Electromagnet Configurations

The EarthPulse Electromagnet has 3 main configurations. Each config serves a purpose such as focus the magnetic field or reduce its amplitude.Metal magnet housing parts are made from a special hard, very high ferrous steel for maximum coil energy amplification. The hard steel accumulates magnetism over time and the electromagnets become static magnets while not powered.  The only part of the South polarized metal parts (shown in red at left) that pulses effectively becomes the outer ring at the treatment surface.

One important thing to note about the Cross-Polarizing ring; only use the cross polarizing ring when using for local application and where all damaged tissue fits inside the diameter of the ring. It would be best not to use that configuration above the base of the skull. In other words, the cross polarity ring is OK for the neck issue (if it fits inside the diameter of the ring), but it’s not okay for your headache.

The center core and top 1/2 of the magnet are all North pole field. The sides of the cross-polarizing ring and the base-plate are static South-pole field at about 100 Gauss. Addition of Cross-Polarizing Ring boosts North-Pole field at core surface 100+ Gauss.

Ring edge pulses South-pole field into the healthy tissue surrounding damage ones, polarizing healthy tissue and fluids to South-Pole, while North-Pole of electromagnet polarizes damaged tissue to North using a relatively strong 1100 Gauss North Polarity pulsed-field; thereby helping to speed exchange of fluids (inflammation process) in and out of the area due to the influence of magnetic attractive forces. A magnetic “pump” so-to-speak. The extra North-pole power seems to help too.

You’ll notice the base plate extends up to the N – S equator line of the coil. This traps nearly all pulsing south field, and by induction, that entire base-plate becomes a south static field. About the only thing known that shields a pulsing field at these frequencies is ferrous sheet-metal. It “traps” the magnet field. The EP goes through Faraday materials that normally stop cell phone signals cold.

Once again, only use the Cross-Polarizing Ring when applied locally, where all tissue that “hurts” fits inside of the diameter of the ring, and try and keep the application of it below the base of the skull. In other words, you can use cross-polarity for your stiff neck, but not your headache. It works best if secured in a perfect position.