Importance of Nutritional Supplements

While author is of the belief that pulsed electromagnetic fields is a miracle worker (we guarantee it) I must be clear that PEMF isn’t going to allow body to regenerate knee cartilage, rotator cuff, hip, disk, whatever without proper nutritional components in the diet. An analogy, is trying to build a brick wall without cement. All the PEMF in the world isn’t going to allow body to produce “like-new” connective tissue if the components are simply not there. Perhaps a better analogy would be to say you can’t build a brick wall without bricks.

That being said, author was suffering from a severely degenerated left rotator cuff. First dislocation 15th April 1986, and last of 22 dislocations somewhere in 2001. All but one surfing. Taking Joint Formulas since 1990 when Chondroitin and Glucosamine sulfates were first introduced; a few years before commercial sales at say GNC. It helped a lot the first 3 or 4 years but then around 1995-96 my shoulder started to fail again. By 2001 I was beached (not much surfing). My timing and judgment was ‘off’ so I wasn’t having a good time in the water. Around 2001 I could barely grip, let alone swing a golf club. No grip strength in lead hand; and left (lead) shoulder would want to separate when my arm crossed my chest at the top of the back-swing. Old age was looking bleak and I was just 43 years old.

Enter the EarthPulse™, Friday 24th May 2002; woke up on 6 hours sleep, drank two mugs (as in large mugs) of espresso coffee at 12 noon and drove to the shop to pick up v.1 EarthPulse; on / off analog 9.6 Hz.

Home and set up in bedroom by 1:30 p.m. Pulled the window shades, switched the device on, said a ‘Hail Mary’ and laid down with my head on the magnet (about 60 Gauss) through a folded towel. I woke at 3:45 pm not knowing what day it was (until I saw the blinking diode on device). My brain fog had vanished, I could feel sharper balance while walking out of bedroom and proceeded to mom’s pool to walk the edge like a tight rope. Balance restored. In disbelief (almost) I slept 18 hours more during that 24 hours; 12 hours the next 24; and 6 hours the next for a total of 36 hours of sleep in 72 hours.

By the end of 36 hours of sleep, with no expectations of physiological effect other than sleep I noticed the morning pain in the shoulder and numbness in fingertips was 90% diminished. Over the course of the next 3 months, the 16-year-old 22-dislocations – destroyed – rotator cuff completely resolved / regenerated itself. I was back to surfing longer sessions than I had in my 20’s; hitting 100 -200 balls at the range with no soreness; surfing timing and judgment better than ever. 14 years later Summer 2014 my shoulder / left arm is in better shape than it’s been since prior to the first dislocation in 1986.

Supplements you should get for maximum regeneration:

Organic Sulfur has completely replaced our use of Joint Formulas; OS is an important addition to any health regimen. Without adequate sulfur your body can’t regenerate tissues well. Those New World Or- der dudes were pretty smart; they forced farmers in America to start using petrochemical fertilizers back in the 1950’s knowing that pretty soon everyone would be sulfur deficient, their bodies would break down prematurely, and they’d be dependent on Big-Pharma as they aged. This is why our great-grand-parents didn’t know much about arthritis but our grand-parents do. I found OS researching how to detoxify the body from chem-trail poisons (nano metals).

Joint Formulas (we previously used the best stuff known GLC2000 from & they have a veterinary formula) work strictly on connective tissue where OS is important constituent in all types of tissue regeneration. OS allows body to manufacture its own glucosamine SULFATE & chondroitin SULFATE, in addition to building blocks of all other tissues. Where acute connective tissue injury you may want to use both the Veterinary GLC formula & OS for a month or two before switching to OS only and feeling it out.

Neither the OS or GLC is going to resolve joint issues on their own, though they’ll definitely help. Add long-duration direct-application 9.6 Hz (or RECOVER-MODE in v5ProEquine) PEMF to the spot and they will resolve themselves. (See Appendix I: Experimental Uses)

All the information you need to know about sulfur is in links below. You’ll discover that sulfur is important to oxygen transport. Know that since the sulfur cycle was broken by use of chemical fertilizers your horses are just as deficient in sulfur as you are. (Evidently, MSM is NOT assimilated the same as Organic Sulfur crystals and flakes.)

My source is NaturoDoc. We make no commissions on it. I understand Air-Water one is better. Take your pick.

The PEMF on its own and joint formula / OS on their own will help considerably, but nothing can be compared to the response we’ve seen where strong nutritional support is combined with EarthPulse™ 9.6 Hz to fully regenerate connective and bone-issues. See Heal- ingStories.pdf in docs section for human cases as reference.

PEMF creates an environment where miraculous natural healing and performance enhancement will occur (we guarantee it or your money back), but the nutritive component is just as important as the PEMF especially for full resolution where issue is chronic and long standing.

I’d top feed 1-2 rounded tablespoon of OS and hope that most of it ends up being ingested and not end up on the bottom of the feeding trough. What does fall through the feed, can be recycled by cleaning bottom of trough with a broom and dust tray every few days and add back to top of feed.

A note of caution, do not be talked into buying MSM by the health food store clerk or Vet. It is NOT the same thing. It works the same way, but evidently is not assimilated as well.

  • Mercola – Could THIS Be the Hidden Factor Behind Obesity, Heart Disease, and Chronic Fatigue?
  • NaturoDoc – Early results of an experimental study using Organic Sulfur
  • Air Water America – Source to procure Pure Organic Sulfur
  • Sulfur for Horses

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