Choosing Initial Sleep Frequency

The choice of frequency for nighttime use is based upon whether or not you fell asleep during the initial 9.6 Hz session.

If you slept a bit, lost track of time, or have lucid dreams during the initial session at 9.6 Hz, you should give 9.6 Hz a try at night. Use a lower harmonic of 9.6 Hz or Schumann 7.8 Hz or whatever choice feels right for you.

Once you find a frequency that works best for you, use it for some time, and every so often raise the frequency a bit. The goal is to be so well entrained by the system that even 9.6 Hz gives you a great sleep. When you’re too wound up for 9.6 Hz as I’ve found myself now and then, use something lower.

We usually see the best results with 3 Hz for the first week and then moving to 9.6 or 10 Hz from the second week onwards. The low frequency provides a great way to fix sleep and acclimatize to PEMF at the same time.

RBH Test Done?

PLEASE DO YOUR INITIAL RBH (Rest-Hold-Breathe) Test PRIOR TO YOUR INITIAL SESSION as the brain is known to consume large amounts of oxygen and conditioning of tissues occurs rapidly.

The eventual goal is to sleep in the frequency set to precisely 9.6 Hz. If during the initial session you find 9.6 Hz puts you to sleep or results in disengaged consciousness, you should begin nighttime use set at 9.6 Hz.

You can always reset the device to slower rhythm whenever unsuccessful. The initial session exposes the grey-matter to 9.6 Hz. Please take at least 60 minutes to benefit mitochondria in brain tissue. If you do not (at least) reach lucid dream state during that first session, then you will set the frequency to 4.8 Hz or 2.4 Hz, until you achieve 7 consecutive nights of better sleep (this could take a week or two, or a month or two).

Bend down and touch your toes for the first few mornings so you feel how much more flexible you are. 

During the first 7 days you may move the magnet placement; but do not change frequency. Repetition-repetition each night with same frequency, when going to sleep so as to help the brain to entrain to the signal and to regain better circadian rhythm.

If waking in the middle of the night or if unable to fall asleep, you step down to the next lower harmonic frequency but don’t change the going-to-sleep frequency. Choose one and stick to it until you’ve slept better 7 nights consecutively.

You can continue to experiment until you touch the lowest .5 Hz if you are unable to fall asleep, week by week.

Avoid Incorrect Use

About the only things you can do wrong with EarthPulse™ is using the incorrect (South-pole) side of the magnet; NOT take the cross-polarity ring off the metal magnet housing for general nighttime use, or tune the program up during the night when you meant to tune it down to the slower frequency setting.