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Message from the Inventor & Product Developer:

Before we get into the v6 Manual, I’d like to cover a few important things you should know that I’ve learned since 2002 when EarthPulse™ PEMF first became a device.
The v6 is the culmination of everything I’ve wanted to do for years. as well as powered by the Low EMF Power Supply we’ve been shipping with our v5.3, our last v5 version.
The v6 has a screen that goes dark, a last used memory function, frequency control to .01 Hz (100th of Hz) vs our old controller at .1 Hz (1/10th Hz) on Manual Mode; full new modes with Wake Up Function and Wake Up Buffer as with our algorithmic older program modes. New full modes for 9.6 Hz, Shumann at 7.83 Hz, Tesla 1 at 9.63 Hz, Tesla 2 at 3.69 Hz which the lower may be a good sleep setting for you.  When testing the new Tesla 1 at 9.63 Hz for weeks… I liked 9.6 Hz better); and Schumann 7.83 Hz.  Amplitude is the same as our v5 released August 2015 and like the v5, the v6 boots to 70% amplitude which is the same as our v4. Personally I ALWAYS use 100%. Up to you to decide what works best. 
Alert Mode is now 12 Hz – 14.4 Hz (vs 14.1 Hz for v5 and previous models). 
To operate new Darkening Screen and Last Used Memory functions:
Light Darkened Screen hitting either arrow button first. Screen will light. At this point you can raise or shorten timer function-with the ARROWS. Screen must be lit to use Last Used Memory Function.
After running a Mode to completion the Screen will be dark. Light Screen with either Arrow button and screen will say DONE.  Once screen is lit hit select twice fast in succession and you will be brought to last setting. Once again you may adjust time with ARROW Buttons. Then hit Select / Start again to start program run.
Blue diode on face plate blinks in time with electromagnet pulse so you can get a rough visual estimate of speed of pulse.
Congratulations on getting an EarthPulse™. Nice choice. Welcome to the EarthPulse™ family and the first day of your new life. It is that BTW; this is about to be the start of your new life.


As stated before, we’re not here for everyone, just the smart ones and the ones with common sense. This is probably the first thing you have ever seen in your life that is better than we’ve said; or that you may hope it is; and we’re compulsively honest.
If not as good or better than you or we believe it is, return it. We don’t advertise and rely on word of mouth only, so please tell your friends once you love your EarthPulse™ device as much as we do. You’ve found a company that treats you the way we’d want to be treated. There aren’t many of those.
While the EarthPulse™ is stronger than any other home PEMF devices, 1000 Gauss is pretty weak compared to a clinical 30k Gauss device but you can’t use those every night or to sleep on. Don’t be afraid of putting magnets directly on sensitive parts of your body. I used to have pretty bad “floaters” in my one eye and I went direct to the closed eyelid and still do to my eyes as part of my vision restoration work. The “floater” in my right eye bothering my driving was gone the first week. Well not gone as in zero but gone out of my vision obstruction.
Your eyes, among other things are muscles. Exercise them and give them EarthPulse™ energy and they’ll get better. Get a good eye strengthening chart (hard to find but worth the effort; Mine is copyrighted so I can’t provide it to you and don’t know where I found it some 10 or 20 years ago).
Your eyes should stop getting worse with age and hopefully with a little work will start to get better, or stop getting worse with no effort.
Mine has gotten a LOT better. Wish I saw this good during my former lifetime. I’ve worn corrective lenses since 4th grade I think. Vision enhancement is a years-long journey so be ready for it. The chart at this link will help you keep track of your progress. And here’s an old Dr. Williams newsletter on vision enhancement
I pride myself on having a near-zero budget for advertising. About the only way people learn of us is through word of mouth via clients themselves.
Fortunately, the device works like we say it does on almost everyone; or is better than we think it is, or you return it for refund, Has been this way since day one in 2002. Let others advertise PEMF for us, we outdo them all. People that do their homework find us.
In 2011 I got down to 4% sales refunds and have kept it there for years. You have a very high probability of success. Email customer support via the contact us link on the top navigation bar on our website if you are not getting results by end of week one. First, check that your magnet(s) are firmly plugged into controller and pulsing; can be felt at the core of the magnets with core screwed into baseplate firmly. Always a good practice to check your magnets once a month to be sure they are working like the last time you checked.
If you find our initial protocol does not work for you; move the magnets away from the head then turn down the amplitude first, and then turn down the frequency if necessary. 9.6 Hz is an Alpha wave although it is almost Theta, we and many others sleep well on it. Repair is part of that sleep process (and maximized). We use a 100% amplitude always. Only occasionally do I got to a lower harmonic of 9.6 Hz (like 4.8 or 2.4 Hz) so I can sleep,
The most widespread customer support query is related to perhaps the field amplitude used being too high.
You can also play with the magnet placement FIRST PLEASE as in moving the magnet down away from the head (we suggest magnet under the mattress under the upper torso); if you have two magnets you put the second one toward your hips, or knees or feet depending on what you want to work on. Then, you can lower amplitude at the controller if necessary to aide your acclimation. Then you lower frequencies to 4.8 Hz or 2.4 Hz on Manual Mode or use Sleep 3 which is a Delta rhythm.
The reflexology points on the feet are very efficient delivering the signal to the brain so if you have foot or ankle issues don’t be afraid to apply through the mattress all night from below there. You’ll be surprised how well that works I’d bet.
As you acclimate; if you’re still having trouble getting used to the PEMF and triggering sleep once you get settled in bed; you might try putting a pillow at the foot of your bed; taping (go once around the pillow tightly sticking tape to tape in a band type arrangement; then add the magnet and band of tape number 2). The magnet to the side of the pillow facing the head of the bed and placing one of your feet (or two) up against the magnet(S) is very-very good. This works very well to help you acclimate until you can move the magnet(s) up to the upper torso and/or hips.
The EarthPulse™ works on your pets maybe even better than it works for humans. A Basic version of the device can be bought for their bed; a nighttime used device of yours can be moved to your pet’s bed all day and early evening, or you can give them yours. If they could buy it themselves, they would. No placebo effects with animals or plants.
If you haven’t read the free pdf Pythagorean Pemf booklet, here is the link so you can alternatively read why we use 9.6 Hz each night and have since the Manual Mode prototype v5 in early 2015.
Before that, on these digital devices that started in 2005 (v1 and v2 were analog from 2002 to 2005 and had an EarthPulse™ setting for 9.6 Hz) we used the Recover Mode which was centered on 9.6 Hz but had some float of .5 Hz up and down from 9.6 Hz 1/2 of the time (the other 1/2 of the time on 9.6 Hz). That 1/2 time float has it’s cost as we found out via testing.
I tested 9.6 Hz Manual Mode and the Mode 9.6 Hz myself against the new Tesla 1 Mode at 9.63 Hz for weeks; and like 9.6 Hz much better. Plus the math on 9.63 Hz just isn’t there; as in JUST NOT THERE. Tesla 2 at 3.69 Hz you may find is a good sleep setting for you. The Sleep Modes 1 – 4 and SleepEasy are a good way to get yourself started and retrain your circadian rhythm. Or the lower harmonics of 9.6 Hz on Manual Mode 4.8 Hz and 2.4 Hz.
Just recently (late 2019) I woke up with some shoulder issues from the gym training session the night before. I put the magnet on that shoulder without checking the blinking diode for approximate pace. The issue continued and I was expecting a near-instant fix as I’d experienced them every time I’d used 9.6 Hz on training caused pain.
I listened closely to the magnet to make sure it was working. I heard a fast-paced beat and THEN looked at the blue diode and it was flashing quickly and so I looked and the controller said DONE, so I know it was at 14.4 Hz of the Buffer. I started Mode 9.6 Hz again; put the magnets under each shoulder and the issue resolved itself instantly. An hour later I left the bed and both shoulders were fine all day and through my training session that night.
While enhancing magnetic field is pretty darn good no matter what frequency used for sleep (there were times when I failed to sleep on 9.6 Hz so used 4.8 Hz or 2.4 Hz, the lower harmonics of 9.6 Hz) and trained prior and after a full night on those lower harmonics of 9.6 Hz. I woke with no training soreness) but over a week you’ll realize like i did than 9.6 Hz itself is better than its harmonics. Fact. You’ll see for yourself over time.
Here’s another example. I had a friend visiting that was never to a gym in his life. He’d train while waiting for me. Stiff and sore for days this guy. So I have him use a spare EarthPulse™ I have and since he’s already pretty sore, I instruct him to put the magnets in bed with him. Was a Pro two magnet system. I instruct him to sleep during the night with one magnet under each shoulder directly and if he repositions himself during the night to reposition the magnets on the shoulders or if he sleeps on his side to put one magnet under the shoulder area. Fortunately, he sleeps fine at 9.6 Hz and he wakes up in the morning and arms and shoulders don’t hurt much at all. Some stiffness and soreness but went from about an 8 on the pain scale for several days; to a 2 in one night. Real-world experience.

Real Word Experience, not Marketing Hype:

We’ve done a lot of experimenting since 2002 and it is clear to me that 9.6 Hz is the best frequency there is for just about everything. All published research close to this is done at the whole number 10 Hz. Our real-world experience is better than the published research suggests.
9,6 Hz is better. Much better than 10 Hz and our device is much better than everything else in existence. Enjoy.
And please don’t forget that harmonics of 9.6 Hz are at both 428 Hz AND 528 Hz (along with almost all other numbers that are important to humanity). Try and use Mode 9.6 Hz to sleep as your GOAL; now or after some acclimation time. Hopefully, you can sleep on it as well as I do most nights. If not, use the lower harmonics of 9.6 Hz at 4.8 Hz, or 2.4 Hz via Manual Mode (has the Buffer at 14.4 Hz to help you wake once the timer is Done) as a stepping stone to 9.6 Hz if you need them. Those 9.6 Hz lower harmonic settings on Manual Mode is the next best things to 9.6 Hz. Again, not marketing hype…but a real-world experience. If you have the full mode device use the Sleep Modes to acclimate and adjust your sleep as you progress to 9.6 Hz all night.
Either EarthPulse™ PEMF works for you or you ask Customer Support to return for refund instructions between 30 and 90 days which is easy. Ask customer support at for any help you need first or a restocking fee will apply. 
Based on years of experience and our return rate, this works on better than 95% of people. If it doesn’t work for you we’re sorry. We tried and so did you. I personally tested the v1 and v2 on about 30 people when the EarthPulse™ was new and I never saw it fail even once.
If it fails on you after giving it two or three months (for sleep and issue reduction), with customer support (trained by me); return it for a refund please. Less than 5% of you should fail if you seek some tech support. Almost no tech support is required by most.
You should feel looser when bending over and touching your toes (or the floor) after just one night no matter what Hz setting or Mode you use through the night. Strength and stamina increase after about a week; and Breath Hold should start to increase as well after a week of nightly use at no matter what setting. 
At 7 days of use if you feel no change, check that magnets are working by doing the ring test (I found the hard way that not all apparently stainless steel is NOT stainless steel…why we say test the magnets for output first with the magnet’s dual polarity ring to be sure the metal you’re testing with is ferromagnetic steel). I’ve found scissors/shears/nail clippers/serrated steak knives are always hardened steel. If magnets are working and you feel no change, you’re an odd bird for sure and you return for a refund between 30 and 90 days after some tech support.

Expect Results:

Back in 2002 I never saw it fail and analog v1 (9.6 Hz only) and v2 (which came soon behind it with 11 OTHER frequency settings) were tested on about 30 people and it never failed. Be sure to give EarthPulse™ close to your 90 days as some peoples’ sleep problems are more stubborn than others (especially the waking up after a few hours of sleep problem) and can take weeks if not months to get better. That said, feeling looser and better should be immediate and start after just the first night. Falling asleep with EarthPulse™ is usually easy. The waking at a certain time in the middle of the night problem, is not an easily corrected problem however, but we do it all the time. Is a common problem it seems.
If not improving by the end of week one, ask Customer Support for help. The device WORKS; our customer support is the best in the business and if they don’t know something they ask me. I may not know everything, but I know a lot and have a LOT of experience.
Morning one you bend over and touch your toes. You’ll feel looser. EarthPulse™ PEMF effects are that fast. Breath-hold and strength & stamina take about 7 days to be testable. There are instructions on how to do your breath-hold test;
To test strength and stamina if you’re a resistance weight trainer.  For strength just add more weight to resistance and see how you lift it. If you’re like most, peak weight should go up 10% after about 7 days while reps stay the same. Simple.
For stamina, you use the same resistance level as you’re used to and see how many more reps you can get at that resistance level. We usually see a 20% increase after about 7 days.
If you’re a runner or cyclist just go out and do the course you’re most familiar with or you know is the hardest with some uphill climbs. It’ll feel easier or return it for a refund at 90 days (or thereabout…we don’t play hard and fast with that 90-day rule); just be close and it is fine.
90 days trial starts when you receive the system; not when you order it.
Breath-hold increases are generally 40 – 100% increase over the first 90 days. If you’re like me it goes up for a year or more. I was 35 – 40 seconds for all of my life as a child or as an adult. I timed myself plenty at the bottom of a pool. I topped out at 2:42 or 162 seconds after 5 years of nightly use.
Enhance you magnetic field during better sleep and let nature do the rest to entrain the brain for enhanced sleep, for better brain neuro balance, better daytime energy, enhanced oxygen burn so better wind under load and at rest, to enhance performance, strength, and stamina; to enhance repair and live a longer & healthier life.
When you bought this v6 you received transferable discount coupons.  May I suggest that once you see how good the EarthPulse™ works for you, you let your friends and family know about it (don’t loan it out…keep it for you). Upon interest to buy it, you give them one of your discount coupons.
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