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EMF Protection

For EMF Protection uses, use the ALERT-MODE program (if you have a v5 or v5Pro) or set the Manual Mode program between 12-14.4 Hz. Place the system somewhere in the room. Its 12-14.4 Hz square wave pulse travels efficiently sending a signal that disrupts 60 Hz electric fields and wireless technologies. If working stationary at a desk you can put the inductor either on the floor under your chair, rest alternate feet on top of it through your shoes, or place at the back of seat in contact with tail bone. Working on WiFi tends to make my muscles twitch after working on it non-stop for a few days.

When I’m stuck working on WiFi in hotels while traveling, I’m sitting with the coil in touch with tip of my spine. If you work on a laptop in wireless mode, one of your wrists is nearly in contact with the wireless card and being broadcast through nerves and directly into your blood stream at the pulse point of the wrist. If you work like this hours per day you should definitely have the magnet in contact with either your foot or the tail-bone. If you work on a USB cellular modem, use an 18 inch USB extension to keep it as far from the body as possible.


The safest headset for cell or wireless home phone is a standard wired headset with a small bar magnet at the base where it exits the phone (see photo). The magnet acts as an EMF ‘choke’ that keeps the RF from traveling up the cable across your chest and into the ear canal. So-called Air-tube EMF free sets have significant RF that travel up wire to the start of air-tubing across your chest near the heart. Not good.

Without shielded headset use cellphone in speaker mode ONLY with phone at a few inches away from the head. I prefer the wired setup so i can set the phone down and not even hold it in my hand while using it. If you must carry the phone on your body, TURN IT OFF! Belt holsters are dangerous. Pregnant mothers should turn their phone off while carrying, or put in their purse. No active cell phones in bed! Home WiFi should be turned off, use network cables. Apple titanium hardware conducts electricity. Add a latex pad for insulation.