Initial 1-3 Hour Session (v5+ & v5Pro)

You will choose your first nighttime use frequency based upon this initial acclimation session; PLEASE DO NOT SKIP IT!

Connect a single magnet for your initial session.

  1. Remove all metal parts from the electromagnet – AIR-CORE configuration
  2. Place AIR-CORE electromagnet with embossed “N”’s facing up on top of mattress under a thin pillow.
  3. If you have a double magnet system, place second Sleep-Configured electromagnet (outer ring removed) on top of mattress under base of spine (pad with folded towel if necessary for comfort); make sure outer ring is removed.
  4.  Power on the device, choose Manual Mode by using the UP/DOWN arrow buttons.
  5. Use the UP/DOWN arrows to set timer anywhere between 1 – 3 hours.
  6. Then press the SELECT/START button. The display shows 9.6 Hz; press the SELECT/ENTER button to start run-time. The Blue diode starts blinking and the count-down timer is activated. The device will automatically stop when the timer is exhausted.
  7. Once program is running with head on pillow, adjust amplitude up / down for comfort.
  8. Close your eyes and enjoy your first session. Switch off the lights or use eye covers to improve experience.

This session determines if Manual Mode at 9.6 Hz will provide sleep or not. If NOT, begin nighttime use with SLEEP EZ OR SLEEP-3.

After your session a quick look in the mirror should reveal a flushed face and perhaps dilated pupils. Vision and facial skin-tone returns to normal in 10 minutes or so.

If you have neurological disease you should do some basic before/after tests like handwriting sample, let family member watch/ video tape you walking, getting in/out of your favorite chair, walking backwards, turning around, and making familial circles with fingers. You will want to repeat this initial session with more and more amplitude (adding core and base) every day until you plateau your performance. Wait 20 minutes after completion of initial session to retest mobility & finger dexterity.

If one is very physically / mentally weak, this initial session should be 3 hours long and changes in mobility and finger/hand dexterity should be measured before & after 20 minutes cooling off period. Similarly, sports-testing should give 20 minutes cooling off period.

Effects of your “head-centric” initial session should be increased focus, better balance and coordination, better hand-eye-motor synchronization. Others might call it a “grounding” effect. As capillaries dilate some will hear their heart beating, or feel the blood coursing through their veins.