What’s in the Box (v5+ Basic)

Be sure your device’s controller arrives looking like this or contact us here. The factory sticker is perforated and can not be removed without destruction of it. If your sticker is not of that type please let us know.

Before we set up the system, let’s have a look at its components in your model.

Package Contents:

  • Controller
  • Modular Electromagnet
  • Power supply 100 – 240 volt AC to 12 volt DC
  • 4 International pin adapters (works for all countries)
  • Padded, clear-side travel case

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 0.5 – 14.4 Hz;
  • Wave Form: Pulsed DC Square Wave, 50% duty cycle
  • Amplitude:
    • 100% Amplitude = 950 Gauss peak and 650 Gauss across the square wave at the surface of sleep magnet core (without outer ring)
    • 1100 Gauss peak with Cross-Polarizing Ring (Outer Ring) attachment for the electromagnet
  • Program Modes: 1 Program Mode: MANUAL Mode