Setting Up The System (v6 & v6Pro)

  1. Plug the POWER-SUPPLY into wall outlet (100 – 240 volts AC / 50 or 60 Hz). Use international pin adapter if required. Please don’t use power strips.
  2. Plug the power-supply cable into the large jack on back of control unit.
  3. Firmly plug electromagnet(s) into remaining jack(s). Please familiarize yourself now with electromagnet schematic diagram so there is no confusion about modular electromagnet parts, removing cross-polarity-ring, or removing core & base-plate.
  4. Remove Electromagnet CROSS-POLARIZING ring so your magnet(s) look like the Sleep configured magnet in the next section with crosspolarity-
    ring removed.
  5. Press ON/OFF button; CONTROLLER boots to 9.6Hz
  6. Press UP/DOWN arrow buttons to scroll programs; find RECOVER again and press SELECT; LCD then displays TIME-REMAINING 8:00 (hours)
  7. UP/DOWN arrows adjust TIME setting in 15 minute increments; Set time now for any setting. Press START/SELECT and blue diode blink in time with a magnetic pulse. The controller is now active at 70% amplitude
  8. UP/DOWN arrows adjust AMPLITUDE in 10% increments (only while a signal is active and blue diode is blinking);
  9. Test electromagnet output as shown in the next section.