Setting Up The System (Basics)

  1. Plug the POWER-SUPPLY into a wall outlet (100 – 240 volts AC / 50 or 60 Hz). Use an international pin adapter if required.
  2. Plug the power-supply cable into the large jack on the back of the control unit. You’ll notice LCD screen lights momentarily as power is connected. If not, check the wall outlet.
  3. Firmly plug electromagnet(s) into remaining jack(s). Please familiarize yourself now with electromagnet schematic diagram so there is no confusion about modular electromagnet parts, removing cross-polarity-ring, or removing core & base-plate.
  4. Remove Electromagnet CROSS-POLARIZING ring so your magnet(s) look like the Sleep configured magnet on the next page with cross-polarity-ring removed.
  5. Press ON/OFF button; CONTROLLER boots to 8 hours
  6. Press UP/DOWN arrow buttons to time desired; press SELECT/ START to select time; LCD then displays 9.6 Hz.
  7. UP/DOWN arrows adjust the frequency in 0.10 Hz steps. Press SELECT/START to choose a frequency and begin output.
  8. Blue diode blinks in time with magnetic pulse. The controller is now active at 70% amplitude.
  9. UP/DOWN arrows adjust AMPLITUDE in 10% increments (only while active and blue diode is blinking). Controller boots to 70% amplitude or approximately v.4.7 amplitude. Let your inner self guide you on knowing how much amplitude is comfortable during the initial session (and during nighttime). Increase and decrease field amplitude based on how you feel. Some will feel 50% is enough during the initial session. A small percentage of users are sensitive to EMF even at these low infrasonic frequencies and may have to go as low as 10% at first.
  10. Test electromagnet output as shown after the magnet schematic page. You’ll need Sleep-Configured Magnet to test output.