hz (1.2 Hz?) or 2.5 Hz (2.4 Hz?) or 7.8 Hz, or 9.6 Hz or 10 Hz (or any choice in between .5 and 14.4 Hz). At the end of the set timer, the frequency shifts to 14.4 Hz to help awaken. The 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer effectively becomes the wake-up part of the program.

For feeling ALERT use 12 – 14.4 Hz. 12 Hz also has some strange harmonic resonance, so be sure to try it, rather than just go for the fastest setting out of
the gate.

The author finds 2.4 Hz, 4.8 Hz, and 9.6 Hz particularly good at recovering during the night and rarely ends up sleeping a full 8 hours without waking on his own long before the timer runs to wake up phase. See our article – Why 9.6 Hz and its amazing harmonic relationship to healing tones, sacred geometry, and terrestrial measurements